Cold cream cubes

07/13/2013 06:06:00 AM

A great, refreshing cake with juicy crust, creamy filling and homemade chocolate glaze. For cold cram cubes is needed: For the crust: 7 eggs, 7 tablespoons sugar 7 tablespoons flour 3 tablespoons of cocoa 15 g of baking powder. For the ...

Easy Apple Cake

07/13/2013 05:26:00 AM

For easy apple cake is needed: For the crust: 7 eggs, 7 tablespoons sugar 7 tablespoons ground walnuts, 7 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons oil 1 packet of baking powder. For the filling: 1 kg of sour apples, 1 liter of water, 300 g of sugar 3 ...

Easy Unbaked Biscuit Cake with Soda

06/05/2013 10:29:00 AM

A very simple, unbaked cake that can be prepared relatively quickly.

Ham Pie with Sour Milk

04/11/2013 14:19:00 PM

For this ham pie with sour milk is needed:500 g of bark,400 ml of sour milk,200 ml of yogurt,100 g grated cheese,200 ml oil100 g ham (grated or cut into small pieces)5 eggs15 g baking powder,a pinch of salt.Prepare this ham pie as follows:In ...

Easy Cocoa and Chocolate Frosting Cake

04/06/2013 03:34:00 AM

For this quick and easy dessert is needed: For the crust: 3 eggs, 200 g of sugar, 10 g vanilla sugar, 200 ml of milk, 50 g melted margarine, 15 g of baking powder, 280 g of flour. Simple cake frosting: 30 tablespoons milk, 5 tablespoons ...

Orange Cake with Homemade Chocolate and Pudding Fillings

03/24/2013 03:59:00 AM

For Orange cake is needed: For the crust: 16 egg whites, 16 tablespoons of sugar, 16 tablespoons ground walnuts, 8 tablespoons flour, 16 g of baking powder, 400 ml of orange juice. For the chocolate filling I: 2 frozen oranges, 10 tablespoons ...

Fried Sesame Balls

03/10/2013 14:05:00 PM

For fried sesame balls is needed: 125 g margarine, 4 tablespoons honey 4 tablespoons of sugar, 100 g ground biscuits, 100 g ground walnuts, 200 g roasted sesame 100 g chocolate. Prepare fried sesame balls as follows: Fry sesame. In another ...

Homemade Banana Cake with Baked Barks, Rolls and Jam

02/06/2013 13:59:00 PM

For homemade banana cake is needed:

Turkey fillets in sweet and sour peanut sauce

01/16/2013 13:48:00 PM

For turkey fillets with peanuts is needed:6 turkey fillets,100 g of chopped peanuts3 tablespoons grapefruit juice,2 tablespoons mustard,2 tablespoons olive oil1 tablespoon of honey,dilloregano,parsley,cayenne pepper,black pepper.Turkey fillets ...

Homemade Cherry Cheesecake

01/03/2013 04:18:00 AM

Who loves a good, tasty, juicy and refreshing cake to make for a short time and does not like to bake, this is the perfect recipe for it. This is easy no bake cherry cheesecake, with ground cookie crust and the filling of a mixture of cream ...