Can We Reverse Aging With Telomerase?

12/04/2011 00:28:54 AM

Telomerase lengthens the ends of the chromosomes, known as telomeres, whose purpose is to protect the genetic information stored in the chromosomes. Without telomeres, chromosome ends could fuse together and degrade the cell's genetic blueprint. ...

How Can We Live a longer life?

11/20/2011 22:03:16 PM

Do we have any control on how to live a longer life? Can we really live longer? How can we slow aging? Dr. Aubrey de Grey is a pioneering theoretical scientist in the field of human aging (biogerontology). He says that we can substantially slow ...

FREE HEALTH TELESEMINARS: Listen To 21 Famous Doctors & Healers and Ask Your Questions

11/07/2010 12:07:14 PM

The Wellness Revolution 2 is a series of live free teleseminars by phone and webcast featuring 21+ leading doctors, authors and health professionals being interviewed and answering questions in real time about new ways of healing. Register here ...

Adoley Odunton

11/06/2010 03:32:45 AM

For several years now, Adoley Odunton, host of Wellness Revolution 2, had been ill with some type of ...... that's how this telesummit all began and now I hope you will agree with me that this is not your average, normal teleseminar.

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

05/26/2010 20:04:36 PM

There are several home remedies to get rid of stretch marks. Massage and daily exfoliation are one of the most beneficial ways but one has to find the precise balance of effective exfoliation and the skin stimulation massage to promote healing. ...

Best Method To Lose Fat

10/27/2009 20:52:54 PM

We have been covering several fat loss reviews in our How To Slow Aging blog because of the profound health risks of obesity ranging from cardiovascular diseases to cancer. Obviously, if you want to slow aging and live a healthier life, you ...

How To Slow Aging With Caloric Restriction

10/18/2009 18:24:13 PM

Interviews-With-Leading-Experts-on-Caloric-Restriction-and-its-Relationship-to-the-Aging-Process For years there has been news in the scientific press on how to slow aging with caloric restriction. Scientific research leads us now to believe ...

Parasitic Diseases in North America

09/15/2009 15:32:49 PM

One would think that parasitic diseases in North America would be rare because the food supplies would be relatively free from parasites that could cause infections in humans. North Americans have a better level of hygiene and more thorough ...

How To Slow Aging With Resveratrol

09/09/2009 18:05:15 PM

Researchers have been interested in understanding on how to slow aging with resveratrol. According to Dr. Sinclair at Harvard Medical School, Resveratrol slows aging by seeking out the aging gene and shutting it off. If these studies prove ...

How to Slow Aging Fundamentals

08/29/2009 04:16:04 AM

Harvard-Professor-Discovers-New-Mechanism-On-How-To-Slow-Aging Most people do not think about how to slow aging until the negative effects start to appear in their daily lives, like wrinkles, thinning hair, gaining weight, losing the ability ...