How to Screenshot / Screen Capture Microsoft Surface Pro

10/26/2014 18:20:16 PM

I hope your enjoying your Microsoft Surface tablet / laptop hybrid.  I’ve owned and used the RT, Surface Pro 2, and now the Surface Pro 3 core i7 model.  There are a thousand reasons you may need to screenshot or screen cap from your Su ...

Surface Pro 3 Dock Owner Review. Excellent!

10/26/2014 18:16:57 PM

The surface pro 3 dock is exactly what I needed.  Lightweight and sturdy, the dock is easy to use and enhances the abilities of your Surface Pro 3.  If you’re not a “dock person”, or have limited budget then I certainly hope you&

Crown Guide PS3 Hot Shots Golf World Invitational Challenge Mode

08/09/2013 20:12:31 PM

This is the Crown Guide for Challenge Mode SPECIFICALLY for the PlayStation 3 Version of Hot Shots Golf World Invitational.  The crown requirements are not the same as the PS Vita version.  Start with the easy ones, knock them out for unlocks, ...

How To setup 3D, fix Split Screen Comcast Xfinity On-Demand

06/15/2013 21:20:05 PM

If you have a 3D enabled television, I hope you’ve tried out the FREE 3d library from Comcast XFinity.  It’s a humble library, but with their set-top box and the correct HD level XFinity TV package you can definitely test the 3D capabi ...

How to factory reset Kindle Paperwhite or Kindle Touch for sale

11/26/2012 18:05:41 PM

Need to know how to safely sell, give away, or donate your Amazon Kindle?  If you only want to factory reset, but keep your Touch or Paperwhite, then skip to step 2.  But if you’re looking to transfer ownership in some way then you MUST ...

K9 Unit Black Ops 2 COD Scorestreak Pics and Gameplay

11/20/2012 00:00:05 AM

I’m not a Black Ops 2 all star, so I don’t get huge Scorestreaks, however, I played against an opponent tonight that unleashed the vicious Kevlar Protected K9 Unit German Shepherds on me.  I lost the battle.. The good news is that I ha ...

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and Case Review. Excellent, but not for everyone.

11/09/2012 18:01:44 PM

For the right person, a Kinde Paperwhite is an excellent e-reader, fully Booya Certified.  Its an affordable, simple and highly effective device.  With plenty of gadgets at my fingertips I didn’t “need” another book reading device

Sega Total War Battles : Dust Before the Wind SPOILER-Solution

07/13/2012 20:54:42 PM

Here you go, the **SPOILER** for Sega Total War Battle’s “Dust Before The Wind” level for the iPad and iPhone.  This level is pretty far into the game, and at this point I knew the key was placement of the provided lumber yards.

iPad iPhone Plague Inc How to win the Fungus Level

07/13/2012 12:31:16 PM

Developed by Ndemic Creations, Plague Inc is .99 cents and very unique and fun game for the iPad.  I’m playing it on the iPad3 and sometimes on my iPhone 4.  I was able to eventually start cruising through all the plagues but I sure got ...

FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 4: 18 Positioning Tips and Strategy

06/16/2012 21:42:39 PM

Welcome to the FIFA Defensive Player Bible Part 4 of 5!  The focus of part 4 is Defensive Positioning.. Where to be, Where to Go, and When to be there.  This guide is mainly for those that play Club and Pro Ranked Match where you control ...

FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 3: 13 Passing Tips and Strategy

06/16/2012 21:42:09 PM

Welcome to the FIFA Defensive Player Bible Part 3 of 5!  The focus of part 3 is Defensive Passing and this is critical to your success.  Becoming a great defensive passer will help your match ratings, MOTM, and help your team score more ...

FIFA 12 Defensive Player Bible Part 1/5: Traits, Height, and Weight

06/16/2012 07:55:52 AM

Need some help playing defensive positions in FIFA 12 ?   Welcome to the FIFA Defensive Player Bible Part 1 of 5!  The focus of part 1 is player setup, size, and trait selections.  Read and study this bible, ask me some questions and you ...