DECA Homes Indangan - FREE Motorcycle MCX Motorcyle Raine S100

08/06/2015 03:33:00 AM

Good news to all DavaoeñosWant to own a house? or Want to own a motorcycle?Why not both!!!DECA Homes Indangan has a hot deal for you. Purchase 1 unit house and get 1 free

Arezzo Place Davao Condominium in Doña Pilar, Sasa by Phinma Properties

11/27/2014 20:21:00 PM

Last Sunday after we finish attending mass at Saint Joseph the Worker Parish, my wife decided that we visit one of the projects shes trying to sell and that is the Arezzo Place Davao (Arezzo is pronounce just like as in Pizza). Arezzo Place ...

One Lakeshore Drive - Davao Park District by Megaworld Suntrust

11/24/2014 20:35:00 PM

The city is really booming, and to prove it, here comes another condominium unit to rise at the back of SM Lanang Premier. That is the

Lose some pounds, at the same time save electricity bills?

09/10/2014 01:15:00 AM

Even though its still a few months before December, but when the ber-month enter the calendar. There will Image Source:

Awesome Landscaping Designs at Agri Trade Fair 2014 in SM City Davao

08/20/2014 05:11:00 AM

Me and my wife usually go to agri trade fair here in Davao, In 2010 we happened to visit this place where it showcase Davao's finest landscape design, for a Php10 fee, its worth the payment. After that I have not visited any Agri trade fair ...

Photos of Bonsai and Dish Garden Exhibit at SM City Davao 2014

08/19/2014 23:09:00 PM

After the Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan, my second stop would be in SM City Davao for the

Bumper to Bumper Show 2014 at SM Lanang Premier

08/19/2014 21:04:00 PM

There were lots of cars during the Bumper to Bumper Show at SM Lanang Premier. I have posted pictures of cars and models in my previous post about this event, but those photos were the one's inside the mall. But there were also exhibit outside ...

Hot Models and Cars of Bumper to Bumper 2014 at SM Lanang Premier

08/19/2014 05:34:00 AM

Seeing this hot model of Bumper to Bumper and cool cars is a great way to end my day during the Indak-Indak sa kadalanan. I'll first be showing you photos of the cars inside the SM Lanang Premier and then at the next post will be the one outside ...

Pamulak - Floral Float Parade - Kadayawan Festival 2014

08/19/2014 02:23:00 AM

This year's winner of the Floral float parade for the Traditional - IPI (International Pharmaceutical Inc. While for the Alternative - Brgy. Kapitan Tomas. There were no celebrities present during the parade (some people from the crowd was kinda ...

Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan (Street Dancing) Kadayawan Festival 2014

08/18/2014 20:39:00 PM

After having not attended last year's Kadayawan festival, I was determined to attend this time around. In previous years the activity would start early, but this year Indak-Indak started a bit late, almost around 9 am. But still it was a joy ...

Kadayawan Sale at Abreeza Mall-Davao from August 11 to 17 and enjoy UP TO 70% OFF

08/04/2014 23:09:00 PM

In Celebration of the Kadayawan Festival 2014, Abreeza Mall-Davao will be having a Kadayawan Sale.Visit Abreeza Mall from August 11 to 17 and enjoy UP TO 70% OFF on great selections mall wide. Shop to your heart's content this Kadayawan weekend, ...

August 15, 2014, a Special (Non-Working Day) in Davao City

08/01/2014 03:53:00 AM

Wow, its another great news. August 15, 2014, a Special (Non-Working Day) in Davao City in celebration of the Kadayawan Festival.

Gaisano Mall of Davao - Kadayawan Schedules 2014

08/01/2014 02:18:00 AM

Image Source:

Gaisano Mall of Davao - Cinema Schedule for July 31 to August 5, 2014

08/01/2014 00:52:00 AM

Gaisano Cinema Schedule for July 31, Thursday to August 5, Tuesday. Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.CINEMA 1GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (3D)Chris Pratt, BatistaAction | Adventure | Sci-FiPG1310:50/1:30/4:10/6:50/9:30P130/P200CINEMA ...

5th death anniversary of Corazon C. Aquino

07/31/2014 21:09:00 PM

Today is the 5th death anniversary of Corazon C.Aquino, 11th President of the PhilippinesEraEleventh President of the PhilippinesSecond and Last President of the Fourth RepublicFirst President of the Fifth RepublicConstitutionAmended 1973 C ...

Davao Light - Scheduled Power Interruption for July 25, 2014

07/24/2014 22:03:00 PM

JULY 25, 2014 - TibungcoWhat: Scheduled Power InterruptionWhen: July 25, 2014; 05;00 AM to 12:00 NN (7hrs.)Customers Affected: Those situated in some parts of TibungcoDetails:Customer along Sea Side road and Daang Galbas in Tibungco will be ...

July 29, 2014 a Regular Holiday in Observance of Eid'l Fitr (Feast of Ramadhan)

07/24/2014 21:49:00 PM

July 29, 2014 - Tuesday has been declared a regular holiday throughout the country in observance of Eid'l Fitr (Feast of Ramadhan). Yesssssssss another day of rest for me hahahaha.

Schedule of Activities: Kadayawan Festival 2014 - "Kalamboan sa Kinaiyahan: Kadayawan sa Katawhan"

07/23/2014 21:43:00 PM

August is fast approaching, and if you are living in Davao you know that at August, it's time to celebrate the Kadayawan Festival. Last year I was not able to attend the Street and Floral celebration, because of the spreading of the news about ...

Kasalang Filipino 2014 at Abreeza Mall, Davao City

07/23/2014 01:49:00 AM

Kasalang Filipino will be coming to Davao.

SM City Davao - SM Fashion Edge 2014: Music X Colors

04/06/2014 21:16:00 PM

Summer’s most anticipated fashion event Fashion Edge 2014 comes to life on April 12 at SM City Davao Open Parking.SM Davao has got the low-down on the key pieces you should be lusting after for the summer. Indulge your sun-loving, pastel-sporting ...

Speed Limit for all Motor Vehicles in Davao City

03/12/2014 04:40:00 AM


Davao City Water District - Notice of Water Service Interruptions March 13-16, 2014

03/11/2014 23:53:00 PM


Robi Domingo and Marco Gumabao at SM Davao - March 14, 2014

03/11/2014 21:11:00 PM

Marco GumabaoRobi DomingoCampus crushes Robi Domingo and Marco Gumabao opens the BIG DAVAO FUN SALE at SM City Davao on March 14, Friday, 6PM at the Annex Event Center.After his first show business stint in 2008 as a Teen Housemate in the Big ...

TMC Traffic Advisory for Araw ng Davao 2014

03/11/2014 21:03:00 PM

Check this out to be guided on where to go so you won't be jammed on traffic.Source:

Davao City Water District - Notice of Water Service Interruptions Feb 23-25 & 27, 2014

02/23/2014 23:05:00 PM

Ordinance No. 060-02 (Firecracker Ban) - Davao City

02/20/2014 01:24:00 AM

An Ordinance Prohibiting the Manufacture, Sale, Distribution, Possession or Use of Firecrackers or Pyrotechnic Devices and such other similar devices and the exploding of Firecrackers or other similar explosives within the territorial jurisdiction ...

Anti-Discrimination Ordinance of Davao City

02/20/2014 01:14:00 AM

Ordinance No. 0417-12 An Ordinance declaring unlawful, acts and conduct of discrimination based on sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, descent, nation or ethic origin and religious

Delicious Snack Buffet at Golden Brown Restaurant

12/13/2013 04:47:00 AM

It was a Saturday afternoon, we have just visited the hospital for my daughter's immunization. We are starving already. We spent almost 3 hours waiting at the hospital on our daughter's doctor, there were only 15 patients on the list, we were ...

Mama Da's Barbeque Seafood at Ihaw Ihaw

11/11/2013 01:48:00 AM

This is the second time I was able to eat at this place. The first time was with my friends and at that time, I forgot to bring my camera. Because of that, I always make sure to bring my camera at all times.

Bonding Time at Sunset Beach Park Resort-Babak, Samal Island

08/23/2013 01:46:00 AM

Our family tried to have a bonding time before the start of the school year. We decided to try a beach resort which we had not visited before, we tried asking some of our close friends, and they suggested the Sunset Beach Park Resort.Going ...

Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort - Brgy, Caliclic, Babak Dist.

08/22/2013 02:17:00 AM

My wifey department had an acquaintance at the Rainbow Breeze Beach Resort. Its easy to get there just take a jeep going to Sasa Barge Wharf or simply take a bus to Samal. Once you get to Samal, just drop by Phoenix gasoline station and take ...

Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza - Mama Maria's Pezzeria at Hotel Elena

08/19/2013 22:10:00 PM

Im trying to scroll in my computer all pictures I have took that has not been posted in this site. I found a handful of those photos and hopefully I would be able to post them all here.Here's one when our family went to church, and decided to ...

SM Lanang Premier – 10th Anniversary Bonsai Competition & Exhibit

08/19/2013 01:01:00 AM

I was planning to watch and take picture of the Kadayawan event, mainly the Indak2x and the Floral parade, but due to some events that happened here in some neighboring cities here in Mindanao, my family decided to skip the event this time around. ...

LEGO giant Philippine Map exhibit at SM Lanang Premier

08/18/2013 21:55:00 PM

I remember LEGO exhibits display on a mall in Cebu 2 years ago, I forgot the mall's name, but I really like the display I never really got to take photos of the exhibit since we were in a hurry at that time. But now I'm glad that its here in ...

Razon’s Pancit Palabok & Halo-Halo - Gaisano Mall, Davao City

05/24/2013 07:19:00 AM

It was Saturday, me and my wife just got off a tiring assembly. It was lunch time already and we were thinking on which place we should eat. We couldn't make up our mind, so we just decided to go to Gaisano Mall and maybe pick a place to eat ...

Davao Restaurants – Mesa Filipino Moderne-SM Lanang Premier

03/18/2013 02:00:00 AM

Last Saturday we had planned to watch the Araw ng Dabaw's Parada Dabawenyo but my little girl went to sleep late at night on Friday, so we end up waking up at about 9am in the morning. Since the parade started already at 7am, we decided not ...

Luxury Hotel - Jade Dragon's Suites - Davao City

03/12/2013 01:03:00 AM

My wife got invited to the blessing of Jade Dragon's Suites last Sunday.