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The Dinosaur Joke - Revealed

02/23/2009 13:37:00 PM

So, you saw the dinosaur joke and thought, hmmm... I wonder how he did that. Probably not, well, I will tell you anyway. My father-in-law John did the joke to camera. I then used clever animation software to study 1 frame of the subject at ...

Dinosaur Joke

02/22/2009 17:25:00 PM

Dinosaur related humour. I did this animation for my son who like Dinosaurs. The joke was told by my father in law.

Family Guy Introduction Animation for BBC3

02/22/2009 17:22:00 PM

I did this animation for BBC3. It is an introduction for the cartoon Family Guy. It is currently on the BBC website and I hope it will get aired.

Pink Tube Monster Gang Fight

02/22/2009 17:19:00 PM

This is another slightly longer test animation I did very quickly using a webcam and some basic software. It took me about 30 minutes.

Pink Tube Monster

02/22/2009 17:15:00 PM

I was testing some new "clay" material + showing my son how to animate. The end result was this animation which took me about 20 minutes.

Invasion of the Blobby Snatchers

01/13/2006 18:10:00 PM

One of my earliest and really my only long animation. A story of a couple, there romance and the alien invasion of body snatching worms that brings it all crashing down. Typical love story really.

Red vs Blue Claymation

01/13/2006 18:06:00 PM

A short animation by me, but one of my favourites. This story shows that you should NEVER underestimate your enemy. A quite well animated tale (if I say so myself) which is fun to watch.

Lip Sync Test Demonstration

11/27/2005 09:22:00 AM

After having a very complimentary e-mail from a class of animation students in the USA - I decided to write an epic - it is currently under production, but in the mean time, here is a sample of a rotoscoping / lip syncing test I did. I needed ...

STAR CHAVS I: Curiousity Destroyed The Planet

04/20/2004 13:55:00 PM

I love this movie - it took me ages and is quite long. It is a clay / computer 2d animation about annoying space chavs. If I can rant for a minute - I work hard for a living, pay my taxes, have a HUGE mortgage and generally get by OK. What I ...