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DIY Easy Upcycled Paper Mache Turtle Planter Tutorial

11/12/2018 19:12:00 PM

Easy DIY Custom Checkbook Cover Tutorial

11/10/2018 23:00:00 PM

How To Make A DIY Patchwork Pillow From An Old Cheer Uniform

06/21/2018 21:35:00 PM

Custom DIY Party Supplies and Decorations Tutorials

05/31/2018 17:38:00 PM

Zero Waste Upcycled DIY Denim or Fabric Flower Tutorial

05/16/2018 13:27:00 PM

Bella and Roxy's Doggy DIY Guide

05/04/2018 23:19:00 PM

Unique DIY Shadow Box Art Tutorial

05/02/2018 12:00:00 PM

Video Tutorial: How To Make A Tassel In Less Than 15 Minutes

04/19/2018 17:17:00 PM

How To Stop Mod Podge Projects From Sticking

04/17/2018 18:25:00 PM

Decoupage: A Beginner's How To Tutorial Guide

04/09/2018 20:54:00 PM

DIY Upcycled Vintage Magnetic Pin Cushion or Bobby Pin Holder

02/16/2018 17:05:22 PM

DIY Decoupaged Paper Mache Bird Tutorial - Craft Supply Giveaway!

01/28/2018 22:54:09 PM

Easy DIY Whitewashed Wood Signs or Ornaments Tutorial

01/28/2018 00:24:40 AM

Easy DIY Craft Tutorial How To Make Clay Rose or Flower Earrings

01/15/2018 15:54:55 PM

DIY Craft Tutorial: How To Make A Christmas Ribbon Wreath

11/30/2017 16:54:37 PM

Swedish Clay Dala Horse DIY Craft Tutorial and Free Pattern

11/25/2017 18:26:49 PM

DIY Craft Tutorial: How To Make Paper Mache Jack O' Lanterns

09/20/2017 18:44:10 PM

DIY Dollar Store Fall Welcome Wreath Tutorial

09/17/2017 16:06:15 PM

Upcycled Personalized Magazine Mug Tutorial

08/11/2017 19:37:25 PM

What I Learned From My First Attempt at Oil Painting

08/02/2017 13:59:48 PM

DIY Dishwasher Safe Monogram Cat Mug Gift Card Basket

06/04/2017 23:33:17 PM

DIY Tree Art Recycle Bin Trash Can and Free Printable Pattern

04/13/2017 23:09:17 PM

Recipe How To Make My Favorite Paper Mache Paste

04/13/2017 22:04:21 PM

Over 50 DIY Crafts Toys and Treats for Cats

04/06/2017 09:25:14 AM

Easy DIY Home Decor: Hanging Monogram Wreath Tutorial

03/11/2017 18:31:47 PM

French Farmhouse Paper Mache Rooster or Chicken Tutorial

02/06/2017 01:48:24 AM

Free Vintage French Newspaper Printable, Le Pr├ęcurseur 1827

02/01/2017 22:28:45 PM

Got Crafts? Submit Them To Borei Design for Feature Consideration!

01/10/2017 16:08:45 PM

Here's What's New For Borei Design in 2017!

01/07/2017 14:48:26 PM

Site Announcements: Awesome Things to Come in 2017!

12/28/2016 22:33:05 PM

How to Create Beautiful Etched Monogram Glassware On A Dime!

12/28/2016 22:03:06 PM

How To Make Upcycled Faux "Raw" Cotton Branches

12/16/2016 10:32:14 AM

How To Make A Gazillion and One Paper Gift Bags For a Buck!

12/08/2016 17:24:50 PM

How To Make Your Own Paper Clay

12/08/2016 17:24:16 PM

Easy DIY Paper Mache Owl Sculpture Tutorial

12/08/2016 17:23:58 PM

Easy Recycled Vintage Book Page Gift Tags Tutorial

12/08/2016 17:23:06 PM

Easy DIY: How To Make A Paper Mache Monogram Wine Cork Holder

12/08/2016 17:22:34 PM

See My Recycled Book Page Wreath Tutorial Via Facebook Live For Hometalk!

12/08/2016 17:22:05 PM

DIY: How To Make Upcycled Book Page Christmas Trees

12/08/2016 17:20:11 PM

Tutorial: How to Make an Easy Swedish Christmas Paper Mache Tomte

12/07/2016 21:21:45 PM

For The Love of Kate Spade! How to Make a DIY Rose Bowl

11/29/2016 01:03:18 AM

DIY: How To Replace A "Permanent" Lamp Shade and Make a Finial

11/26/2016 00:23:23 AM

DIY Recycled Bobby Pin Organizer Container Tutorial

11/26/2016 00:15:24 AM

Gamer Decor: The DIY "Creeper" Can Every Minecraft Fan Needs

11/26/2016 00:14:58 AM

Freebie DIY: Recycled Food Storage Lid Organizer

11/26/2016 00:14:12 AM

Easy Scrap Fabric Yo Yo Can Upcycle Tutorial

11/26/2016 00:13:36 AM

Upcycle Furniture Rescue: An Old Dresser Becomes A New Buffet

11/26/2016 00:12:20 AM

DIY "Nuit Noire" Necklace With Free Pattern

11/26/2016 00:07:39 AM

DIY Blackberry or Raspberry Necklace Beading Pattern and Tutorial

11/26/2016 00:07:16 AM

DIY Lace Banner Necklace Tutorial & Pattern

11/26/2016 00:06:54 AM