Tough Love

02/11/2012 10:19:00 AM

Microwave Mayhem

01/31/2012 21:09:39 PM

Tattooed Oafs

01/28/2012 23:07:10 PM

An article in the online print today about reforms of some sort or another that will see people with visible tattoos barred from joining the Australian Police.Assistant

Cut And Paste

01/25/2012 21:08:59 PM

Australian Transport Minister, Anthony Albanese, putting on a performance worthy of an Oscar nomination during his recent National Press Club address.And what was Prime Minister Julia Gillard's response to this

It's Just Not Cricket

01/21/2012 07:08:39 AM

What is it with the offspring of Australian Police Commissioners?I mean if they're not

Deliberate Mistakes

01/15/2012 03:10:02 AM

Pictured below is Alex Norris. He doesn't like mistakes being made and he's none to happy about the way you put your bins out.No, seriously, they were fucking out here! Her bloody cans were all the fucking way out here!"There will still be a ...

Unfortunate Picture Caption Of The Day

01/14/2012 19:21:53 PM

A warning to parents indeed!All praise to the Ambush Predator for first pointing me in the direction of this hilarious article.Being lectured by Fat Albert

Sunday Morning Easy Listening On Groompy FM

01/14/2012 18:43:45 PM

Emotional Damage

01/07/2012 02:53:01 AM

That's exactly what French fans of Michael Jackson are suing Doctor Conrad Murray over.Is it just me, or are these people fucking emotionally damaged

Sunday Morning Easy Listening On Groompy FM

12/31/2011 23:42:46 PM

HAPPY NEW YEARTo all of you, whether or not you agree with my rantings.This Blog will fire up again in this new year, in which I wish ALL OF YOU well.