Watermelon Feta Salad

07/17/2015 19:00:05 PM

Arrghh! Walk the Plank! - Happy (late) Halloween

11/21/2014 09:48:58 AM

I almost forgot to post our annual Halloween photo. This year we went as pirates because I already had the costumes. When Abigail was granted her wish from Make A Wish, we knew there would be a Pirates In the Caribbean night on the cruise. I ...

Minnie's Bowtique Party

11/21/2014 09:37:25 AM

This year we celebrated four years old with a Minnie's Bowtique birthday party. We brought three other little girls over for a pampering fun time! We decorated minnie mouse sugar cookies because these girls are all so SWEET.

Soapy Olafs- Perfect Teacher Gifts!!

05/08/2014 19:33:15 PM

We made these incredibly cute Olaf soaps for teacher gifts this year. The idea was based on what we had previously done with the soap snowballs. This time, we took it up a notch and formed OLAF!! We first, formed the head and body parts and ...

Camouflage Party

03/16/2014 20:01:01 PM

We are still struggling with our younger son around here. Last year, in the midst of everything with Abigail, he was diagnosed with ADHD. He has manic moments and has a really hard time in group settings. After a few weeks in kindergarten, the ...

Mad Scientist Birthday Party

03/12/2014 19:27:13 PM

Preserved Brain Cake...just what everyone needs at a Mad Scientist party.

Cancer Free!!!!!! (oh and, Jeweled Black Bean Dip)

01/31/2014 21:35:10 PM

Thank you for all of your prayers, cards and virtual flowers. We have made it through cancer and out to the other side. Abigail is doing well and is gaining back weight. She is officially cancer free! She will have three years of follow up, ...

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

06/05/2013 16:33:44 PM

I have debated whether or not to post this. This is first and formost a recipe blog and I know you are coming for that. However, it is also a little of my life and what's going on. I've already shared with you about my Dad's cancer and my F ...

Cranberry Cheesecake Shakes

05/30/2013 16:57:00 PM

Charlotte's Web Party

05/24/2013 20:08:55 PM

I quickly wanted to share these pictures of a Charlotte's Web cake I made for my oldest child's end of the year play. For the most part it was an easy cake: a sheet cake on the bottom, another sheet cake cut into a barn on the top (use chopsticks ...

Shark and Beach Cupcakes

05/24/2013 20:08:12 PM

Aren't these little guys so cute? End of the year meant we needed some summertime cupcakes according to Banana Girl. She insisted on sharks "for the boys" and "beach for the girls". I'm not sure that all were eaten according to her rules, but ...

Honey Wheat Seeded Bread

04/18/2013 14:30:13 PM

This is my Dad's favorite bread recipe. Because of that, it has a special place in my heart. While my father-in-law is recovering from his car accident amazingly, my Dad is not getting better. He is still in experimental treatments and wondering ...

Giveaway to Publix! $25 Gift Card - Closed

04/18/2013 14:16:19 PM

Beautiful Berry Cream-Filled Tart: My Favorite Dessert

03/20/2013 20:14:23 PM

This dessert seriously makes me swoon. It is my all time favorite dessert, ever since I was a teenager. I was that weird kid that was thrilled to see fruit in my lunch box (thanks Mom). I guess I have a special place in my heart for berries ...

Easter Egg Nest Cupcakes

03/14/2013 10:38:58 AM

Easter is coming!! I can't wait since we celebrate with our families at our house. I'm ready to have everyone over and celebrate. Easter brings joy and it's just what we need. I'm ever so grateful for the eternal gift I've been given through ...

Lemon Love Note Bars - Sweet and Sour

02/15/2013 15:06:11 PM

These bars are sweet and sour all at the same time ...kinda like marriage. I love my husband. It's true, he's the man for me. He puts up with my moods and endless chatter. He brought me flowers and a huge balloon for Valentine's Day, and the ...

Apple Carrot Slaw

02/09/2013 18:56:36 PM

I had some carrots in the fridge that needed a home and I just didn't feel like cooking them since the weather here in GA has been so warm. It's absolutely crazy... my daffodils are trying to come up. I have really missed winter this year. I ...