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Planning An Easter Move

03/18/2015 04:51:00 AM

Are you a business looking to relocate over the quieter Easter period? At Edward Baden our expert team can help arrange and conduct your office relocation project. Read our article: Planning A Relocation.What We DoBusiness Relocations – Planning, ...

Spring Office Relocations

03/04/2015 04:03:00 AM

Spring can often inspire people to make a change – houses go on the market, DIY/Garden projects begin and some companies decide to start planning their relocation projects. Whether you are moving locally or to a different location, expanding ...

2015 - the year for relocation?

02/16/2015 11:02:00 AM

What are your plans for your business this year?Are you looking to relocate your business?Looking at expansion? Planning on downsizing your current office space? If a move of any kind is your company’s priority, why not contact the team at ...

Spring Clean Your Office

02/02/2015 09:26:00 AM

While some companies may be planning relocations for 2015, moving office isn’t always suitable or viable for every business.If you are “staying put” in 2015, why not treat your office to a spring clean? Tidy away any paper work and dispose ...

New Year Resolutions For Your Office

01/19/2015 06:02:00 AM

Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution can be hard, but if maintained, the benefits can be rewarding. While New Year’s Resolutions often tend to involve setting personal goals, if you are a business owner, setting goals for your company can ...

A New Office For 2015

01/05/2015 10:45:00 AM

Are you looking to change your office in 2015? Depending on your plans, changing your office can be either a small or big project.If you are looking for a small scale change, why not consider the following:Repainting – either a fresh coat ...

What Your Office Wants For Christmas

12/15/2014 08:28:00 AM

If your office could write a Christmas wishlist, what would it ask for? A Declutter? Can you get rid of any unwanted bits and pieces that are lying around your office? Look at notice boards – do they need updating? If your office has catalogues ...

Christmas Office Relocations

12/01/2014 11:00:00 AM

If you are looking to relocate your business, why not consider moving over the Christmas period?With any move, issues can arise when transporting equipment, and installing networks and phone lines can take time.

5 Tips For Making The Most Of An Empty Office

11/17/2014 11:10:00 AM

With Christmas fast approaching and many offices closing over the Christmas period, an empty office can be, in fact, the perfect Christmas gift for your business. “An Empty Office Doesn’t Have To Be Empty”While your company is having some ...

Planning A Relocation

11/04/2014 02:29:00 AM

Whether you are planning an office relocation to acquire more room, to lower operating costs or to modernize equipment and facilities, identifying the best time for your relocation is vital. Although disruption to the everyday running of your ...

Success in the City – Big City Relocations

04/24/2013 06:28:00 AM

Locating your business in a big city has several benefits. The hustle and bustle of a large metropolis seems to transfer its energy to the businesses and its residents, in this blog we are going to explore some of the other benefits to you and ...

Top Tips for a Seamless Office Move

04/17/2013 07:21:00 AM

Spring is in the air and it’s that time of year again when many of us are contemplating a move during the more forgiving summer months, so here are some top tips to ensure your office move is as pain free as possible – let’s face it we ...

Keeping Positive when Relocating

04/10/2013 04:17:00 AM

They say moving house is stressful – not to mention an office move with numerous staff and equipment to coordinate! Because of this we have devised some handy tips to advise you how to de-stress in times of change.Think positive: Keep positive, ...

Don’t Gamble when it comes to Office Relocation

04/04/2013 04:27:00 AM

Most people are partial to a flutter on the horses and here at Edward Baden HQ we are not ashamed to admit that Grand National fever has hit hard! (Our office sweepstake is hotting-up!) But - we are not advising you to gamble when it comes to ...

Employee Relocation – HR Issues

03/26/2013 07:48:00 AM

Where your employees are vehicles of valuable knowledge embedded in your organisation it is of paramount importance to make any office relocations as pain free as possible for your workforce.There is a plethora of information regarding managing ...

Office Space to Motivate

03/20/2013 05:20:00 AM

The power of your office space cannot be underestimated. The office environment is a very important factor contributing to output; remember a happy workforce in a productive workforce!The best offices are the ones that are able to keep

Why Relocate?

03/13/2013 10:28:00 AM

There are numerous reasons why companies decide to relocate; we have explored just a few in our most recent blog:1.

Location Location Location - Find your Innovation Hub

03/07/2013 08:52:00 AM

In this fast paced, technological age academics and business people alike are continuing to stress the importance of location for encouraging innovation and business development – and we think it’s time you took notice too.

This One’s For Chestnut Tree House

02/26/2013 10:36:00 AM

Chestnut Tree House exists as the only children’s hospice in Sussex. They care for children and young adults with progressive life limiting conditions in a home away from home environment. The government only funds 8p in every pound, so the ...

Going Green

02/21/2013 07:36:00 AM

We are the generation who must carry the burden of the various ecological issues from which our planet suffers and here at Edward Baden, we are doing our bit to make our world a greener place.·