Justin Bieber met up with ex-girlfriend while on holiday

07/08/2010 11:42:00 AM

Teen singer Justin Bieber reportedly met up with ex-girlfriend while on holiday in the Bahamas.The 16-year-old lady was vacationing on the Caribbean island when he hooked up with his ex and first girlfriend Caitlin Beadles.It is looking likely ...

Beats Gaga, Justin Bieber Becomes King Of the Internet

07/07/2010 21:44:00 PM

Justin Bieber has replaced Lady Gaga to be crowned the most searched for celebrity on the internet.A spokesperson for Ask Jeeves says, “The Bieber is an online sensation so it’s fitting he now rules the search engines. It’s as though to ...

Hackers expose underage Justin Bieber fans to pornography

07/05/2010 13:29:00 PM

Young Justin Bieber fans were exposed to pornography after hackers attacked a series of the star's YouTube pages.Smitten fans were also directed to videos saying the Canadian pop star had died in a car accident, Mashable social media blog r ...

Justin Bieber gets HARD

06/30/2010 21:40:00 PM

Justin Bieber had a boner and tried to hide it!

Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston

06/28/2010 12:13:00 PM

In recent interview, Sean Kingston says that he and Justin Bieber have recorded 5 songs. But only 1 song has been released which is “Eeenie Meenie”.Kingston says: “To be honest with you, we did like five songs together, I have four other ...

Jessica Jarrell Thinks Justin Bieber Could Be the Next Michael Jackson Read more: Justin Bieber FanSite

06/27/2010 20:37:00 PM

Today marks the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and many teen celebrities are remembering the King of Pop and what he did for music as a whole.Although it will be hard for another artist to accomplish all that Michael did ...

Justin Bieber is Promoting Kinect Dance Central on his My World Tour

06/27/2010 19:55:00 PM

Justin Bieber is promoting the Xbox 360 device at his concert to tens of thousands of screaming fans.In simple math: Justin Bieber + Dance Central = Microsoft Kinect bonanza sales.Sony probably has Robert Pattinson on the line by now.

Eenie meenie video/song! With lyrics.

06/27/2010 13:35:00 PM

Eenie meenie lyrics:(Sean)Eenie meenie miney moCatch a bad chick by her toeIf she holla (if, if, if she holla) let her goShes indecisiveShe cant decideShe keeps on lookinFrom left to rightGirl, cmon get closerLook in my eyesSearchin is so wrongIm ...

Justin Bieber, ''Baby'' video featuring Ludacris! Watch now with lyrics!

06/26/2010 16:55:00 PM

BABY LYRICS: Ohh wooaah (3x)You know you love me,I know you careJust shout whenever, And I'll be thereYou want my love, You want my heartAnd we will never ever ever be apartAre we an item? Girl quit playingWere just friends, What are you sayingSaid ...

One time! Watch the video now!

06/26/2010 16:35:00 PM

ONE TIME LYRICS:Me plus you, I'ma tell you one timeMe plus you, I'ma tell you one timeMe plus you, I'ma tell you one timeOne time, one timeWhen I met you girl my heart went knock knockNow them butterflies in my stomach won't stop stopAnd even ...