Full rainbow

11/19/2013 02:02:27 AM

Full rainbowSaw it after a strong storm in late OctoberPhoto submitted by Johnny Furman, from Bloomingdale, IL

A Quick one

07/03/2013 08:38:54 AM

A Quick oneThis rainbow appeared after a torrential downpour in Franklin Park, June 2013Photo submitted by Johnny Furman, from Franklin Park, IL

Spring rainbow

03/22/2012 15:49:52 PM

Spring rainbowStanding on folks front porchPhoto submitted by Jason Bickel, from Thayer, Il

Double Rainbow

12/23/2011 16:43:21 PM

Double RainbowPhoto taken in Turku Harbour, FinlandPhoto submitted by Leif Holmberg, from Turku, Finland

Tropical Rainbow

12/16/2011 07:28:16 AM

Tropical RainbowTaken on St. John, USVIPhoto submitted by Kim, from Cruz Bay St. John

Early evening rainbow

10/14/2011 10:03:49 AM

Early evening rainbowCaught this one after a quick shower in the late afternoon.Photo submitted by Johnny Furman, from Elmwood Park, IL

Fountain rainbow

10/07/2011 02:18:23 AM

Fountain rainbowAlthough it's small, and by a fountain, it's still a rainbow!Photo submitted by Johnny Furman, from Long Grove, IL

What is this site?

10/03/2011 07:29:28 AM

It was a simple idea, really. You see a rainbow, you upload it. It goes on the map, and everybody is happy. It's as simple as that. Why be bothered with all the negativity that surrounds us these days? Let's get lost in frivolity and ...

Elmwood Park, IL

09/30/2011 11:46:21 AM

Elmwood Park, ILCaught this nice half arch that briefly appeared after a quick shower.Photo submitted by Johnny Furman, from Elmwood Park, IL