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The boolean logic behind the George Boole Doodle

11/01/2015 16:31:00 PM

Google honors the English mathematician, educator, philosopher and logician George Boole with an animated doodle on the homepage. It seems to be difficult to understand, but after reading this article you will agree: it’s quite simple. George ...

Googles RankBrain = Phantom-Update (?!)

10/29/2015 13:09:05 PM

Yesterday Danny Sullivan postet a really nice artice about Googles RankBrain – a new self-lerning algorithm that helps Google to understand the users search-intention. It based on a Bloomberg story where Google Senior Research Scientist Greg ...

Simple explanation of Google Phantom Update: „user intention update“

06/11/2015 05:04:45 AM

Usually I only write my articles in German because my English is bad. But anyway – this is not a piece of literature but a small piece of the seo-puzzle „Google Phantom Update (2)“. In short: From my point of view the mysterious

Google celebrates 126th anniversary of opening Eiffel Tower

03/30/2015 14:38:35 PM

“When did the eiffel tower open to the public?” 126 years ago, on March 31th 1889, the Eiffel Tower in Paris was opened to the public. It was most tallest building in the world. Build with steal, designd by french Gustave Eiffel und b ...

Google images search ranking factors 2014 (infographic)

04/15/2014 09:05:25 AM

My infographic about the ranking factors for Google images search (2012) is old so I made a new one. This time I tried to make it more simple that those who have no idea about optimizing images for Google could also get an impression. What ...

Google image search history (infographic)

11/06/2013 09:13:52 AM

The Google Image Search is the largest collection of images ever. And it is free and public. Google has changed the world, even if most people didn’t noticed it anymore. Does anyone remember the time before that? If you searched for a picture ...

Halloween witch doodle 2013

10/30/2013 08:15:24 AM

Halloween Witch 2013 – a usual Google celebrates it with a nice interactive doddle. Start the doodle an help the witch and combine the ingredients. By throwing two a new stage opens where you could have some Halloween fun. Together there are ...

André-Jacques Garnerin, the first parachute jump (Google Doodle)

10/21/2013 16:43:19 PM

Have you ever thougth about the first parachute jump? Google did. Today (Oct. 22nd, 2013) is the 216th anniversary of the first parachute jump (Oct. 22, 1797). Google honors the inventor of the parachute - André-Jacques Garnerin – with ...

Google honors Claude Debussy

08/21/2013 11:49:27 AM

The french composer Claude Debussy was born on August 22nd, 1862 – 151 years ago. Google honors him with an amazing doodle. It’s a kind of music-video animation. It’s 2:12 min long – and in a french and romantic was it feels i

Google honors Rosalind Franklin with “Photo 51-Doodle”

07/24/2013 11:07:09 AM

Google honors Rosalind Franklin with a nice doodle. It shows a microscope and a piece of DNA. Rosalind Elsie Franklin (25 July 1920 — 16 April 1958) was a British biophysicist and X-ray crystallographer. She is best known for her work on the ...

Google honors Rembrandt van Rijn

07/14/2013 12:41:15 PM

Google honors Rembrandt van Rijn – one of the most famous painters in European art history – with a nice doodle. It shows a famous self-portrait of Rembrandt (painted 1659) in front of a copperplate. This is because Rembrandt is also ve ...

Google honors Franz Kafka with vermin doodle

07/02/2013 14:27:27 PM

Google honors Franz Kafka with a scary vermin doodle. It is inspired by Kafkas famous novel “The Metamorphosis“ (German: Die Verwandlung). Some morning the traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, awaks and find himself transformed into a m ...

Google Doodle celebrates 100th Tour de France

06/28/2013 16:40:48 PM

This year starts the 100th Tour de France, the strongest bicycle race worldwide. Google celebrates the Tour with a nice animated doodle on the homepage. The Tour-doodle looks like an old fashined print. Two bicycle rides pedal on the metal ...

Google honors genius Antoni Gaudí

06/24/2013 12:26:42 PM

Antoni Gaudí was a spanish architect. He was born on June 25th, 1852. Today it’s would be his 161th birthday. Google honors this excellent archtect with a nice doodle on the homepage. Antoni Gaudí was born in Catalani, a region of Spain. ...

Summer solstice 2013 Doodle: First Day of summer

06/20/2013 17:51:52 PM

On June 21st is summer solstice – the longest day of the year. In the northern hemisphere, the astronomical summer begins. Google celebrates the first day of summer 2013 with a great doodle. It’s a double-doodle or twin-doodle, two sides ...

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