The Smartphone is today's Personal Computer

03/13/2014 18:27:00 PM

The smartphone is today's Personal Computer. Desktop computers are for desktops and are no longer personal enough. Quad-core CPUs and GPUs make the smartphone the preferred platform for personal consumption. Always connected means no "itch" ...

Science of Business -- Gravity

12/20/2013 14:25:00 PM

GravityGravity is all around us.

Science of Business – Vacuums

12/15/2013 22:15:00 PM

VacuumsThere are very few things that Mother Nature hates worse than a vacuum.

Does Omni-Channel Service Equate to Better Service?

12/05/2013 16:46:00 PM

The evolution of customer service delivery channels has sped up in the last few years.

Barriers to home automation

11/04/2013 09:35:00 AM

You have 2 paths that I can see to get the autonomous home to become a reality: industry committee agreement or gorilla creates defacto protocol. Industry committees are the slowest method of getting a standard but, as you know from history, ...

The Customer-Designed Experience

10/03/2013 01:32:00 AM

Like many others, it is great to see that the big consumer companies are starting to recognize the importance of the consumer in the service experience. That said, I have yet to really see any company label their effort "The Customer Designed ...

Understanding Workforce Optimization

08/20/2013 17:34:00 PM

I read an article today about workforce optimization, WFO, and was struck by the author’s viewpoint.

Spelling Bee or Memorization Test?

05/29/2013 16:33:00 PM

Have you ever watched the National Spelling Bee?

More Than a Watch

04/08/2013 20:59:00 PM

I have had my Pebble watch for about a month now and I can tell you it is an amazing bit of technology.

Summer of Sequels Comes to Text Messaging

03/17/2013 22:48:00 PM

It’s approaching summertime which means it’s time for sequels.

Smashtalk® is Like the Bicycle

01/21/2013 00:59:00 AM

Bicycles are a major form of transportation all over the world today.