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Then I Came Home to Austin

03/19/2016 20:37:44 PM

I believe that the worst part of my break-up with Chef was the unfamiliarity of my life without him. I hadn’t realized up until that point how important my routines — the very patterns of my life — had really been to me. Then, sud

The Humbling Art of Being Wrong

03/15/2016 07:08:47 AM

Throughout our lives, we all meet those people who refuse to acknowledge they’re to blame for anything. They have developed a complex mental web that shields them from the humbling art of being wrong, netting away the need to accept conse ...

Lemons & Fiber Optics

02/25/2016 12:30:45 PM

I’ve had some ups and downs this week. First, the ups. Google Fiber finally went live for my area of Austin! Of course, Oliver and Sparrow ate the Fiber Box the first day we moved into my new apartment, along with my couch, so I had to wait ...

Plz Stop Calling Me – It’s Over

02/16/2016 07:17:30 AM

You called me crying again last night. You’re sorry for all of this. Your relationships keep failing because you can’t get over me. You’re sick; you might go blind. You don’t want to die without seeing me one more time. You

My Thoughts on Being a Loving & Caring Person

02/15/2016 12:14:45 PM

So, this weekend was Valentine’s Day. No. I wasn’t sad. I was, however, ….reflective. In all parts of my life, I’m healing. Financially, I’m set. I’ve been putting things up in my apartment, settling in. I see my f

The Tear-Stained Question – Do I Stay or Do I Go?

01/30/2016 12:37:24 PM

Earlier this week, I received some emails from wives whose husbands are addicted to meth. Sadly, they are now in the same place I was 3 1/2 years ago — do I stay or do I go? It’s an unhappy place for any person to find themselves, and t ...

Postcard From Hell – IAmNotCrazyDammit

01/27/2016 07:22:03 AM

This has been, sadly, a busy week for addicts around the world. My email has been blowing up with people dealing with a loved one on meth. I’m at work, but this poor person left a comment on here (below) and I feel like I should bring it to ...

Trying A Case in The Court of Last Resort

01/20/2016 17:49:24 PM

What blew my mind is that people actually wrote that it was dangerous for the public -- that's me and you-- to be allowed to know about stories such as these because we are just too stupid to believe anything but what filmmakers want us to believe. ...

Why I’m Sickened By The Thought of Trump Being President

01/15/2016 13:24:49 PM

I hate election times. People get crazy when you talk about politics and religion. Religion can be skipped by pretty easily, but every four years, we parade out our political views for the world to see, and of course, to disparage, malign, attack, ...

The Forties’ Hope Scope

01/13/2016 06:44:56 AM

One of the real challenges I’m finding about being single in my forties is what to hope for. I know it sounds weird, but that has become a strange new focus for me. As children, we all had some idea of what we hoped we’d be when we grew ...

Relax & Just Chill Out

01/12/2016 07:15:40 AM

You know what? I have no idea how to just relax and be happy. In fact, I’m starting to have a sneaking suspicion happiness and peace might actually bore me!!  What the hell!??? PS: Someone needs to get me a kitten. I’m Empty-Nesting l ...

Sensitive Men & The Women Who Don’t Love Them

12/24/2015 08:43:48 AM

In the process of relocating to Texas, starting a new job, moving into a new place, and the myriad of other things going on these days, I haven’t been as plugged into my web life as I once was. Yesterday, I checked my Quora account (out of ...

Comfortably Numb or Just Plain Selfish? I Guess I Don’t Really Care Either Way

12/21/2015 09:34:54 AM

I really want Chef to be happy. I don't want him homeless, or sick, or lonely. The difference is, I just don't want to be the one to have to make that happen for him. I don't want to be his home, or take care of him if he is sick, or talk to ...

The Key to Real Happiness – Balance

12/16/2015 07:19:41 AM

I believe the happiest a person will ever be is when there is a balance across all aspects of their life. To me, the best moments aren’t the crazy exciting ones. They are the sounds of gentle rain beating on a rooftop over a warm, cozy home. ...

A Minute of Holiday Jocularity

12/09/2015 07:11:27 AM

Missing The Bug

12/07/2015 08:09:59 AM

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Upon Completion of This Latest Journey

12/04/2015 09:48:39 AM

I think deep down, bloggers tend to be complainers. Just a little. Nothing over the top.

Pondering The Mysteries of Life

12/01/2015 15:27:50 PM

Moldy Breast Implants and criminal bicycle riders.

Balanced Remembering

11/30/2015 11:55:32 AM

Holidays are still hard for me, though the ache each year is less than it was back in 2012, when all of this really spun out of control. Last evening, I went to sleep with some troubling memories still lurking in the back of my mind. They o ...

About the Excellence of Love

11/25/2015 11:50:17 AM

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Best News Story Today – Tweets From the Brussel’s Lockdown

11/24/2015 15:58:23 PM

Tweets From Inside the #BrusselsLockdown

Some Great Facebook Status Updates

11/23/2015 15:07:06 PM

Poor Facebook. I give it my fair share of he!!, but in all honesty, I get way more giggles out of it than anything negative. I unfriended the guy I was having a disagreement with, simply because if a debate is going to turn mean-spirited, it’s ...

How To Get People To Hear What You Are Saying

11/20/2015 08:00:42 AM

I really miss having the internet at home. I always think of a million things I want to write about in the middle of the night, and by morning, they seem to just evaporate — just gone forever. Darn it. Last night, I went speed dating again. ...

Using Word Associations and Reputations Instead of Actual Proof

11/19/2015 15:04:18 PM

In conjunction with Where Do We Draw the Line? and Protecting the Innocent vs. Punishing the Guilty, I found this story today that really drives home the subversive way we are manipulated by the standard line. This story is about a trial ...

Syrian Refugees & The Need To Feel Safe

11/19/2015 07:55:07 AM

You can’t throw a rock without hitting someone who’s got an opinion about whether or not our country should allow any of these displaced people to come stay here. Like everyone else, I too have an opinion about this. I say, let them com ...

Protecting the Innocent vs. Punishing the Guilty

11/18/2015 09:04:22 AM

About cops...

Where Do We Draw The Line?

11/17/2015 15:33:14 PM

So, I’m having a disagreement with a friend over the right for people like one-percenters to be treated with the same rights as any other American. Because I have some knowledge about the Bandits, they came up a lot, but the truth is, my ...

Sobering Insight

11/13/2015 06:30:31 AM

Every writer hopes they get to write something people will care about. I'm just kind of sad that this kind of thing was my contribution.

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

11/11/2015 06:22:56 AM

Today is Veteran’s Day, and I just want to take a minute and thank the members of my family who served in our military. My father served in the US Marine Corp: My mother also served in the US Marine Corp:

Oliver and Sparrow Visit the IRS

11/10/2015 07:40:52 AM

"Those little s**ts .......," I say, but really I'm thinking, "Oh, thank God!"

November 2nd, You’ve Been Demoted

11/03/2015 07:43:58 AM

I release it back into the pile of un-celebrated dates, each one of them carrying only the potential of being promoted to a personal favorite.

My Dogs Are D**ks!!

10/26/2015 07:41:56 AM

Let's set aside everything I said and did the minute I saw that, and skip ahead to happier times. I immediately went out and bought kennels.

People from the Palace Beautiful

10/17/2015 07:30:08 AM

This week I moved into my apartment! I officially live in Austin, Texas! Of course, none of this would have been possible without my friend, Exodus. I’m both thankful to the Lord as well as for her faithfulness to Him too. She reminds me of ...

Stuff A Chick Should Know About Hooking Up With 1%er Guys

10/09/2015 07:28:23 AM

Of all the topics I write about on here, the one that tends to get more attention than I care for is biker clubs. It isn’t that the subject isn’t interesting. It is. It is just that I have a lot of mixed feelings about it. There are par ...

Why Drug Dealers Don’t Accept Checks

10/08/2015 21:19:48 PM

I don’t really write about it much but my father has been in trouble with the law a few times in his life. Now, for me, that means just about nothing whatsoever. I find people who have a good story to tell so much more interesting than those ...

Money From Heaven & Unexpected Inheritances

10/08/2015 13:49:37 PM

Sometimes we fall into a blindness about something we say we believe in. For instance, most Christians will tell you they trust the Lord. But when the storms come, they sink straight to the bottom, never once being able to take even one real ...

The Walking Weary

10/05/2015 15:51:44 PM

I’ll admit it. I’m really sick of the ups and downs I have been experiencing for over three years now. I’m tired. Not afraid. Not depressed. Not hopeless. Not angry. Not bitter. Just plain exhausted. Now I understand the scripture I

The Peace Never Seems To Last

10/05/2015 07:12:14 AM

I hate how powerful money can be. Or more specifically, the love of it. I’m no longer living in Red Rock with Red and Marlboro. The amounts I was being charged kept going up and up and up, and finally I had to actually put my foot down and ...

Sparrow & Oliver

10/02/2015 13:52:49 PM


09/27/2015 09:19:26 AM

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Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, & Wine

09/25/2015 07:30:25 AM

Today is kind of a big deal for me. After I get off of work, Rebekkah and I are heading down to McAllen to see my sister, Alexa, and my mother, who is residing in a nursing home there. I’m both excited and nervous. I feel guilty for not making ...

No Facebook For Me Today

09/23/2015 06:44:57 AM

Some days, I just hate Facebook. Only there can you scroll through crap “wisdom”, hilarious videos, distressing pictures of mistreated animals, scripture, and the latest update on someone’s arguments within their own family. That la

When You Realize You’re Losing The War on Drugs

09/20/2015 15:31:29 PM

Somewhere along the way, I began to really examine this "illness" of being codependent. It sounds suspiciously like a person who loved another person to me. Not a weakness. A wound.

Being Real

09/19/2015 07:42:17 AM

The question recently came up:”Where should I draw the line when it comes to what I write about on this blog?” This is is not a new question for me. On the one hand, this blog is about my life and what I’m learning from it. On the

When The Time To Mourn Is At Hand

09/05/2015 11:46:13 AM

My heart is really heavy for you and for Captain, but I urge you to grieve the way the Lord told us to; with the assurance that this good-bye is only temporary. We will see him again on the other side.

A Happy Minute

09/03/2015 19:03:00 PM

I love ❤ that I made such a real friend in Exodus. She again had proven God hasn’t forgotten about his ridiculously flawed daughter, Bird. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, too, Exodus! And most of all, thank God for Whataburger, which is ...


09/03/2015 07:59:51 AM

Yesterday was a trying day, as some of you may have been able to tell from my social media offerings and my scorched-earth last post. For the life of me, I don’t understand why my past doesn’t let go so easily and just leave me alone. It ...

#NoWayNotToBeInsulted by This Latest Drama

09/02/2015 08:22:33 AM

Maybe if people knew that I am always likely to blog each and every weirdo thing that happens to me, they would be careful what they dragged into my life. It would seem that despite your displeasure at things I've mentioned in the past, repeatedly, ...

Week No. 4 in Texas – Stuff w/o Rhyme or Reason, Kinda Like My Life

08/27/2015 06:48:36 AM

Red & I are planning to hang curtains up in her kitchen so the neighbors can't see in our house at night. I went to the trouble to taking a picture of our nearest neighbor so I could share it with you. I put a yellow arrow just so you would ...

Domino Night with Dad

08/23/2015 23:01:29 PM

I would have taken a birth control pill if I knew what a s******g I was going to get tonight.

Sparrow the Terrible

08/21/2015 06:55:22 AM

Effing Sparrow.

5 Things I’ve Learned About City vs. Country People

08/12/2015 08:41:15 AM

In the country, if you lock your windows and doors at any time, you're a pussy. Everyone around knows you have a gun since you used it on a few of them before.

Bird’s Buffet of Stuff That Happened This Week

08/09/2015 21:26:50 PM

I backed up into the pole. The pole of vengeance, and it had no mercy.

Wisdom to Combat the Moving-Forward-And-Leaving- the-Past-Behind Blues

08/04/2015 20:16:40 PM

I wiped away the tears, put the car in drive, and left that sadness behind with the rest of the broken hopes and dreams born, burned, and buried in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Slivers of Conversations I’ve Had This Week

08/02/2015 19:35:19 PM

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:If you’d been eavesdropping, you might have heard some of these snippets of conversations I’ve been having lately: How valuable is the belief that what you’re doing transcends mere earthl

Slivers of Conversations I’ve Had This Week

08/02/2015 19:35:12 PM

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:If you’d been eavesdropping, you might have heard some of these snippets of conversations I’ve been having lately: How valuable is the belief that what you’re doing transcends mere earthl

The Rat Poison Incident

08/02/2015 09:33:07 AM

Today, we had a big scare. My cousin, Red, who is watching Oliver and Sparrow called us in a panic. Turns out, the dogs had gotten into rat poison and had to be taken to the vet to have their stomachs pumped. They are fine now, but talk about ...

A Sparrow in a Barrel

07/31/2015 21:55:41 PM

Today, Sparrow met a real live cow, ran through several acres of farm land, and cooled herself off by climbing into a barrel of water.

A Heavenly Plunger For My Toilet Bowl Life

07/29/2015 21:42:17 PM

So. For the last few months, I’ve felt …. strange. I’ve often felt rather stuck in my life since my marriage ended, but not like lately. I try to date, and they fall way short, and die before they even had a chance. I loved my job,

A Change of Opinion is on the Horizon

07/16/2015 16:20:41 PM

If President Obama makes this as big a reform as he did medical insurance, I will sing his praises until the day I die!!

What I learned About Myself From Letting Homeless People Stay At My House For A Week

07/12/2015 10:42:05 AM

Maybe someday I will tell you the story of how I came to allow a homeless couple to live in my living room for a week. It has a certain entertainment value all its own. However, this post is about what I learned from this experience about the ...

Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monsters, & Leadership Conferences Lead By Leaders

07/09/2015 21:22:59 PM

The following is a post written by my daughter, Rebekkah. Recently, she attended a leadership conference in New Mexico, and was introduced to the hypocrisy that pervades so much of our society these days. Wait until she works in her first corporate ...

Declaration of Independence from My Past

07/06/2015 06:49:02 AM

Chef is going blind.

Rainbows: It Ain’t Just About Skittles Anymore

06/29/2015 13:02:33 PM

Last week, you couldn’t miss the whole landmark ruling about gay marriage that took the country by storm. Most of my friends had a lot to say for / against the whole thing. Facebook was dotted with rainbow colors across profile pictures, and ...

Another Message, Written In Blood and Tears

06/23/2015 20:28:30 PM

These people have painted us a message using blood, tears, and pain; who the hell cares what kind of paintbrush was used?

Quick Rant about Craigslist Wannabe Police

06/21/2015 17:10:41 PM

What the hell is going on with Craigslist around here? I have one last kitten, a dwarf, who needs a home, and the loonies have been coming out of the woodwork today!! Here’s some things you should know if you plan to waste your day policing ...

Only You Can Bring Rebekkah’s Facebook Account Back

06/21/2015 16:13:35 PM

My daughter Rebekkah can be an odd fish once in awhile, though I find her eccentricity super cool in most respects. From collections of useless receipts to her reluctance to leave a digital fingerprint, a ton of the stuff that she does is in ...

My Father’s Best Father’s Day Present Ever

06/20/2015 22:38:26 PM

Father’s Day has always meant something specifically special to me…or, about me, as silly as that may sound. I was born June 16, 1968, on Father’s Day. I was my dad’s firstborn child, and his only daughter, and at the risk of

Best.Birthday.Wish.Ever. – Jerzie Sets The Bar High This Year

06/16/2015 19:02:23 PM

After 47 years, it's hard to surprise me on my birthday. But today, was the exception!!

A Crappy Game I Used To Have To Play

06/15/2015 21:03:07 PM

It has been long recognized and well-documented that I have a temper of the most destructive and terrifying kind. I try to keep a lid on that hurricane, and for the most part, I have managed to keep it in check. However, there are buttons that ...

Just Some Family Pics

06/14/2015 16:54:33 PM

There isn’t too much to really write about, so I thought I would share some family photos of my kids out of our album. Boring, I know, but I like them. :-) This week wrapped up in the greatest of ways — Dj is home!! He looks a little ra ...

Interpreting Oklahoma Weather

06/12/2015 13:07:47 PM

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Anniversary of My Near Death Experience

06/11/2015 11:17:43 AM

When God has other ideas, it really doesn't matter what doctors think. They're only practicing anyways!

A Question For Christian Parents

06/08/2015 22:37:03 PM

I refuse to manipulate people into doing what we think they ought to do with our rejection, silence, and public disowning under banners of self-righteousness.

Conversation About Church – Is It Time To Have One?

06/08/2015 15:30:03 PM

Rebekkah: Do you know when was the last thing I learned in church, Mom? Me: When? Rebekkah: Never. Me:

Now I Love With A Limp

06/05/2015 16:32:17 PM

Originally posted on Loving With A Limp:The internet is over-flowing with stories of heartbreak and loss, and mine is not all that different. Pain is pain, and despite everything that is said or done, pain hurts equally. I’ve read some stories ...


06/03/2015 06:55:53 AM

Sometimes, it is just plain depressing to watch the news. With the exception of the Bandido thing (appalling, but relevant), and the surprising twist of fate for my cyber stalker (not appalling, still relevant) , I find the direction of the ...

A Marriage Is Over

06/01/2015 12:37:52 PM

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:It is always astounding to me how a new perspective in an old situation can change the emotional landscape of one’s existence in that exact moment. Suddenly, though circumstances have not changed ...

Two Birds, One Stone, and All That

06/01/2015 12:29:46 PM

So, do you guys remember when I had a cyber stalker? I’m sure if you were one of the lucky bloggers he posted his manifesto on, you will. Turns out, out of the 192 +/- bikers arrested for have a shoot out in Waco, only one of the bikers was ...

The Stuff Happiness Shields Are Made Of

05/26/2015 00:25:04 AM

I'd rather bore you and still be invited to your parties.

Pictures From The Past

05/19/2015 21:01:52 PM


Closure: Searching for A Sign This Painful Event Is Almost Over

05/18/2015 22:58:21 PM

A Wife’s Painful Question: “What is/are the sign(s) of closure? How is one supposed to know that there is closure in a past relationship? I’m at a very confusing period of my life, I don’t know if there’s absolutely no c

Slivers of Conversations I’ve Had This Week

05/17/2015 21:15:30 PM

If you’d been eavesdropping, you might have heard some of these snippets of conversations I’ve been having lately: How valuable is the belief that what you’re doing transcends mere earthly matters and rises to level of being a spir

Cows, College, and Camels – Rebekkah Finds Herself A Keeper

05/13/2015 06:26:54 AM

Paying for college with a fattened cow.

Am I Being Targeted By Local Law Enforcement?

05/11/2015 09:25:00 AM

believe in the truthfulness of the old Benjamin Franklin quote, "Three people can keep a secret if two of them are dead".

Missing My Children

05/05/2015 08:59:32 AM

For the last couple of weeks, my son has been in Missouri handling the consequences of bad decisions he made as a teenager. There is an end in sight, but it still feels like he won’t be home for ages. Rebekkah and I go through the motions ...

Don’t Forget To Enter Your Mom’s Picture!

04/28/2015 14:59:07 PM

Enter Stand-By's #BlueCollarMom Photo Contest! It's Easy! — Stand-By Personnel (@Standbyjobs) April 28, 2015

Does This App Make My Page Look Phat?

04/24/2015 09:32:09 AM

I finally finished the Mother’s Day contest I’ve been frantically pulling together, and launched it this morning. To me, it is rather plain and not too exciting, but this was my first time using that kind of software. I had to keep it s ...

Trophy Mom and Mom Bombs: Contest Ideas That Would Horrify My Boss

04/23/2015 00:30:15 AM

So, at work, I’ve been trying to come up with a contest for Mother’s Day. Because the staffing agency I work for specializes in blue collar jobs, I was thinking of doing a Facebook photo contest where people could post pictures of their ...

Please Pray For My Son

04/11/2015 09:53:42 AM

Sometimes, my life is like a roller-coaster. What a week! The good stuff is I got my contract for my book. Yay! I am almost a bonafide writer!! Now for the bad. My ex-husband, Chef, finally got his back pay for his disability claim. It was a ...

Everyone Has A Story – The Book!!

04/10/2015 13:28:20 PM

World Wide Web Wisdom

04/03/2015 15:23:59 PM

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Taken By Surprise

04/02/2015 19:53:59 PM

Memory is a funny thing. When it can cut you the deepest, you can’t forget. When it can bring you the most joy, you can’t remember. What the f*** is up with that? I have forgotten the worst parts of my break-up, but lately I’ve been

Tornadoes, Texts, and Dying With Dignity

03/25/2015 22:55:13 PM

I don’t know if I am just now noticing how really bad our weather teams around here are at their jobs, or if they are just having a spell of bad luck, but it seems to me, they have been really, really off their game lately. Weather is one ...

Jesus Was A Homeless Guy

03/20/2015 12:47:34 PM

Originally posted on Everyone Has A Story...:Last Friday, I stopped at a convenience store to pick something up on the way home from work. All along the side of the building were homeless people, their worldly possessions in bags strung about ...

More St. Patrick’s Day Humor!!

03/17/2015 11:05:20 AM

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

03/17/2015 09:55:06 AM

7 hours until we can celebrate like the Irish!!

The Tribulation: Why I Am Not Building a Compound

03/08/2015 15:13:48 PM

What good is all of the water, oil, guns, and compound walls when you have already been conditioned by the enemy to see your enemy as your brother and your brother as the enemy?

Trivialities and Other Useless Information About Nothing Much

03/07/2015 08:16:21 AM

"... that was the first time she'd ever talked to an actual, bona fide pimp. She was surprised by his overall level of intelligence and ironically, his level of concern for his incarcerated "employee".

Easter 2014: 10 weird Easter traditions to try this bank holiday

03/03/2015 13:22:29 PM

Originally posted on Metro:Scary bunnies not required. (Picture: Mark Wilson/Getty Images) While our own Easter traditions revolve around eating our own weight in chocolate bunnies and forgetting that everything is closed on Bank Holiday Sunday, ...