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HSP Health Becomes Sensitive Evolution!

11/30/2015 14:04:07 PM

Effective December 1, 2015, HSP Health will become Sensitive Evolution. Although there is a name change, the HSP Health website will remain open for a couple of months during the transition period. The Sensitive Evolution change is occurring ...

A Taste Of Our Sensitivity

11/09/2015 05:00:34 AM

Linda and I had just passed the 3-mile mark of our marathon training run, when she commented on how tired she felt; “My legs are like lead today, probably has something to do with all the ice cream I ate last night.” I smiled at her com ...

Digital Detox For Highly Sensitive People

09/25/2015 05:00:47 AM

Life as an Emotional Empath

09/07/2015 05:07:25 AM

Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career

08/17/2015 05:01:19 AM

The new book, Thrive by Dr. Tracy Cooper, with a foreword by Dr. Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person and originator of the Sensory Processing Sensitivity personality trait is available now. Dr. Cooper is introducing his book through ...

How The Path Of Creativity Can Help HSPs

07/20/2015 05:03:32 AM

As someone who is basically an artiste in the broadest sense, I am often stopped in my tracks by my fear of making mistakes. My very roots seem to be dipped in this feeling, and I have often made myself small by refusing to give myself enough ...

Being Present: All You Really Need

06/15/2015 05:06:06 AM

Being present is often treated as something to strive for. It is a kind of Holy Grail of spirituality and well being. Being present is where you live when your head is out of the way. Why is it so elusive? How Our Heads Get In The Way It never ...

6 Ways To Stop Stress From Sabotaging You

06/12/2015 05:04:05 AM

It’s hard to believe but there was a time in my life when I was dogged by one stressful incident after another. I could attract a stressful situation from another solar system! And this is the formula that not only killed those stressful programs ...

The Value Of Tension

06/10/2015 05:03:05 AM

I think tension can be good. It is not my favorite thing in life, and as a highly sensitive person it can be challenging, but it  has also made my life better in some ways. Tension Seeks Resolution Tension seeks resolution is truth that I ...

21 Habits of Stress-less People

06/08/2015 05:08:47 AM

Why, in a world full of potential stress triggers, when exposed to identical stressors, do some people seem to be immune, while others fall over like flies? While researching material for my books, I have ploughed through mountains of scholarly ...

The Value Of Mistakes

06/05/2015 05:02:05 AM

Mistakes are a no-no, even a taboo. That is unfortunate because they are very important and necessary. Without mistakes you cannot be in touch with and claim your own power. Embracing mistakes is a important if you want to come into your own ...

A Reexamination Of Comfort Zones And Creativity

06/03/2015 05:07:37 AM

Being in one’s comfort zone or not seems to be a marker of all sorts of wonderful traits including creativity and progressiveness. I can even be a path to success and wealth! I consider myself a creative person. However, I find many ideas ...

Humility And Creativity

06/01/2015 05:00:04 AM

Creativity and creative people are often revered especially in the arts. Unfortunately, we often put creative people on pedestals when creativity is natural to all of us. If we realize how important humility is to the creative process we might ...

The Importance Of Uselessness

05/29/2015 05:06:32 AM

Being useless feels awful. Being useful feels good, doesn’t it? It is nice to feel valued and know we are valued. It helps us to feel secure. It also means we are supported to others and that we are welcome in the world. Is There A Stigma ...

How Reiki Helps Depression

05/27/2015 05:01:30 AM

An Invitation To Intuition

05/25/2015 05:06:24 AM

One day, some years back, someone very close to me said in words close to these: You are not very intuitive. I wasn’t ? That came as a complete surprise to me. Is that what she thought? That was completely opposite to how I thought of myself. ...

Are Passion And Creativity The Same Thing?

05/22/2015 05:02:16 AM

25 Ways To Handle Anger Productively

05/20/2015 05:06:07 AM

I observe with slack jawed awe as a customer has a meltdown of manic intensity over an account payment query that would bring the New York stock exchange to its knees—the amount in question? Ten dollars! Like a large indignant toad she looms ...

How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Energy

05/18/2015 05:02:18 AM

Why Impatience Is SO Bad For You

05/15/2015 05:09:59 AM

Impatience is so bad for you. It is one of the most seductive emotional states. It is a great way to make life more difficult and relationships challenging. Impatience is like playing a child’s game of bumper cars with real life and adult ...

Overcoming The Need To Please

05/13/2015 05:03:14 AM

Highly sensitive people have many ways of handling their nature and the overwhelm that they experience. Being different means that relationships are often difficult for us. We often feel at a disadvantage in relationships feeling one down because ...

Rocking The Boat: An Important Life Skill

05/11/2015 05:08:20 AM

Do you want to rock the boat? Make abstract art! Abstract art does many things but it is best at rocking the boat and causing us to see things in a new way. Rocking the boat is an important life skill, and one that highly sensitive people should ...

Why HSPs Have Trouble With Controlling People

05/08/2015 05:10:46 AM

If you are alive, you have met controlling people. Controlling people can drive anyone crazy, but If you are a highly sensitive person, you may find the effect of controlling very difficult to live with. Controlling people can certainly have ...

How To Embrace What You Are Feeling

05/06/2015 05:01:40 AM

You need to be able to identify what you are feeling. There really aren’t any good or bad emotions—they all carry a valuable message—even hatred and fear. Feelings bear important news; tell us what we thrive on and what we don’t, what ...

Criticism Is Not Problem Solving

05/04/2015 05:06:02 AM

Much has been written about criticism and the inner critic. So why another article? It seems to me that we take criticism for granted as an OK thing to do. Perhaps it is our consumer culture run amok. Isn’t complaining how you get something ...

Distinguishing Adventure And Danger

05/01/2015 05:03:47 AM

Fear is every present in our world whether we like it or not. I can come from a lot of places and can be very disruptive. Fear is big business. It can be difficult to distinguish what is a real fear and what is a manufactured fear, what is ...

Love Your Defenses!

04/27/2015 05:03:37 AM

So many defenses. I feel like my life is often about bumping into defenses of one kind or another. Dealing with defenses feels like walking through a field of hay.  With each step you meet  a new stalk(defense) that obscures your vision and ...

Freedom Is Its Own Reward

04/24/2015 05:03:30 AM

Who doesn’t want freedom? After all, freedom is such a wonderful sounding word. I think there is a lot of confusion about freedom so I thought it was worth some discussion. What Is Freedom? Merriam Webster has a fairly complete answer to what ...

Tyranny of the Clock

04/20/2015 05:04:08 AM

The Right Kind Of Uppity

04/17/2015 05:04:45 AM

We all know that most (70%) of highly sensitive people are introverted. Even the highly sensitive extrovert has a gift for perceiving nuances which can cause them to be more cautious than non-HSPs. Being bold can be a good thing and sometimes ...

Stuck In The Spider Web Of Approval?

04/15/2015 05:07:09 AM

I like getting approval. I suspect we all do. Yet I hate wanting or needing it. I hate all the games that go with approval: the withholding of it – treating it like it is a prize or a weapon. the distortion of information to manipulate ap ...

What Our Emotions Are Trying To Tell Us

04/13/2015 04:37:54 AM

As a sensitive person, I am often caught up in the rip-tide of my feelings. They sweep me up. They leave me gasping for air. They throw me on the shore, battered and bruised. Because they can be overwhelming, I have been wanting to get to the ...

The Illusion Of Answers

04/10/2015 05:06:50 AM

Recently I disappointed someone who was seeking answers from me. It raised an interesting introspection for me about the idea of answers and I think it bears discussing. Why Seek Answers? I remember when I was quite young – perhaps 6 – ...

Are You Hiding Your Weaknesses?

04/08/2015 05:05:21 AM

Have you become a pawn in your own game? Do you think playing to and publicizing your strengths is a good thing? Of course—you’d have to be nuts not to! And is playing down and keeping your weaknesses and fears under wraps a good thing? ...

Coaching For Highly Sensitive People

04/06/2015 05:04:15 AM

Is it time to be confident about who you are? Do you want to see the good in yourself and why it matters? Do you want to safely put yourself out there in the world more? Do you want to live according to what is most important to you? Would ...

Is Contentment Possible?

04/01/2015 05:04:06 AM

Do ever get asked a question that hits you like a ton of bricks? Years ago a good friend of mine asked me something that I’ll never forget. At the time I was pretty much all over the place. Feeling emotions very intensely, even taking on other ...

Self Pity And Grieving: 6 Ways To Feel Better

03/30/2015 05:10:11 AM

Self pity and grieving are very different.  Self pity is the stuckness of despair. It can be a bitter feeling of longing for something you cannot have but need. Often what we want does not seem like too much to ask, which is why self pity can ...

Feelings—A Sensory Tracking Device For An Overstimulated World

03/27/2015 05:10:22 AM

Feelings are our sensory feedback system. They provide us with vital information that we need to take care of ourselves and keep ourselves on track. But we’re trapped in a blizzard of ever increasing stimuli. The sensory pressures many of ...

Tips For The Urban HSP

03/25/2015 05:11:02 AM

As an HSP, I sometimes think I must be truly nuts to be living in New York City, a place that seems like the very embodiment of the word “overstimulation.” Crowded, loud, bright and always on, it can be a nightmare for the senses. If you ...

The Compassionate Among Us

03/23/2015 05:38:50 AM

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always handle doctor’s office visits well especially with procedures involving unexpected pain. All too often, there is a sudden cold sweat followed by nausea and lightheadedness signaling I

Why We Need Highly Sensitive People Now

03/20/2015 05:10:06 AM

Why do we need highly sensitive people now? Are we seeing a renewed interest and dare I say respect for the sensitives of the world? Conditions Are Everything Conditions are everything. We are culturally bound which means that it is easy to ...

The Othering Of The Highly Sensitive Person

03/18/2015 05:16:06 AM

The highly sensitive person is different. Being different means that they often live in the shadows. I thought about this today when I was reading an article about feminism in Great Britain, written by Anna Ford, a respected British journalist. ...

HSPs And The Struggle With Body Image

03/16/2015 05:21:16 AM

Growing up highly sensitive can have its disadvantages, for sure. You already know that, and it’s different for each and every HSP. There’s a lot of crossover between us, but we each get to have our very own unique experience. It’s such ...

Human Identity At A Crossroads

03/13/2015 05:18:51 AM

Do you need an identity? I ask myself this question all of the time. I find identity to be such a nuisance and I often wonder if I am alone. Why do we need one anyway? Is Identity Only A Social Convenience? I think so. It never ceases to amaze ...

HSP Identity: A Plant In The Right Place

03/11/2015 05:13:25 AM

My name is Lisa McLoughlin and I am from Green Alder coaching, based in the UK. I would like to share a personal account of my journey to discover that I am an HSP. Is There Something Wrong With Me? Most of my life I felt like a weed— not ...

Unwrapping the Gift of Our Sensitivity

03/09/2015 05:18:45 AM

I was driving home from work when my cell phone beeped notifying me I had received a text from Angie, a close friend whom I’d been teaching intuitive awareness for the past year. Without looking at my phone, I knew it was a request to call ...

Have You Tried Ecstatic Dance?

03/06/2015 05:03:44 AM

What My Yoga Therapist Taught Me About My Food Cravings

03/04/2015 05:13:32 AM

Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel helpless and hopeless about something in your life? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say “Yes” you have. If you are an HSP reading this you most likely have felt this way in your at ...

Embrace Your Wildish Nature

03/02/2015 05:27:50 AM

The wild feminine is on the rise and that is good news for highly sensitive people. The wild feminine is about embracing our wildish natures, the ones that are at home in the energy that embraces us all. The wild feminine is the part of us that ...

HSPs And Developing Self-Compassion

02/27/2015 04:54:14 AM

If you are someone like me, you know that are you are sensitive, and yet, you often struggle to integrate this knowledge in your life. If you are someone like me, you also have an incessant voice in your head that keeps on discounting the little ...

Kicking Up Your Heels?

02/25/2015 04:45:53 AM

I did a survey awhile back and one thing that struck me was how many highly sensitive people would love to enjoy life more. Naturally that is difficult because of the challenges of being highly sensitive. Hearing the desire to enjoy life caused ...

What Happened To The Sacred?

02/23/2015 05:13:45 AM

HSPs And Self-Care: Putting Yourself First Is Not Selfish

02/20/2015 05:33:58 AM

Highly Sensitive Persons– as a group– tend to be very giving individuals, often putting the needs of others ahead of their own. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a giving nature, but the issue many HSPs end up facing is t

Sensitive And Powerful: Can You Be Both?

02/18/2015 05:26:15 AM

Powerful? Then you can’t be sensitive. This is the message we receive from the time we are young. Of course it is based on an idea about strength and power. So perhaps we need to reexamine these ideas and see if they make any sense. What Is ...

Telltale Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person

02/16/2015 05:32:57 AM

Do you like solitary pursuits? Do you get overhelmed easily? Do you hate small talk? Even if you do, how do you know you are a highly sensitive person? Traits Of The Highly Sensitive Person Highly sensitive people get the sense at a young age ...

Why Ayurveda Works For Stress Reduction In HSPs

02/13/2015 05:20:26 AM

As a highly sensitive person, I experience a lot of stress. Most highly sensitive people do. It is not a choice. Our nervous systems are sponges for the stimulus around us. We become flooded and overwhelmed. If we are not careful we can drown ...

20 Good Reasons to Have Clear Personal Boundaries

02/11/2015 05:22:33 AM

I was struck recently by the exceptionally high number of clients I see, whose inability to set firm personal boundaries is resulting in supersonic stress levels. Smart business people repeatedly compromised by unreliable colleagues, over demanding ...

Why Thinking Can Get You In Trouble

02/09/2015 05:22:04 AM

Yup, thinking can get you in trouble. Often we think when we are worried about something or trying to figure out something we do not understand. We can go around in circles, and expend a lot of energy without getting anywhere. We can improve ...

7 Steps To Access Intuition For Balanced Living

02/06/2015 05:19:41 AM

There were nine of us sitting in a circle on the floor of the bookstore that day as I began my intuition workshop. Whenever I teach people about intuition, our journey together always begins the same question: “Tell me somethi ...

You Can’t Escape The Wild And Why You Don’t Want To

02/04/2015 05:27:28 AM

We have been conditioned to think that the wild of nature is a dangerous place. Perhaps in some ways it is. However, the wild is also a fantastic place. The wild is where the magic happens. There Is No Certainty Certainty does not exist. We ...

How The Creative Process Helps Highly Sensitive People

02/02/2015 05:23:47 AM

Many people think the creative process is some sort of magical inspirational event. Actually the creative process is a wonderful process of engagement. It can be enormously helpful for sensitives who want more control over their lives. What ...

Self Sacrifice Can Make You Sick

01/30/2015 05:19:58 AM

Self sacrifice is very hard to escape. It is so conditioned into us that whether you are an HSP or non-HSP doesn’t matter. You are subject to the expectation. Self sacrifice carried to an extreme will make you sick, emotionally and physically. ...

Inner Peace Improves Creativity

01/28/2015 05:27:20 AM

Inner peace improves creativity. Based on my experience as a creative person, inner peace takes us to a different place that improves our ability to come up with fresh ideas. Brainstorming Is Not Creativity I have nothing against brainstorming ...

Why HSPs Need To Reclaim The Creative Process

01/25/2015 05:21:40 AM

Most people think the creative process is just about coming up with ideas. Our culture separates ideas from making things, but treats even the process of generating ideas as something to be manufactured. As a result, our relationship to our ...

HSP Toolbox: Mindful Walking

01/23/2015 05:38:14 AM

As highly sensitive people, it’s easy for us to get stuck in our heads. Sometimes we’re unable to avoid upsetting or overwhelming situations, which influence us to replay situations over and over in our heads. “Did I say the wrong

HSP Toolbox: Breathing Meditation

01/21/2015 05:26:51 AM

In the article How You Breathe Matters, Maria Hill discussed the importance of breath and oxygen to the body, especially for highly sensitive people. She explains that when we are stressed, our body runs on emergency stores of oxygen as our ...

HSP Toolbox: Daily Journaling

01/19/2015 05:03:39 AM

Highly sensitive people tend to be empathic by nature, but focusing on the wants and needs of others can sometimes result in self-neglect. Unexpressed thoughts or feelings can lead to stress, anxiety, and poor health. However, expressing yourself ...

No Need To Rush: The Special Gift Of Slow

01/16/2015 05:03:20 AM

I have always been expected to operate at lightening speed. And it has never worked for me. I need to process…and process…and process… I LOVE to process. It is my idea of a good time! What’s The Rush! I have never understood t

What Time Pressure Costs Us

01/14/2015 05:27:36 AM

How do you feel about the time pressure of this impatient world we live in? Personally, I hate it, yet I often feel that slow is “wrong”. Slow means getting run off the road by someone faster. Slow means “missing the boat” bec

Breaking The Failure Taboo

01/12/2015 05:26:59 AM

Failure is something that many of us if not all of us have been taught to be afraid of. Unfortunately, failure is a big subject and perceptions about failure are not necessarily innocent. Fear of failure causes so many people to hide and makes ...

How To Reconcile Perceptions

01/09/2015 05:03:03 AM

Highly sensitive people often have difficulty reconciling the many pieces of energetic information that they take in. Most of us try to slow down in a world that is constantly pressuring us to go faster so that we can process and understand ...

Changing Habits

01/07/2015 05:20:40 AM

Spinning Your Wheels? How To Embrace Change To Become Unstuck

01/05/2015 05:24:59 AM

Are you tired of spinning your wheels? For many of us, it’s easy to fall into the habit of doing the same thing over and over, even though our actions aren’t producing the results we want. It can be difficult to break out of our normal ...

Working With The Energy Of Perception

01/02/2015 05:03:40 AM

” We need to spin you happy ” Danielle mentions as we walk along the tree lined path by the Mohawk river. I have always loved walking that path especially during those times when life was wearing me down. Like the bare trees around ...

30 Important Websites For Highly Sensitive People

12/31/2014 05:22:54 AM

Have you noticed the increased interest in introverts and highly sensitive people? In 1996, Dr. Elaine Aron published her groundbreaking book, The Highly Sensitive Person, opening a door that could not be kept closed any longer. Highly sensitive ...

The Special Value Of The Outsider

12/29/2014 05:25:51 AM

Outsiders have been shunned by many societies for a long time. They have a special value for their cultures that is often unrecognized and overlooked. Outsiders are the guardians of authenticity. Outsiders And Authenticity Outsiders live on ...

Why Conformity Is The Norm

12/29/2014 05:16:24 AM

Have you ever thought one thing and done another? Have you ever changed your mind when in a group that had different ideas? I know I have and it made me feel like a wimp. Being an HSP means that my positions are not the norm, and I am always ...

The Special Challenge Of The Outsider

12/26/2014 05:22:55 AM

To be an outsider is not an easy task. It is a special role that has great potential for personal transformation. Who Is The Outsider? The outsider is the person who departs their existing cultural home for a new unknown destination. People ...

Why Is Generosity So Difficult?

12/24/2014 05:25:18 AM

Source: Morguefile Generosity is something we all want and often struggle with. Why is that? Ambivalence About Generosity We tend to respond to generosity with warmth, happiness and joy. We also naturally respond to stinginess with repulsion, ...

Masking Our Sensitivity

12/22/2014 05:28:16 AM

It’s two days before Halloween as my wife and I head to our favorite Italian restaurant in the city.  Entering the foyer of the restaurant, I notice a message written on the chalkboard listing the night’s specials. In addition to mussels ...

Those Energy Thieves: How Overstimulation Hurts HSPs

12/19/2014 05:44:07 AM

Being a highly sensitive person can feel like you are living in a world that is too loud all of the time. What do you do about raw nerves and nervous exhaustion? Noticing The Energy Thieves I call them energy thieves – all the demands for ...

3 Great Herbs For Emotional Health

12/16/2014 05:01:46 AM

Do you ever feel like an emotional ping-pong ball? Do you have a hard time dealing with life’s emotional ups and downs? Do you suffer from depression or anxiety? Highly sensitive people have a particularly difficult time handling the emotional ...

How Highly Sensitive People Can Prevent Burnout

12/12/2014 05:25:36 AM

7 Paths to Reducing Sensitivity And Overwhelm For HSPs

12/10/2014 05:24:54 AM

You’re driving your car to work. The heat hasn’t kicked in. Suddenly, you notice that you forgot to cut off a sewn in tag on the back of your shirt collar. It’s irritating your skin. Sadness and frustration wash over you as you witness ...

Identity And Thoughts: Changing The Narrative For Highly Sensitive People

12/08/2014 05:23:38 AM

Do your thoughts drive you crazy? Do you ruminate a lot and feel that you are going around in circles? Do you think that your thoughts control you? What Are Our Thoughts? Our thoughts are mental pictures that we create.  They often seem automatic ...

Emotional Healing and the Body

12/05/2014 05:27:01 AM

Highly sensitive people come into the world very attuned to the sensory world. We perceive so much from inside ourselves and from observing and sensing others. When we encounter intense pain or even trauma, that same gift of sensing can overwhelm ...

The Secret Gift Of Being Present

12/03/2014 05:12:25 AM

Being present offers a secret gift. Being present is something we are increasingly exhorted to be – something that identifies us as a good person. It’s a shame because being present has the capacity to offer us so much more. What Does It ...

5 Ways Avoidance Can Sabotage You

12/01/2014 05:28:22 AM

The subject of avoidance has come up more than once this week so here are some insights I’ve had. Avoidance as a coping strategy is often formed in childhood in an effort to deal with overwhelming or painful experiences. And in this context ...

How To Enjoy The Holidays

11/26/2014 05:04:29 AM

I was asked this week about how to enjoy the holidays to minimize overstimulation and exhaustion. These are my suggestions for HSP’s. Highly sensitive people are easily overwhelmed by the frenzy of the holiday season. The spirit of the season ...

In Search Of A Real Conversation

11/24/2014 05:21:33 AM

I like a real conversation. I do not like a faux conversation. I do not like pretend conversations. I do not like manipulative conversations. It can be quiet around me. What Is A Real Conversation, Anyway? It probably sounds silly and perhaps ...

The Social Challenge Of Highly Sensitive People

11/21/2014 05:21:21 AM

The Paths We Travel Working With Our Sensitivity

11/19/2014 05:22:01 AM

“All of life is a circle” my meditation teacher tells me during a discussion on  the lessons life often presents; “Regardless of the starting point, at one time or another life’s circumstances will always steer you back to similar ...

Are You Numbing Your Sensitivity?

11/17/2014 05:30:04 AM

As I stood in line waiting to order my cup of coffee, I reached for my phone in my purse. You know, just in case there were any new updates within the last 5 minutes since the last time I checked it. I didn’t feel the need to check. I just ...

Put Negativity In Its Place

11/14/2014 05:16:50 AM

Negativity is not what you think. Negativity is often thought to be a personal character trait. There is some truth to that but it is so much more. What Is Negativity? According to the Your Dictionary, negativity,  at least in a social or decision ...

The New Skill: Ecological Thinking

11/12/2014 05:14:34 AM

We humans have been running on left brained, linear thinking for a long time. It has accomplished a lot but its limitations are evident also. What Is Linear Thinking? Linear thinking is thinking that is based on the idea of sequential events ...

5 Questions to Help You Reclaim Yourself From Outdated Beliefs

11/10/2014 05:20:29 AM

I recently had the perfect client—although it didn’t seem that way to her when she first came to see me—self esteem, financial, weight and relationship issues. BUT she had those priceless prerequisites for change—total commitment and ...

Are You Suffering From Cultural Depression?

11/07/2014 05:30:04 AM

I see a lot of depression around me. Perhaps you do, too. But it is a strange kind of depression the kind of depression that comes when everything around us seems wrong. Depression And Culture What I am seeing is a fairly complex depression ...

The Emergence Of The Outsiders

11/05/2014 05:26:10 AM

From the beginning of time there have been outsiders. Who Are Outsiders? Outsiders are different from everyone else in some way. They are a special group of people who have developed skills and often different cultural models and ideas that ...

The Mistake Of Identity

11/03/2014 05:14:43 AM

Separating Ambition And Greed

10/31/2014 05:25:09 AM

Ambition and greed are often thought of as the same thing. They are not easy concepts for highly sensitive people and can be a source of pain and unhappiness. Greed does Not Work For Highly Sensitive People Greed does not work as a life strategy ...