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America “Hangs by a Thread” …Prophetic?

03/22/2010 18:06:34 PM

Limbaugh said "America is hanging by a thread", reminding me of the Prophetic statement of Joseph Smith that the Constitution would one day hang by a thread. Continue reading →

O My Father

03/14/2010 20:10:00 PM

Today in Church, we sang the Hymn “O My Father”, a hymn I have sung many times before.  However, I never took the time to read and ponder the lyrics.  I did so today and felt the spirit strongly.  I … Continue reading →

An Apostle’s Easter Message

04/12/2009 06:33:46 AM

Happy Easter everyone. Easter is more than just bunnies, chocolate, and Easter dresses.  Like Christmas, Easter has been commercialized.  While I don’t have a huge problem with that, this commercialization has caused many to forget why we ...

Obama’s Driving Business Out of America

03/13/2009 07:49:27 AM

President Obama’s biggest push in this down economic climate appears to be punishing the “evil”, “greedy” corporations who caused this mess (a claim that is dubious at best).   He wants to be the next FDR, a champion o

The Coming Mexican Civil War

03/12/2009 10:19:40 AM

A few months ago when Secretary Gates and the Department of Defense listed Mexico as one of the countries in the future that face destabilization. At the time the Mexican Government and many in America scoffed at the idea. But … Continue ...

Lies, Heresy, and the End of the World As We Know It

02/14/2009 07:44:49 AM

This is re-posted from, thanks to the author, MWS, for allowing me to share it. Suze Orman- a personal finance guru for whom I have tremendous respect- says that much of our personal finance troubles come from our willing … ...

Opening the Obama Empire?

01/20/2009 04:49:51 AM

This is my first post in about 2 months, that is quite a long time and I apologize to my readers. Following the election and it’s aftermath, I was so burned out from blogging that I needed some time away … Continue reading →

Providing Stability in the Congo

11/17/2008 19:16:49 PM

In the past few months tensions have flared again in the Western region of Congo. A lawless place with little to no government control, this region has often been called the “wild west”. Congo has consistently had problems with rebels … ...

Mormons Targeted in Anthrax Scare

11/14/2008 13:56:34 PM

Yesterday, seemingly innocent envelopes were delivered to representatives at the LDS temples in Salt Lake City and Los Angeles, the two most heavily protest locations since the passage of Proposition 8 in California.  These envelopes were filled ...

Romney’s Advice to Obama

11/10/2008 06:31:14 AM

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, Mitt Romney gave President-elect Obama some advice on the economic crisis we are now in. Perhaps the most profound advice he gave was that Obama “should forget about re-election and focus on helping the ...