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A Quick Update

05/17/2017 15:31:09 PM

Some of you will be aware that I haven't posted on this site for a little while.I haven't given up on the site. On the contrary I have been working on moving the site away from the current blogger platform to a Wordpress site.Moving all the ...

February And March Linux Articles

03/22/2017 14:28:09 PM

IntroductionI am aware that it is a while since I added any content to this site. To be honest I have been inundated with work and so I have had little opportunity to write anything worthwhile on this blog.I am learning new programming techniques ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Fedora 25 - Oh No, So Many Problems

02/11/2017 15:30:45 PM

IntroductionThe last time I reviewed Fedora was in March, 2015 and I was in the main happy with it. Fast forward 2 years and I felt it was high time I had a look at the latest version.Strap yourselves in guys because we are in for a bumpy ride.How ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of OpenSUSE Leap 42

02/01/2017 14:18:32 PM

IntroductionIt has been a long time since I last reviewed openSUSE. I don't think it is quite as long as the numbering system suggests but it has been about 3 years.There are 2 versions of openSUSE available via their website:LeapTumbleweedThe ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Elementary OS Loki 0.4

01/17/2017 15:51:38 PM

IntroductionElementary OS is an interesting Linux distribution. Everything about it screams look at me, look how good I look. The user interface is so very welcoming and enticing but when I tried Elementary Freya (version 0.3) I felt that when ...

Analysis Of The Top 10 Linux Distributions Of 2016

01/09/2017 15:50:32 PM

IntroductionIt is the beginning of 2017 which can mean only one thing. It is time to look back at the top 10 Linux distributions of 2016 in order to analyse their suitability for the everyday Linux user.I have been writing this guide for a few ...

Q4OS vs Zorin OS - The Final Word (and Excel, Outlook, Access etc)

12/29/2016 16:26:52 PM

IntroductionThis is going to be my last post for 2016 and as many of you know I have been using Q4OS during the past month to see how well it would work over the course of time.During the month I also reviewed Zorin OS and I was very impressed ...

Q4OS - Part 4 - Life Without Windows

12/16/2016 04:49:39 AM

IntroductionAs the regular readers of this blog will be aware I have embarked on a mission to try out Q4OS as my sole operating system for a month to see how well it stands the test of time.I wrote my initial review of Q4OS on the 25th November ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Zorin 12

12/10/2016 16:19:03 PM

IntroductionA short while ago I was worried that Zorin had ceased to be because the current release is so far after the Ubuntu LTS release on which it is based.Well Zorin 12 is here and there has clearly been a change of direction. Previous ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Q4OS 1.8

11/30/2016 14:32:57 PM

IntroductionI reviewed Q4OS for the first time last September and the review was largely positive.In that review I had mixed feelings however because it looked like Windows from circa 2000 but was incredibly responsive and worked really well.Well ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Q4OS - Part 2

11/30/2016 14:32:00 PM

IntroductionIn my review of Q4OS 1.8.1 I mentioned that I would be using the system over the course of the month to see how well it works over a period of time.I am happy to say that I am well in to week 2 and I am yet to have any major cha ...

Make Q4OS Look Like Windows With XPQ4

11/30/2016 14:29:50 PM

IntroductionWhen I wrote a review about Q4OS last year I was emailed about a package called XPQ4 which makes it possible to make Q4OS look like other versions of Windows such as Windows XP.I therefore set about reviewing XPQ4 and the results ...

What To Do When Ubuntu Can't Use Free Unallocated Disk Space

11/17/2016 14:07:49 PM

IntroductionI have received a number of comments with regards to the procedure for dual booting Windows 10 and Ubuntu.Some people have noticed that the free disk space they created is not available for use when they try and install Ubuntu.This ...

An Everyday Linux User Guide To The Nautilus File Manager

11/10/2016 14:16:43 PM

IntroductionThis is the 2nd in a series of articles looking at the software applications available for Linux. Last week I wrote a guide to the Thunderbird Email Client.Getting NautilusNautilus is a very popular file manager so if it isn't installed ...

An Everyday Linux User Guide To The Thunderbird Email Client

11/02/2016 15:16:57 PM

IntroductionIn my 350th post I mentioned that I would be concentrating on looking at Linux applications as well as distributions.I'm going to start with the major applications and then move on to lesser known utilities as time goes on.In this ...

A History Of Everyday Linux User's 350 Blog Posts

10/25/2016 14:38:48 PM

IntroductionThis article is something of a landmark as it is the 350th post on Everyday Linux User.I took last week off to celebrate. Well actually I went away with the family down to England for a few days and didn't take a computer with me. ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Xubuntu 16.10 - A Good Place To Start

10/15/2016 15:53:47 PM

IntroductionXubuntu has always been one of my favourite distributions. It doesn't look as glamourous as some of the other Linux offerings out there and it certainly doesn't come with all the software you need pre-installed.The thing that Xubuntu ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Kubuntu 16.04

10/04/2016 15:07:10 PM

IntroductionThe last time I reviewed Kubuntu was in December 2013. (Click here to read it) I was largely positive about the experience at the time and so I decided to review the latest LTS release to see if it is still a good alternative to ...

A Not For The Everyday Linux User Review Of Porteus 3.1

09/23/2016 08:49:55 AM

IntroductionPorteus was recommended to me recently as a Linux distribution that I should review.For those of you that are unaware, Porteus is a portable Linux distribution designed to be run from a USB drive much like Puppy Linux or Knoppix.The ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Lite 3.0

09/15/2016 13:29:49 PM

IntroductionI am going to admit now that I had previously thought about reviewing Linux Lite 3.0 when it first came out but there was a reason I didn't which I will come to later.I changed my mind however when so many people recommended it as ...

Winners Of The £10 Amazon Gift Vouchers

09/13/2016 13:55:17 PM

This is just a quick update for the people who voted for their top 5 Linux distributions.The winners of the gift vouchers were David Bley for his entry "An alternative list of the top 3 Linux distributions for the Everyday Linux User" and Kamaljit ...

What Has Happened To Zorin Linux?

09/08/2016 13:50:18 PM

Zorin OS has been one of the most innovative Linux distributions of recent years with its theme changing software that allows users to mimic other operating systems such as Mac OSX and Windows 7.Something strange has happened in the past few ...

I Asked "What Are The Best Linux Distributions For The Average Person", You Answered

09/01/2016 14:14:45 PM

IntroductionAt the beginning of August I released an article listing the 5 Linux distributions that I would recommend for the Everyday Linux User.The distributions I listed in the article were Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Peppermint, Manjaro and PCLinuxOS. ...

Finding Five Good Linux Distributions Isn't That Easy

09/01/2016 13:27:15 PM

IntroductionThe following is a guest post from Kamaljit Singh Dadyal who submitted the 5 Linux distributions he would recommend to the Everyday Linux User after reading my appeal.A follow up to this article is coming very shortly but for now ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Antergos Linux

08/26/2016 11:59:34 AM

IntroductionA few weeks ago I wrote an article highlighting the 5 Linux distributions I would recommend to the Everyday Linux User.A number of comments came in recommending other distributions so I set a challenge asking people to nominate the ...

An Alternative List Of The Top 3 Linux Distributions For The Everyday Linux User

08/16/2016 13:51:36 PM

IntroductionA few weeks ago I wrote a list of the 5 Linux distributions that I would recommend for the Everyday Linux User.Within minutes of its release I was asked why various other distributions weren't considered for the list.I therefore ...

Submit Your Top 5 Linux Distributions

08/01/2016 08:15:12 AM

IntroductionLast week I wrote a list of the 5 Linux distributions I recommend for the everyday linux user.As expected I am receiving comments asking why I didn't include this distribution or that distribution.I am therefore opening the floor ...

The Top 5 Linux Distributions For The Everyday Linux User

07/25/2016 15:22:55 PM

IntroductionI have written a relatively large number of reviews over the past few years. I mean just check out this page!!!There are three questions that I am asked quite regularly:The questions are as follows:Which Linux Distributions would ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Mint 18 - Back To Its Very Best

07/16/2016 11:01:30 AM

IntroductionThe year finally seems to have come to life with regards to Linux and this week saw the release of the latest long term support release of Linux Mint.I am glad that Linux Mint 18 has been released because it puts it back on a level ...

How To Fix Linux Mint Wi-Fi Issues

07/13/2016 14:54:07 PM

IntroductionWhen I first bought the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 a few months ago I wrote a guide showing how to install Linux Mint alongside Windows 10 on the computer. I have just updated the guide so that it is relevant for Linux Mint 18.There were ...

How To Access And Adjust UEFI Boot Settings

07/06/2016 15:05:00 PM

IntroductionThis week's article is going to be a bit on the technical side.

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Peppermint OS 7 - Nice Ice Baby

06/28/2016 15:44:47 PM

IntroductionI have been waiting for a while for some of my favourite smaller distributions to provide a new release and then they all do it in the same week.This week saw the release of Peppermint OS 7, SolyDXK and Point Linux. I had to toss ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of PCLinuxOS 2016 MATE

06/23/2016 15:34:17 PM

IntroductionIt has been a bit of a slow year review wise. There are a lot of distributions that are due to release a new version soon including Linux Mint and Zorin but others seem to be lagging behind. This is of course an article for another ...

An Everyday Linux User Rant About Steam

06/23/2016 15:33:14 PM

When Valve's Steam was first introduced to Linux it was seen as a great victory. Finally prime time gaming will be available to the Linux masses.That was some time ago now and there have been many new announcements relishing the fact that there ...

The Everyday Linux User Jargon Buster

06/14/2016 14:18:06 PM

IntroductionI received a comment at the bottom of one of my articles which expressed bemusement about all of the acronyms and terms used within my reviews.I am therefore writing this guide to explain as much of the jargon in my own words as ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of 4MLinux 17.0 - The Stable One?

06/04/2016 16:46:06 PM

IntroductionIt has been a while since I last looked at 4M Linux. (Click here for the review).4M Linux is a lightweight Linux distribution which has 4 main features:MaintenanceMini ServerMultimediaMysteryIt has a small download size at 421 m ...

How To Remove Ubuntu From A Dual Boot Windows 10 Computer With A Standard BIOS

06/01/2016 14:53:54 PM

IntroductionBack in April I released a guide showing how to remove Ubuntu from a dual booting computer with Windows 10 for computers with UEFI

How To Dual Boot Ubuntu And Windows 10 Using An SSD

05/24/2016 14:29:07 PM

IntroductionMany of the comments at the bottom of my guides for dual booting Windows 10

How To Install Chrome, Dropbox, Skype and Codecs The Easy Way Within Ubuntu 16.04

05/24/2016 14:27:33 PM

IntroductionIf you read my recent review of Ubuntu 16.04 you will know that despite the Ubuntu Software Centre being replaced by the GNOME Software installer the same problems are still there, notably that you can't easily install Chrome, Dropbox, ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Ubuntu 16.04 - The Good, The Bad And The Not Quite So Ugly

05/17/2016 16:26:59 PM

IntroductionLast month saw the release of everybody's favourite Linux distribution, Ubuntu. I have spent the past couple of weeks reading other people's opinions, watching videos and listening to podcasts.I have also spent some time trying out ...

How To Fix Linux Mint Wireless Issues On Modern Laptops Including Lenovo Y700 IdeaPads

05/11/2016 13:53:56 PM

IntroductionA little while ago I provided a guide showing how to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 10.

The Lenovo Ideapad Y700 Gaming Laptop

05/03/2016 16:34:56 PM

IntroductionI very rarely review hardware but having spent over £1000 for a computer I decided it was worth documenting my experiences thus far.Today I will be looking at the Lenovo Ideapad Y700 gaming laptop which is a beast of a machine.I ...

How To Install Linux Mint Alongside Windows 10 (UEFI)

04/28/2016 13:29:40 PM

IntroductionThe most popular guides on this website deal with dual booting Ubuntu and Windows. In fact I have written a whole heap of guides showing how to dual boot various systems as shown by the list below.Some of these links will take you ...

How To Create A Linux Mint USB Drive Using Windows 10

04/18/2016 15:03:26 PM

IntroductionA number of people have requested a guide showing how to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 10 along the same lines as my other guide which shows how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10.Part of that process is creating the Linux Mint ...

How To Remove Ubuntu From A Computer Dual Booting With Windows 10 (UEFI only)

04/12/2016 14:58:08 PM

IntroductionIf you have installed Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 and you want to remove it so that Windows 10 is left on its own again follow these steps.These steps only work for computers where Windows 10 and Ubuntu have been installed on a computer ...

How To Fix A USB Drive After Linux Has Been Installed On It

04/04/2016 14:57:32 PM

IntroductionHere is the scenario. You have followed one of my guides for creating a Linux USB drive but not you want to use it again for a different purpose.For whatever reason it only shows a small amount of disk space showing and it doesn't ...

Business Oriented Language Lives On Confirms Knoppix Spinoff

03/31/2016 18:01:09 PM

A new Linux distribution based on Knoppix will be written entirely in the COBOL programming Language.COBOL has been given a lease of new life in recent years including the birth of object oriented COBOL.

Internet Messengers lead the way of FOSS to the end users

03/31/2016 18:01:03 PM

The year 2016 may become pivotal in the world of open source.It is no longer a secret that many “backbone” systems of the world work on open source products. But a “regular” user, Joe Blogs, is not so familiar with Free Open Source ...

A Roundup Of Linux Articles From

03/30/2016 16:45:20 PM


An Everyday Linux User Review Of Manjaro Linux - This Is Truly Stunning

03/22/2016 17:19:11 PM

IntroductionAfter reviewing the Manjaro based Netrunner distribution last week I decided to check out Manjaro again to see how much it has improved and how much value Netrunner added. What I found was truly amazing.I will start off by saying ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Netrunner 2016.1

03/16/2016 17:03:25 PM

IntroductionThere are two versions of Netrunner available, the standard release which is based on Kubuntu which itself is based on Debian and the one which I am reviewing today which is based on Manjaro which in turn is based on Arch.The Netrunner ...

Is It Time For Desktop Linux To Focus On Niche Applications And Stop Obsessing About Flashy GUIs?

03/02/2016 13:36:58 PM

I decided to write this article after reading about Ubuntu's recent demonstration showing the use of a smart phone running Ubuntu as a desktop computer. I currently work in Edinburgh which is hundreds of miles away from my home in Aberdeenshire, ...

This Is Very Important - Check Your ISO Image Before Installing Linux

02/22/2016 16:44:42 PM

IntroductionOn Sunday 21st February a message was posted to the Linux Mint blog stating that the website has been hacked and the intruder managed to post a link to an unofficial ISO version of Linux Mint.For more information about what has happened ...

Analysis Of The Top 10 Linux Distributions Of 2015

02/09/2016 14:51:34 PM

IntroductionFor the past couple of years I have been producing analysis guides for the top 10 Linux distributions as listed on Distrowatch.Click here for the guide for 2013Click here for the guide for 2014The point of this article is to look ...

How To Set Up The Raspberry PI Zero

02/02/2016 14:59:29 PM

IntroductionThis guide will show you how to set up the Raspberry PI Zero. The Raspberry PI Zero is an amazing little single card computer which retails for about the same price as a couple of pints of beer.The above image shows you just how ...

How To Choose The Best Linux OS For Your Web Hosting Server

01/24/2016 15:55:58 PM

IntroductionThis is a guest post by Graeme Caldwell. About Graeme Caldwell -- Graeme works as an inbound marketer for InterWorx, a revolutionary web hosting control panel for hosts who need scalability and reliability. Follow InterWorx on Twitter ...

How To Connect To The Raspberry PI 2 Using SSH from Linux, Windows and Android

01/17/2016 16:43:36 PM

IntroductionLast week I released a guide to setting up the Raspberry PI 2 Model B. Of course, as my age is kicking in, it obviously slipped my mind that I had already released another guide showing how to do the same thing back in March 2015. ...

How To Set Up The Raspberry PI 2 Model B

01/10/2016 06:12:42 AM

IntroductionThis article is fairly late onto the scene but my original articles about the Raspberry PI are all becoming a little bit long in the tooth and so it is time to revisit them and make them relevant for 2016 and beyond.In this guide ...

Is Lubuntu Faster Than Windows XP And Frankly Who Cares?

12/29/2015 17:55:28 PM

Last week I wrote an article about a video I watched on Youtube which showed how to crash Linux Mint just by using the mouse.In the article I mentioned that the title is fairly midleading because it seems to suggest that you can crash Linux ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon Edition

12/29/2015 17:13:50 PM

IntroductionLinux Mint 17.3 was released a little while ago now and I was for a while planning to skip this version because I am not sure there is enough new content to warrant a new review.I changed my mind for 2 reasons:I reviewed Ubuntu 15.10 ...

A Christmas Cracker - How To Crash Linux Mint 17.3 Just By Clicking Your Mouse

12/21/2015 17:59:25 PM

IntroductionI borrowed the above title from a video on Youtube because it is instantly intriguing. If you are anything like me then you just need to find out how you go about crashing Linux Mint.The key part missing from the title is the number ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Makulu Linux Aero Edition

12/15/2015 15:44:28 PM

IntroductionI last reviewed Makulu Linux back in May 2014 when it was still at version 6. I summed up my feelings towards Makulu Linux by stating that I can't wait for versions 7, 8 and 9 and that I had the warm glow with Makulu which I had ...

7 Great Geeky Christmas Present Ideas

12/07/2015 15:52:09 PM

IntroductionI did have a review lined up for this week but due to illness I haven't prepared as well as I would have liked.Instead therefore I thought I would provide a list of Christmas present ideas and because many of them require the use ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Chakra Linux 2015.11 "Fermi"

11/29/2015 15:57:43 PM

IntroductionThis time I am reviewing a Linux distribution that probably doesn't fit into the normal mould of suitability for the Everyday Linux User.Chakra Linux shares a lot of similarities with Arch Linux although it isn't based on it and ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Linux Lite 2.6

11/22/2015 10:43:02 AM

IntroductionIt has been a long time since I last reviewed Linux Lite, January 2013 to be exact. (read it here). The version at the time was 1.0.4. This review is for version 2.6. I thought version 1.0.4 was very good at the time so version 2.6 ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Ubuntu 15.10

11/15/2015 17:15:12 PM

IntroductionOctober 2015 saw the release of the latest version of Ubuntu.Ubuntu 15.10 (Wily Werewolf) is a fairly low key release requiring little fanfare.The order of the day is business as usual, a few bug fixes here and there and updated ...

How To Install Ubuntu Linux Alongside Windows 10 (UEFI)

11/08/2015 16:50:24 PM

IntroductionWindows 10 has been out for a while now and as I have a track record for writing dual boot guides I thought it was about time I created a Windows 10 and Ubuntu dual boot guide.

How To Install Ubuntu Linux Alongside Windows 10 (Standard BIOS, non-UEFI)

11/08/2015 16:48:28 PM

IntroductionThis is the 2nd guide showing how to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.The reason there are two guides is that the instructions differ enough between machines with a UEFI bootloader and a standard BIOS.This guide focuses on computers ...

How To Shrink Windows 10 To Make Space For Linux

11/08/2015 16:08:32 PM

IntroductionThis tutorial is part of a larger guide showing how to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux.

How To Create A Ubuntu 15.10 USB Drive Using Windows 10

11/01/2015 18:12:04 PM

IntroductionThis tutorial shows you how to create a Ubuntu 15.10 USB drive using Windows 10 (although it will also work for other versions of Ubuntu including Ubuntu 14.04).It is written for Windows users thinking of trying Ubuntu out and is ...

How To Backup Windows 10 The Safe Way With Macrium Reflect

11/01/2015 17:26:11 PM

IntroductionYou might be wondering why I am writing a Windows how to guide on a blog about Linux.This tutorial is part of a much larger guide which will show users how to dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu.As such it is important for Windows users ...

Turn Q4OS Into A Complete Windows XP Clone With XPQ4

10/19/2015 16:49:30 PM

IntroductionLast month I wrote a review of Q4OS which is a lightweight Linux distribution which closely resembles older versions of Windows.I received an email advising me to check out XPQ4.In essence XPQ4 provides a theme changer for Q4OS similar ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Microsoft Windows 10

10/07/2015 16:29:47 PM

IntroductionThis week I decided to upgrade the Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. (Next week I will upgrade the Windows 8.1 laptop to Windows 10).I generally use Linux full time at home but the rest of my family like to use Windows and it helps ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of CentOS Linux 7

09/25/2015 10:57:51 AM

IntroductionAs mentioned in my previous review (Q4OS), I recently updated a guide designed to help people choose the right Linux distribution for them by going through the top 25 Linux distributions on Distrowatch and providing a short excerpt ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Q4OS

09/16/2015 14:18:06 PM

IntroductionLast week I updated an article at which lists the top 25 Linux distributions on Distrowatch

Has Windows 10 Killed Linux On The Desktop?

09/08/2015 17:57:35 PM

Windows 10 has been released and the majority of the reviews that I have read have been largely positive.Quite a lot has been made about the concerns about privacy especially when it comes to using Cortana as it appears a lot of personal data ...

Why Use Docker On A Dedicated Server?

09/08/2015 16:45:55 PM

This is a guest post by Matthew Davis:About Matthew Davis -- Matthew works as an inbound marketer and blogger for Future Hosting, a leading provider of VPS hosting. Follow Future Hosting on Twitter at @fhsales, Like them on Facebook and check ...

5 Reasons Not To "Not Use Linux"

09/01/2015 16:37:36 PM

IntroductionThe one thing I really like about Linux is that there is always something to write about and sometimes articles just seem to fall out of the sky and land on your head like a large dollop of stuff seagulls like to drop.This week I ...

Mageia 5 - So Much Better Than Last Time

08/24/2015 15:33:50 PM

IntroductionWell everybody, as you may or may not know I haven't always been the biggest fan of Mageia.

Enlightenment. Is There Life After Bodhi?

08/17/2015 17:11:14 PM

Last week saw the latest release of the Bodhi Linux distribution. In the past Bodhi has been the flag bearer for the Enlightenment desktop environment but the latest version uses a new desktop environment called Moksha.Technically speaking of ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Elementary OS Freya

08/07/2015 17:02:14 PM

IntroductionElementary OS is a Linux distribution based on the long term support version of Ubuntu. It has been designed to be easy to install, easy to use and because it is lightweight it runs on older hardware as well as more up to date c ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Android x86 - Release 4.4 r3

07/29/2015 16:03:53 PM

IntroductionAndroid x86 has been riding high in the Distrowatch rankings for the past 6 months. I haven't looked at this distribution since July 2012 which if my maths serves me correctly is 3 years.Why so long between reviews? When I last looked ...

Feel Scammed By Microsoft? Switch To Linux

07/22/2015 15:02:46 PM

I have been on holiday for the past 10 days so I haven't had much of a chance to test new Linux distributions or work on any tutorials.I have had lots of available reading time however and there was one particular story in Web User magazine ...

Do Your Prefer Modern Or Traditional Linux Desktop Environments?

07/05/2015 16:20:00 PM

Somebody I have been conversing with for a while now asked me a very interesting question the other day and rather than answer it directly I thought it would be good to gauge the opinions of the Everyday Linux User readers.Recently I have written ...

An Everyday Linux User Review Of Debian Jessie

06/30/2015 17:51:05 PM

IntroductionI have now been using Debian for a few weeks and it is therefore time for me to write a review of my experience thus far.Debian has been around for what seems like forever now and it is the base for so many other Linux distributions ...

Why Linux Web Hosting Is Good For Bloggers And Entrepreneurs

06/25/2015 17:49:22 PM

I have been writing this blog since 2012 and I have been asked a number of times by other bloggers why I still use Google's Blogger service as opposed to a hosted Wordpress site.The truth is that I still very much see Everyday Linux User as ...

Could This Be The Age Of Enlightenment?

06/23/2015 15:57:32 PM

One of the things we all love about Linux (sorry I mean GNU/Linux) is the amount of choice that is available to us.When it comes to choosing a desktop environment there is an abundance of choice and each one has its own unique way of providing ...

3 Ways To Improve Debian And I Haven't Even Booted It Yet

06/14/2015 05:49:24 AM

IntroductionA few weeks ago I listened to the Linux Luddites podcast and they were discussing Debian Jessie. The comments made on that podcast pretty much echo my views as well.

Linux vs GNU/Linux - A Reader's Response

06/11/2015 15:26:43 PM

Here is a guest post from Paul Surmon who decided to send me an email with his views on the Linux / GNU/Linux debate following my recent article "I say Linux, you say GNU/Linux".Those of you who read regularly may have seen Paul's last article ...

I Say Linux, You Say GNU/Linux

06/09/2015 17:35:07 PM

IntroductionIt has been a while since my last post and so to kick start the blog up again I thought I would write a little opinion piece.This article has come about because every time I post a link on Twitter with the #Linux tag I get a tweet ...

A Quick Update

05/18/2015 16:36:21 PM

Hi everyone.You may have noticed that I haven't posted on this site for a while.I started a new job about 6 weeks ago and it is taking up a huge amount of my time.I am still writing 2 articles a week over at so if you like the ...

76 Everyday Linux User Guides For Beginners

04/22/2015 15:36:35 PM

IntroductionI have written dozens of tutorials over the past few years.This article provides links to beginners guides to Linux, dual boot guides, guides for creating Linux USB drives, running Linux in a virtual machine, Linux installation guides, ...

An Everyday Linux Review Of openSUSE 13.2

04/07/2015 17:51:40 PM

IntroductionLast year I wrote a review of openSUSE 13.1 and I followed up the review with a series of articles looking at the applications that were released as part of the distribution: AkregatorA beginners guide to bittorrent

How To Turn Your Raspberry PI Into A DAAP Audio Server

03/31/2015 17:19:02 PM

IntroductionImagine you wanted access to your entire music collection all over the house and on multiple devices.For instance, you are sitting in the kitchen and you decide to listen to some rock music whilst washing up. Meanwhile upstairs your ...

Setting Up The Raspberry PI 2

03/21/2015 18:34:01 PM

IntroductionIt has been a while since my last Raspberry PI article. I have recently been given the new Raspberry PI 2 so I thought I would produce a new tutorial showing how to set it up.My previous guide for setting up the original Raspberry ...

Thoughts on using Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 17.1

03/15/2015 17:09:00 PM

Thoughts on using Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition 17.1I had long been attracted to the idea of using Linux. When Microsoft ceased to provide security patches for XP I got an excellent independent computer shop to install Lubuntu on my netbook for ...

How To Speed Up That Old Netbook With LXLE

02/23/2015 15:43:35 PM

IntroductionLXLE stands for Lubuntu Xtra Life Extension.As you probably know Lubuntu is a lightweight Linux distribution that breathes life into older computers.The purpose of LXLE is to take Lubuntu and add packages and options to make it more ...

Is Linux A Labour Of Love?

02/16/2015 17:15:18 PM

A lot has been made this week about a blog post which appeared on the Elementary OS website discussing the monetisation of the project.If you visit the Elementary OS website there is a box with the value of $10 already filled in and a download ...

How To Install Ubuntu On The HP Chromebook

02/09/2015 17:59:22 PM

IntroductionOne of the most popular articles on this site shows how to install Ubuntu and Minecraft on the HP Chromebook.Some people have found the guide difficult to follow and so I have decided to rework it and I also retested all the steps ...

How To Install Minecraft On The HP Chromebook

02/09/2015 17:57:49 PM

IntroductionI have been reworking one of the more popular articles on the site which shows how to install Ubuntu and Minecraft on the HP Chromebook.The aim was to streamline the guide to make the steps easier to follow, cutting out the details ...