Rise And Shine

08/20/2010 21:02:54 PM

I was up earlier than usual to speak to a group of people at a company that starts the day much earlier than the rest of us.  I have no regrets since everything went very well and I had been … Continue reading →

Good Morning Sunshine

08/19/2010 21:01:50 PM

I made a campaign stop first thing this morning since I needed to pick up some large envelopes.  Here is how Day 115 of Campaign Smile looked… 1. As I walked merrily down the main aisle on my way to … Continue reading →

Mix And Mingle

08/19/2010 20:31:34 PM

Campaigning for Day 114 of Campaign Smile took me to retail stores, restaurants and a business event.  The route of the smile parade went like this… 1. I was in a few stores today and got a few smiles.  One woman … Continue reading & ...

Rubbing Elbows

08/17/2010 22:07:06 PM

My campaign stop for Day 113 of Campaign Smile was a networking event for the local Chamber of Commerce.  I was not able to stay for the entire event so my interactions were fairly limited.  However, including the bartender, in … Continue ...

Let’s Get Something Started

08/16/2010 22:37:49 PM

Day 112 of Campaign Smile led me to the permit office, the sports store and to a meeting for organizing an upcoming event.  Here are the details… 1. I had it in my head today to talk with several retail … Continue reading →

Chillin’ On The Coast

08/15/2010 23:07:49 PM

Day 111 of Campaign Smile was fantastic.  I started the day with my wife and a trip to the beach, had a nice dinner out later and finished with a quick journey to the grocery store to pick up an … Continue reading →

Limited Exposure

08/14/2010 20:52:30 PM

On Day 110 of Campaign Smile I had only brief opportunities to campaign.  Except for a brief lunch my projects did not take me into the company of others much.  However, I took my one opportunity and made the most … Continue reading → ...

A Mixed Bag

08/13/2010 21:21:42 PM

Between lunch today and one retail stores I had 2 campaign stops for Day 109 of Campaign Smile.  The results were either 100% positive or 100% negative.  This is what I found… 1. At lunch today I was very surprised because all three ...

Slow Out of The Gates But A Strong Finish

08/12/2010 20:58:18 PM

Day 108 of Campaign Smile was spent in a number of retail operations for various reasons.  The smiles started slow this morning but by the time I got to my car after leaving the last store they were flowing steadily… … Continue reading ...

A Rose of A Different Color

08/11/2010 21:37:19 PM

I can’t say I was surprised at what I found but I was intrigued by some findings on Day 107 of Campaign Smile… 1. I started my day with a few business calls on other businesses, looking to develop some … Continue reading →