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Send a message to another driver (email a car)

06/28/2008 13:13:00 PM

This site lets you leave a public anonymous message for ANY other road user by using their car number / license plate. From here you can leave a message for any driver in the world or check for messages that have been left for your (or anyone ...

Dodge Hornet Concept (2006)

02/25/2007 13:39:00 PM

I can imagine this car in the "not too distant future", the sun rising over a golden utopian age, two small boys in the back of this car travelling down a highway between towering cities of silver and glass, one kid says... "Mom, are we are ...

Audi TT Concept? No - just "pimped"

01/03/2007 13:00:00 PM

A heavily "pimped" (God I hate that expression) Audi TT - looks cool though. Very "Minority Report".

Ford Nucleon (1958)

11/03/2006 16:40:00 PM

The Ford Nucleon was a nuclear-powered concept car developed by Ford Motor Company in 1958. The car did not have an internal-combustion engine, rather, it was powered by a small nuclear reactor in the trunk of the car. The vehicle featured a ...

Holden EFijy Concept Car

09/11/2006 17:30:00 PM

Holden EFijy Concept Car Originally uploaded by Badgurl.Holden has brought 1950s motoring into the 21st century with the Efijy street machine-style concept car that revives the legend of the FJ.Unveiled at the 2005 Sydney motor show, the $1 ...

Volkswagen GX3 concept car (2006)

09/11/2006 17:25:00 PM

Volkswagen GX3 concept car Originally uploaded by idalingi.The world premiere of the GX3 at the LA Auto ShowPure affordable performance: Crossover between sports car and motorcycleIt only takes 5.7 seconds to go from 0-62.5 mph (100 km/h) and ...

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