Pssst...Listen Up!

07/24/2011 15:23:00 PM

Pssst...Listen up     It's an Estate Sale! Once upon a time, there was an accomplished and distinguished gentleman who moved to Kentucky from Virginia. Along with him, he brought his collections and memories of a lifetime. Many ...

Intimités du Coeur

02/10/2011 13:05:00 PM

Cher Madame Antiquariess,Oh Madame, please forgive me as I have not put pen to paper for awhile, but know that you are always radiant in my thoughts.I have some exciting things to share with you.Do you know the place Verona, Italy? More ...

Un Grand Buffet

08/30/2010 21:08:00 PM

Forest Gump said, “ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” but I think life is more like Un Grand Buffet. We get to see and smell before we choose. Yes, I would be one of those that poke my finger ...

touché par un ange

03/08/2010 14:20:00 PM

She always thought, Angels were made in Heaven. Just more proof for a francophile,there is a little bit of Heaven in Provence.What are they made of, the angels?Were these Deva's lying dormant, waitingfor their creator to reach a spiritual ...

Bonne Saint Valentin

02/14/2010 08:13:00 AM

Some Hearts for you from my shop 19th century zinc molding Architectural Fragment 19th Century French Andirons Vintage French Garden Lantern French Antique Iron Molding Iron from railing on Rhone River Boiserie Panel French antique decorative ...

esprit collectif

01/27/2010 18:30:00 PM

It was time.Time to visit the French Antiquariess again. As I navigated my way through the chaos of the city streets,my thoughts were constantly interrupted by the empty sounds of daily life.Flashing lights, blaring horns, revving engines and ...


01/09/2010 14:17:00 PM

Ro-kay, I know I'm not what you expected, but I guilted Mommy into letting me guest bow-wow blog today, since she has been really busy. Je m'appelle Zoe. Enchanté I am three now and have been working, napping at the shop since I was a pup. I ...

Champagne Coq-tail & French Toast

12/31/2009 15:43:00 PM

Time to raise your glass Bonne Annee May all your dreams come true Santé, Amitié, Amour

futur et la fille française

12/28/2009 15:05:00 PM

So it's that time again, to mark the passing of another yearandanticipate what the new one will bring.Come with me for a rendezvous withthe Antiquariess and a peek into the future. Some prefer crystal balls to gaze into the future,but she, ...

Joyeux Noël

12/18/2009 08:11:00 AM

Joyeux Noël Posting some photos of my Winter Wonderland and wanted to wish everyone a Joyous Holiday filled with memories old and new! I hope St. Nick brings you lots of French Antiques ...