The Tale of McCluskey The Elderly Ninja And The Brickhouse Alert

11/02/2009 08:49:26 AM

Mr. McCluskey is a senior ninja. He was one of the best ninja in his heyday, had gone numerous dangerous missions almost all of which were executed to perfection. He had never failed a single mission nor ever lost his comrades during any of ...

Pocket Qur'an for BlackBerry

11/01/2009 12:13:15 PM

Pocket Quran Midlet for BlackBerryThis free application allow you to read Quran via your BlackBerry. You don't need to install Arabic plug in to use this. Compatible for the following phones: BlackBerry: 6220, 6230, 6280, 6720, 7100, 7100i, ...

Of Glasses And (Hench) Men

10/07/2009 04:28:53 AM

Using eyeglasses can be really disturbing, especially if, like me, you work as a henchman for a local Mafia. In close combat, using eyeglasses could be fatal. The glass part could shattered whenever you're hit, injured--God knows to what ex ...

Web Hosting Choice

09/08/2009 16:07:43 PM

Everyone needs a guidance to arrive at the right decision once and a while. To save them from the bullshit, to cut the loose end, to save money or whatever the reason is. Like life itself, every decision you make on choosing your web hosting ...

Best Web Host: A Review

08/30/2009 02:53:51 AM

When you own a website, hosting is one of the most important thing to be considered. We've overheard many times about bad web hosting service and what impacts it can cause your website, and in turn, your online business. They can be ugly.Like ...

Games For BlackBerry 8800/Curve/Pearl

08/27/2009 02:20:43 AM

3D Nine Hole Golf

Games For Old School BlackBerry

08/25/2009 23:11:51 PM

Medieval Kings Chess II, Disco Bowling. ProtheusFor you who own the old version of Blackberry, these games are definitely for you. Download them OTA via the following: Rimarkable

My Entrecard Is Running!

08/03/2009 11:45:10 AM

Finally, after waiting in despair for a week, the godamn automatic widget scanner (or is it manual, Entre Op?) picked my widget. As you can see, in the middle right sidebar. I don't know what to expect from Entrecard yet. Hopefully they really ...

To All Entrecard Droppers

08/01/2009 13:14:49 PM

Hi. Apparently there's some trouble in which the Entrecard widget scanner won't pick my widget, although as you can see, it is there. I've contacted Entrecard support team, and still waiting for their response. I hope this can be fixed soon, ...

RIM's Slump Sales

07/25/2009 02:14:18 AM

Whoa! Having surrounded by Palm Pre, Sprint and the new iPhone 3G, the sales of BlackBerry in overall smartphone market is decreased.No kidding, but according to this source, the T-Mobile's BlackBerry remain solid, in contrary of its Verizon ...