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Chawang Norphel: Glacier Man of India

11/02/2014 22:24:14 PM

Ladakh is an arid region with sparse vegetation and scanty rainfall. Glaciers are the fountainhead of water for farming communities in the area.  The Himalayan glaciers feed the region’s rivers which irrigate farm land in the northern part ...

Climate Classification at a District Level in India

10/25/2014 03:33:30 AM

Impacts of climate change on our planet have been well documented.   Over the period of few decades , the changes that have occurred seem to be significant. According to a recent paper in Current Science, the twenty year old classification ...

State of India’s Media

11/06/2013 22:54:45 PM

A documentary about the state of our media. Be it the elections, the Indian Premier League (IPL), stock markets, mutual funds, entertainment, or the daily news bulletin.  Can we hold a mirror to the glass buildings and ivory towers? Editorial ...

Videos – of the Farmers ,by the Farmers

10/28/2013 06:38:43 AM

Agriculture is crucial to human civilization. If not for the farmers who toil, we would be starving.  It is imperative for us to understand that agriculture is sensitive to variations in climatic conditions and that farmers often have to the ...


08/31/2013 00:58:04 AM

William Henry Davies, a Welsh poet who lived from 1871 to 1940 and spent much of his life in the USA, wrote a poem called “Leisure”. In the poem, he poses a question, ‘What is this life if, full of … Continue reading →

Flower Power: Story of Nusrat Jehan

08/19/2013 08:53:31 AM

Kashmir is  a paradise that has been lost in the clash of terrorism, and the callousness of our politicians. Kashmir’s youth have struggled to find a footing in their home state. Though educated, and resilient, the limited opportunities available ...

Children help sustain India’s hybrid seed industry

07/18/2013 05:33:17 AM

Nearly 8 million hectares of land is under vegetable cultivation in India, and about 30% of this area is covered with hybrid varieties. The market for hybrid varieties is rapidly increasing. Hybrid seed production is a highly labour-intensive ...

We are featured in a book!

07/11/2013 00:15:27 AM

The story of “Ek Sparsh” has been featured in a book!   “You Own Urself” is authored by Sharmin Ali. YOU (“You Own Urself”) is about overcoming one’s inhibitions. It is about breaking free from physical, me

Living without refrigerator in India

06/03/2013 03:59:33 AM

During our stay in the US, we moved about 3 times. Each of the apartments we moved into had a refrigerator. In my eagerness to shop ALL I needed for the week, I would buy lot of food stuff in … Continue reading →

Groundwater crisis in India

05/12/2013 05:47:43 AM

Can you pinpoint the biggest challenge facing India today? Corruption, Overpopulation or Illiteracy may be your top answers. Think again.  The greatest threat may well be lack of access to clean water. Ground water refers to all water below ...

Simple Living

04/30/2013 07:14:50 AM

Since I started this blog a few years back, I have been thinking how to reduce my ecological footprint. In my opinion, it is not acceptable to ask others to make behavioral changes to improve the environment unless I am … Continue reading ...

Birds need water in summer

04/24/2013 23:12:32 PM

Birds need you this summer.  With summer temperatures increasing and water resources scarce, birds find it tough to survive. Keep a medium-sized bowl of water in your balconies, or terraces. Ensure the water is clean, to avoid birds from catching ...