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Bike Ride through the Tulips

04/18/2014 03:20:04 AM

Because spring in Holland is just amazing. Related posts: The Blog is Bike Touring! Blossoming Tulips in Holland After Work Ride to Enkhuizen

Unconventional Kid Carrying

03/19/2014 01:51:42 AM

Can you spot the kid in this picture?

Eye For An Eye

03/05/2014 00:43:31 AM

Paris, la ville lumière. After my bike journey from Amsterdam to Paris, I spent one week in the city, staying at different friends and exploring the various arrondissements. One of the most impressive museums that I visited was, of course, ...

Middelburg is Another CDT (Cute Dutch Town)

02/19/2014 00:38:39 AM

Middelburg is the sleepy capital of Zeeland, the region best known for having given its name to New Zealand. I’ve cycled there during my journey to Paris. This is a nice shot of the cathedral of Middelburg, which is another Dutch town where ...

Picasso and the Mandolin

02/05/2014 00:36:17 AM

Picasso painted Girl With a Mandolin in 1910. I just think it’s a really, really cool painting. PS: I could have used an “official” picture of this painting. It would have probably been of a better quality. I just like to use these

Standing in the Street

01/22/2014 00:34:22 AM

Italy, around Christmas 2012. It was night and cold. My dad got a flat tire and my sister had just got a new camera with many built-in photo filters. I got to stand in the middle of the street alerting approaching cars. Not an unforgettable ...

Self-portrait in Seven

01/08/2014 01:30:38 AM

Marc Chagall has always been very important to me because one of his prints was hung in my parents’ room. I’ll maybe talk more about that one if I ever get to see it live. After learning more about the guy years later (recently, to be h ...

Liberty, Freedom of the Like

12/11/2013 00:54:38 AM

This is the best shot of it I could take, from the ferry to Staten Island. Such iconic things always have a big impact on me. On anybody I guess?

The Parakeet Mermaid

12/04/2013 00:50:44 AM

For many, Matisse is just one of the Aristocats‘ kittens. Before being a cat though, he was a famous French painter who belonged to a few different movements: Fauvism, Impressionism, Modernism and, I declare, Matissism. Why not. This part ...

Through the Autumn Mist

11/27/2013 01:38:55 AM

Hi peeps, this one that you see today has been the last ride of 2012. Autumn was in full swing but it already felt like winter. I took the train to Woerden, where I started another bike ride from, and then rode back to Amsterdam. It was misty, ...

The Ground Beneath Your Feet

11/20/2013 01:34:28 AM

We never really realize how important the ground beneath our feet is. Cool, I got away with a stylish opening line. This awesome carpet has been the ground beneath my feet for many years in my teenage room in Rome. I would know everything about ...

The Sleeping Gypsy

11/13/2013 01:28:22 AM

Today’s Art item is The Sleeping Gypsy from Henri Rousseau. He was a member of the Naïve school, which has been active for a strikingly long time, compared to other contemporary styles: the first recognized work dates back to the 18th century ...

The Making of Another Polder

10/30/2013 02:23:46 AM

Hey hey, just a quick-ride to share with you a couple of new discoveries just in my back-yard. I rode again to IJburg, the latest artificial island development in Amsterdam, an area of incredible novelty and experimentation. Approacing it from ...

The Dandy Warhols in Concert

10/23/2013 01:17:39 AM

About 15 years ago, like all teenagers of those times (?), I was in love with the keyboard player of the American band ‘The Dandy Warhols‘. As time went by, I found that she could range from hot to way-less-hot according to the photogra ...

Counter Composition V

10/16/2013 02:08:15 AM

This painting van Theo van Doesburg belongs to the Elementarism theory, an overcomplicated and über pretentious idea from the 1920s. Like Mondriaan’s Neo-plasticism, this movement was a branch of the De Stijl school, playing at the same time ...

The Flower Sunset

10/02/2013 01:06:14 AM

As I explained in my previous bike ride, the summer season allows plenty of bike rides after office hours because the days get so long. One sunny day, we decided to cycle to the seaside with my friend Bert, the same I conquered Marken with! ...