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Lisette Valenzuela – Contest Submission #1

09/28/2016 17:38:23 PM

  When i was diagnosed with prediabetes i was 14 years old. I was in my freshman year of highschool. Hearing this from my doctor was really hard. The hardest part was her telling me i needed to lose weight, i couldn’t eat certain foods.   ...

10 Easy to Make Diabetic Desserts (recipes)

09/28/2016 17:22:49 PM

  Berry Yogurt Salad   Ingredients: 3 cups strawberries, sliced 2 cups blueberries 2 cups raspberries ½ cup plain yogurt 1 tablespoon honey 1 tablespoon lemon juice ¼ tablespoon vanilla extract   In a small bowl, whisk together yogurt, ...

10 Easy to Make Diabetic Dinners

06/16/2016 17:52:37 PM

  Citrus and Thyme Salmon Fillet   Yummy and healthy dinner suitable for most diabetic diets   Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook time: 20-25 minutes  The post 10 Easy to Make Diabetic Dinners appeared first on Diabetic FAQ.

10 Easy Diabetic Exercises With Amazing Benefits

05/31/2016 23:23:40 PM

Depending on the diabetes type and condition, always seek medical advice from your doctor about which diabetic exercises are safe for you.   Here are 10 easy exercises that have amazing benefits for diabetics:     The above exercises have ...

Things I Have Learnt – Living With Diabetes

04/07/2016 13:11:24 PM

  I have lived with diabetes now for almost 18 years. In some ways seems like a lifetime. In others I feel like a complete newbie to the ‘pancreatically-challenged’ world.   When a milestone approaches, (and my diabetes ‘coming of age’ ...

Diabetic FAQ Now Live

03/20/2016 20:24:36 PM

After months of preparation Diabetic FAQ is now live. We’re ready to answer and simplify diabetes questions from around the web. Wanna connect? We’re always looking for networking opportunities with bloggers, diabetes experts and diabetics ...