United Club Pass Giveaway x 2 (Hurry!)

01/08/2014 20:56:09 PM

Update: I now realize I don't capture emails in the comment form so see updated instructions below in red - doh!I have 2 United Club passes that expire January 31, 2014 going to the (randomly picked) lucky individual (US based only) who responds ...

Trip Report (+ / -) Buenos Aires, Argentina 2013

01/05/2014 22:36:29 PM

This annual year end trip was to be a a journey with a few bumps in the road, outlined as follows:[+1] Dec 22nd - The 11 hour direct flight (economy) in AA from JFK-EZE departed on time and arrived on time[-1] Dec 23rd - On arrival at the in-laws ...

Happy 2014!

12/31/2013 09:18:37 AM

Greetings from hot and sunny Buenos Aires! We are visiting family for the annual Xmas - New Years vacation.

Chinese Market - Yangshuo, Guilin, China

11/24/2013 20:15:23 PM

This is not your typical market as Westerners would see it but is 'normal' in China. Those who disapprove of the consumption of K9 fare are forewarned to steer clear. There was a cafe beside the market serving 'fresh dog meat' but we did not ...

Pump it up!

11/23/2013 20:31:50 PM

No, this is not another rant like this one. This is simply a strange sight I saw today as I was out for a stroll near my old office. There is something weird ala science fiction-esque about it to me, but then I am a bit of a weird mad scientist ...

Whiskey in the jar

11/15/2013 20:04:47 PM

The years spent on this side of the pond have meant my

Siquijor, Philippines

10/27/2013 22:38:23 PM

It's hard to believe it's been four years to the day since we were here and a lot has happened since then.

It's Norway or the Highway

10/20/2013 21:11:06 PM

I was watching the Amazing Race on TV and they were in Norway and my missus asked were we ever there so I had to check the stash of photos and sure enough we had gone for a weekend to Oslo on Ryanair while we were in London. Let the record state ...

Free Stinky Pile of Manure + Free Shipping

10/04/2013 21:52:07 PM

Sounds like a joke but it's not! This is a legitimate offer while it lasts.

Suck My Click and Pimp My Link

09/29/2013 21:24:53 PM

Please excuse the following rant, but the gargantuan amount of credit card affiliate links (e.g. you click my link - I make commission) being pushed down readers (deep) throats on travel blogs has surely reached critical mass. If the links were ...