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Episode 246: Scary videos on the internet

01/30/2014 16:00:44 PM

In this episode we talk about several scary videos on the net.

Episode 245: UFOs and Alien bases

01/22/2014 15:42:04 PM

This we we discuss a youtube video that talks about aliens and secret bases on the moon.

Episode 244, Scientific Ghost Hunting

01/15/2014 14:38:23 PM

In this episode the hosts discuss the differences between ghost hunting by belief and ghost hunting using scientific method.

Episode 243: The Research of Persinger

11/21/2013 14:29:16 PM

In this episode we discuss the research of Michael Persinger. Does it still have an application in paranormal research?

Episode 242, Urban legends of Dallas

10/16/2013 16:00:05 PM

This week we talk about the urban legend of the slit mouth woman and the ghost of White Rock Lake. A well-known Dallas urban legend is the story of the Lady of White Rock Lake. The tale goes that the ghost of a girl in her early 20s will appear ...

Episode 241: the legend of the Bunnyman

10/06/2013 14:30:48 PM

The Bunny Man is an urban legend that probably originated from two incidents in Fairfax County, Virginia, in 1970, but has been spread throughout the Washington D.C. area. There are many variations to the legend, but most involve a man wearing ...

Episode 240, Urban Legends of San Antonio

09/19/2013 20:03:06 PM

This week we talk about several popular urban legends in San Antonio Texas. While you know about the haunted railroad tracks, have you heard of the Donkey Lady?The legend goes something like this. Back in the fifties, a young woman had been ...

Back From the Dead, Episode 50, House On Lost Lands Bluff

08/05/2013 17:24:10 PM

A woman, her husband and brother seek shelter in a strange house during a storm. Once there, the brother commits suicide. Did the house drive him mad?

Back From the Dead, Episode 49, The House With A Past

08/05/2013 17:22:26 PM

A couple buy a charming house in the country and soon discover it is haunted

Episode 239, Misadventures in ghost hunting

08/05/2013 17:20:08 PM

It is just a hobby folks! In this episode we talk about some of the more humorous things that have happened on investigations.