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Judge Napalitano's "The Constitution and Freedom"

04/25/2010 22:06:00 PM

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Bigger Government = Less Privacy

04/25/2010 21:35:00 PM

Arguably our most famous founding father, Benjamen Franklin passionately declared, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Currently, these words come across loud and clear ...

Less is More

04/25/2010 21:34:00 PM

Our founding fathers would be rolling in their caskets upon witnessing the super expansion of our current governmental powers... central powers must be rolled back in order to create a more perfect union.The Jeffersonian theory of expansion ...

Unalienable Nation

04/25/2010 21:33:00 PM

With the recent announcement of Supreme Court Justice David Souter's stepping down, many concerns has been brought fourth that judicial activism will further trump inalienable rights.On the day that out Founding Fathers transferred the idea ...

Government Money + Newspaper Industry = No More Free Press

04/25/2010 21:30:00 PM

With the swift moving Keynesian influenced president named Barack Obama, it appears as though the newspaper industry will soon dispatch its payroll towards the land of government sponsored handouts. By applying for those temporary remedies, ...