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Ron Paul surging in Iowa, leads in latest PPP poll

01/02/2012 14:38:13 PM

Ron Paul & Mitt Romney Leading in Iowa

12/31/2011 16:15:51 PM

Ron Paul’s interview on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace

08/28/2011 12:32:50 PM

Ron Paul 2012: Peace Candidate

08/18/2011 10:55:28 AM

Ron Paul is Republican front runner

08/14/2011 11:52:35 AM

Help Ron Paul Win in Iowa – Donate, spread the word

07/18/2011 23:05:45 PM

Ron Paul Wins SRLC straw poll by landslide!

06/19/2011 12:59:05 PM

Ron Paul on Afghanistan & Foriegn Policy, Presidential Debates 6-13-2011

06/13/2011 21:48:34 PM

More on upcoming Utah bill to ban unconstitutional TSA pat-downs

06/12/2011 15:57:45 PM

Ron Paul money bomb today, need early campaign push!

06/05/2011 12:28:03 PM