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And If Your Lost Just Hold On. Cause I Will Be Your Safety

01/21/2018 22:02:57 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

2018 Facebook Wall MeMe By Gary Graefen

01/15/2018 22:13:08 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Garys Direct Links To His 1000's Of Photo Facebook Galleries

01/13/2018 20:19:46 PM

Featured Photos6 ItemsVideosCover Photos695 Items · CustomTimeline Photos3,070 Items · Custom3-dots-hMy Pal :)1 Post · 21 Items · Public3-dots-hMore Funny Signs :)1 Post · 19 Items · Public3-dots-hEnd Of 2017 Photo Excellencepushpin1 Post ...

Nothing Holding Me Back

12/30/2017 05:53:38 AM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

What Ever It Takes

12/28/2017 23:42:39 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Biting The Hand Which Feeds You:

12/28/2017 15:59:43 PM

We have this bird, I introduced him before. His name is Sterling.A Green little bird, which has a big bite. I did some basic research. Apparently this species of bird is only capable of bonding to 2 human individuals. Though I treat him well, ...

Heal Your Beautiful Heart

12/26/2017 22:41:29 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Learn To Dance In The Rain

12/19/2017 20:47:56 PM

Thanks www.Daveswordsofwisdom.comDance In The Rain Jana Kramer Never thought that I'd find myself lost in this place Caught in a storm that my broken heart just can't escape I close my eyes and soak it in and dance, I cryI'll set these tears ...

My Christmas Wish For You 2017

12/19/2017 18:04:20 PM

I know for some, this Holiday season is going to be fraught with sorrow not joy. From the thousands displaced from fires. Many who have lost their homes entirely. To those who still struggle from the hurricanes in the south. I can only offer ...

Grumpy Cat By Gary October 2017

12/19/2017 16:51:18 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

The Universality Of Love

10/30/2017 15:27:57 PM

The Universality Of Love:Perhaps one of the biggest problems in our lives is isolation. We isolate ourselves in so many ways. Neighborhoods of self imposed segregation. The desire to be around those just like us. From the Korean to China towns ...

Facebook Wall MeMe By Gary Graefen October 2017

10/11/2017 17:22:43 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Grumpy Cat By-Gary September 2017

09/04/2017 19:54:47 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Facebook MeMe By Gary Graefen September 2017

09/04/2017 19:53:32 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Good Bye Glen Campbell

08/08/2017 22:53:55 PM

Good Bye Glen, you gave us a lifetime of singing 3> yours and mine.... :)"Rhinestone Cowboy" I've been walkin' these streets so long Singin' the same old song I know every crack in these dirty sidewalks of Broadway Where hustle's the name ...

I'm Only Human

07/26/2017 16:21:24 PM

I'm only human I'm only, I'm only I'm only human, human Maybe I'm foolish Maybe I'm blind Thinking I can see through this And see what's behind Got no way to prove it So maybe I'm blind But I'm only human after all I'm only human after all ...

Smile.... It's Time :)

07/19/2017 12:56:42 PM

Bears: I come home... I don't like.......... The neighbor, their yard...their kids...their way....their house. Growling like anyone really cares.................. Happiness is Accepting What IS........ Just for it's own sake. Cause your never ...

Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary July 2017

07/17/2017 01:08:15 AM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Carole King Photos And Videos

07/17/2017 01:01:18 AM

PhotoHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Joy To The Fishes In The Deep Blue Sea

07/14/2017 19:01:06 PM

Jeremy Was A Bull FrogHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

The Ugliest Women

07/11/2017 23:33:24 PM

The Ugliest Women:Perhaps one of the most inspiring things one can do, is show others the pain some of us go through. We all as children suffered some form of humiliation at the hands of others. Even many years later in life the agony still ...

I Want To Be Young Again

07/10/2017 22:51:34 PM

Mine? Tree Forts And Apple Wars :)Mark Martin Waiting for the neighbor to finish their call, from their house, so you could make one from your house (party lines). :)Like · Reply · 14 · 5 hrs · EditedRemoveTrisha Van Cleave Anderson ...

Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary July 2017

07/03/2017 05:06:06 AM

Breath DeepHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary


05/31/2017 23:58:22 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

When In Rome - The Promise

05/31/2017 23:50:30 PM

I Will Always Be Your FriendHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Heal The World

05/31/2017 23:33:02 PM

I loved this photo...... Looks like clouds hugging the earth in a warm embrace.                                        Wish we all did the same thing 

Living Is Giving

05/10/2017 20:49:24 PM

Natalie Musaphia or na:mu :) was kind enough to take on a topic I suggested to her from a meme she had created. I love her verve and love of life. And one of the grandest smiles I have ever seen.In my way of thinking, you give in some way ...

Spring Time :) New Thoughts From Gary

05/01/2017 22:23:25 PM

The Power Of Happiness:Have you ever noticed that when your in a good mood and feeling happy, that colors seem brighter, music sounds better, and the world just seems prettier ? . You can store those feelings and bring them out when needed ;)...I ...

Living In A Pile Of Dirty Clothes

04/28/2017 23:49:14 PM

So I twas out and about today. Went to a 99 cent store for some stuff. Out front was what appeared to be a pile of old clothes. But upon closer examination I noticed a pair of hands coming out from the pile. They were tired hands..... very ...

Facebook Wall MeMe's By Gary Graefen April 2017

04/04/2017 18:04:40 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Lucine Fyelon Extraordinary Violin - Emotions

03/21/2017 14:10:05 PM

Click The Player Below Lucine On Face BookHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Chasing Waterfalls Karaoke

03/16/2017 12:00:26 PM

"Waterfalls"A lonely mother gazing out of her windowStaring at a son that she just can't touchIf at any time he's in a jam she'll be by his sideBut he doesn't realize he hurts her so muchBut all the praying just ain't helping at all'Cause he ...

Private Dancing, Just A Dreamer

02/24/2017 16:27:30 PM

By a struck of fate, Danielle got the opportunity to meet country music legend Garth Brooks. When he heard her inspiring story and that she had to prioritize her cancer treatment, thus missing her chance to audition for The Voice, he figured ...

Message Of Love

02/11/2017 18:09:37 PM

Is It Really So Bad: For One Act Of Kindness to Save A Life. One Random Act Of Generosity To Create A Smile. One Day Of Joy Bestowed Upon Another. One Smile Given To Create Another. One Day Lived In The Service Of Your Fellow Man. Is It Really ...

When Gary Feels Funny :)

02/10/2017 00:43:43 AM

We men have egos no question:It used to be that I HAD to get in the last word. He threw monkey shit...I threw monkey shit.......and I found it inconvenient because I had to take a bath before Saturday...... now I let him have it...I don't need ...

Facebook Wall Meme's By Gary Graefen 02/2017

02/04/2017 18:39:27 PM

Never argue with a man who puts elephants under mushrooms.... ;)Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Republican Democrat or Fascist Which Are You?

02/01/2017 18:37:53 PM

It is America when there is more than one party. It is America when political ideologies clash and debate and try to find a compromise. It is America when laws are supported by we the people. It is NOT America when any one man Democrat or Republican ...

2016 An Era Ends

01/28/2017 21:14:59 PM

Thank You Rae Jones :)Thank you 2016..... You taught me many sad and hard things. You taught me that my dreams are easily shattered. ..But dreamers can still dream...That people can use my kindness and compassion to mock me....Yet I can still ...

Grumpy Cat MeMe's By Gary 2017

01/28/2017 16:25:58 PM

More Grumpy Cats By Gary     And Even More HereMore Grumpy Cats By GaryHope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

MeMe's By Gary Graefen Jan, 2017

01/25/2017 23:08:35 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

In My Life, What If?

01/25/2017 16:38:55 PM

What I was is gone, the rain and sun have slowly weathered. I face my twilight years with trepidation. Faith holds my mind and soul in place. I look back at some things I cannot understand. A man named Dad who has never called or written me ...

Trumpisms MeMe's About Donald Trump

01/25/2017 01:25:08 AM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Daniel Bedingfield Hot Video

01/25/2017 01:05:20 AM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

God Bless America

01/24/2017 19:06:01 PM

It's supposed to be about love of country,Fighting for whats right, Not Each Other.Finding common ground, and mutual cooperation.Treating neighbor as friend, and holding the values and traditions of America in our hearts and minds.Yes one can ...

Facebook Wall Meme's By Gary Graefen 11/2016

11/18/2016 17:15:56 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Why Angels Cry A Poem

11/01/2016 20:12:00 PM

I sit here....kinda lonely..Under a beautiful tree....Feeling kinda hungry and needing to pee.My jacket is torn, and pants smelling...I look up at the sky and smile it's a beautiful day.The birds are singing... makes me want to pray.I really ...

Troy Warren........Public Figure Facebook

10/17/2016 14:55:00 PM

IntroTalk Show Host/Producer at

Electrifying :) Megan Nicole

09/13/2016 20:00:00 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

More Facebook Wall Photo's By Gary Graefen

09/12/2016 21:56:00 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Let Them Eat Cake

09/12/2016 18:49:00 PM

Even history can be cruel to those who ignore the needs and lives of others. Though this was never said. History has recorded in the minds of others something which has lasted centuries. You cannot separate poverty from living, nor can you make ...

Helping Those Who Have Less

09/12/2016 16:17:00 PM

6 months ago some politician decided to make it a crime to help feed those who are homeless in Florida. i wrote the man and told him what a bad idea this was. Morally and Spiritually. He wrote me back with 6 pages of Gobel De Gook Justifying ...

Echeck Problem With Paypal. Fraudulent Charges BIG ONES

09/08/2016 20:04:00 PM

Gary Graefen4 hrs

I Have To Much Money

08/17/2016 16:30:00 PM

Perhaps one of the faintest glimmers of sententious I have ever had:"An intelligent smart person has money"Oh a dent in my new $200.000 car arggggg.Someone is trespassing on my 100 acres of beach.The cat just threw up a hair ball on my $5000 ...

Point Defiance Park Photos Tacoma Washington

08/14/2016 01:31:00 AM

From Fat geese lol to a wonderful rose garden and pond.Point Defiance Park is a really fun place.White RosesPink RosesYellow rosesMulti color rosesThis 760-acre park is a popular destination for more than 3.1 million people each year. Natural ...

FaceBook Wall Photos Gary Graefen 2016

03/28/2016 17:31:00 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Obama You Crossed The Line

02/01/2016 15:43:00 PM

When does a president start looking like a dictator?When an individual does not take personal responsibility for the rights guaranteed to them

More Grumpy Cat MeMe's By Gary

01/18/2016 14:20:00 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

More Thoughts By Gary On Facebook

01/13/2016 23:19:00 PM

They say that when you die your entire life flashes before you. If that is true will you see generosity, kindness, and love. Or will you see greed, animosity, anger and hatred? It is never to late to look for the good side in life. And maybe ...

Jealousy, Stop It!

12/16/2015 12:05:00 PM

On Jealousy,

Solar Really Is The Way Of The Future,

12/13/2015 22:10:00 PM

Roughly 100 years ago the automobile was invented. The first one was funky with not much more power than a good bicycle. But over time it was refined, re engineered and became the modern miracle we know today which drives our economy. Horse ...

Yes It's Christmas :)

12/13/2015 13:51:00 PM

One of my hardest times of the year is coming. And that is Christmas. Not because I I do not find it a joyous occasion. But because It always makes me so very sad knowing how many are suffering in very real ways everyday. So many will not know ...

Live Like A Spartan, America Home Of The Brave

12/11/2015 01:54:00 AM

I collected some stats below to help make this point: Man has been killing Man since the dawn of time. Freedom and Liberty is wonderful, but liberty involves risk. The risk that one day you might lose it. Freedom and liberty mean facing risk. ...

On Being A Grand Parent

12/01/2015 13:12:00 PM

When I Was A Boy,A kind and white haired man would take my hand. we would go fishing, take boat rides, talk for hours, argue about the finer points of life. If I was in trouble he was there to help. If I needed he gave. There was never equivocation ...

Gary Graefen: What Love Is

11/09/2015 18:42:00 PM

To some love seems to be someone who gives you an orgasmic rush every now and again. But real love is a memory, of moments when someone made you laugh uncontrollably. Or you see their photo and have warm thoughts. Or a simple expression they ...

Gary On Gun Rights In America

10/14/2015 23:28:00 PM

Everyday in every country in the world someone is murdered. It might be at the hands of a government bomb. A soldiers gun, or a civilians rifle.This happens where guns are legal, or illegal. It never seems to matter what the laws of a given ...

When Someone Is Blue

10/13/2015 15:31:00 PM

Today a good friend here was down and feeling blue. Getting that thought, oh so many problems, so much pain, to many sufferingI certainly am no stranger to these thoughts. The very existence of this profile is because we all need somewhere to ...

Biblical Photos And Images

10/10/2015 18:23:00 PM

Hope You Enjoy Your Visit!-Be Well and Happy-Gary

Gary On Religious Faith

10/03/2015 01:51:00 AM

I do not feel that all good comes from religious faith. Any more than I think that religious faith makes everyone good. The Popes recent statement about atheists going to heaven has many scratching their heads. I find a twist there which is ...

Just Be The Best You Can Be

09/06/2015 11:34:00 AM

As an Inspirationist lol. Many times I find myself wondering what is it that inspires others to make their world a bit better. To wake up and feel good. To walk out the door and make things happen.As an old man now sadly without a personal assistant ...

Leave Life In Gods Hands

08/28/2015 15:49:00 PM

Lately I have been worrying some about the future. I have been just tending to the present for it's own sake. But I feel better inside and out. If I have learned anything in Life, It is that having faith can cure whatever ails you, many feel ...

Finding Peace And Honor

07/23/2015 17:02:00 PM

There are times when a man looks in the mirror and wonders if he has made a difference. If his actions have a made a difference, if in any way shape or form something has changed because of his direction. An impact, a mirror of who or what he ...

80 is the new 50

01/27/2015 22:05:00 PM

Your not old Gary, your only as old as you feel. 80 is the new 50.

Success What Is It?

01/18/2015 04:04:00 AM

Have you ever wondered why "successful" people wind up hooked on drugs or alcohol? They seem to have everything one could want. An ability to go where they want, eat want they want, do what they want and when. Yet lots of lotto millionaires ...

Complete The Circle

01/18/2015 03:41:00 AM

Everyone irregardless of age, has different sides to them, there is the business side, the personal side, the spiritual side, and the inner self. If you pick one and judge, you went straight and drove off the road instead of following the curve ...