#AltheaTurns1: Happy Birthday Althea Korea!

07/20/2016 21:10:40 PM

My favorite K-Beauty online store turns ONE today!!! Let's celebrate with lots of promos and discounts. Shop at http://ph.althea.kr

#ManiMonday Care Before You Color: The Caronia Salon Care

07/18/2016 04:58:45 AM

My Trusted Trio -

Blonde Ambition #5: Bleached Blonde to Mermaid Hair

05/13/2016 19:11:38 PM

It feels like only yesterday when I started experimenting with bleach and embarked on my Blonde Ambition journey, but it has been almost 3 years since and I've never looked back. People ask all the time how I do it and how I survive all the ...

Review: Missha x Line Friends Edition

05/09/2016 17:56:36 PM

I admit. I am a sucker for anything Limited and Special Edition. With Missha coming out with the super cute Line Friends designs, no doubt I was all over it. Hey, I use Line Camera for their kawaii stamps and frames! So anyway, I got the makeup ...

I Found It On Galleon.PH

03/01/2016 09:01:11 AM

Ahoy, me Hearties!!! What do we have here?#FoundItOnGalleonDo you know what the biggest issue is for smart online shoppers who want to go on retail therapy? It's that most of the best and high quality products are sold overseas... in the US ...

Leveling Up On Those Intimate Moments

02/29/2016 01:03:35 AM

Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquer

01/27/2016 01:10:34 AM

I still have hordes of lipstick to go through but one just can't put Revlon Ultra HD Lip Lacquers aside. So in this quick review and demo, I'll show you why. Also I'm more than happy to test these four beautiful shades for you.GORGEOUS LACQUER ...

Beachbody Ready: A Fitness Journey with PiYo and Focus T25!

11/17/2015 01:44:56 AM

The Internet has made it possible once again for me to discover one of the things that I desperately need during this time of my life. After all the parties and the major shift to a domesticated lifestyle, I have to be honest in admitting that ...

Join Our Kids' Book Exchange!

11/05/2015 03:36:41 AM

"The more you give, the more you receive." Yes, and it takes only one book to pay it forward when you join our book exchange. Right now we have so many people getting into this and spreading love and good vibes to all! It's based on a very simple ...

pH Care Naturals: Experience natural care “down there”

10/03/2015 10:10:33 AM

#pHCareNaturals #NaturalCareJust in time! This package couldn't have come at a more appropriate time. I've got these empties right now and something tells me I'm gonna love these latest variations of pH Care intimate wash. I've always picked ...

My First BeautyMNL Haul!

09/28/2015 06:04:00 AM

I'm still on a self-imposed makeup ban but this is an exception! What is? Well, I saw this really nice vanity case by Suesh at http://beautymnl.com


09/16/2015 22:41:05 PM

I wasn't always the most organized person in the world. In fact I was "The Greatest Slob of All". But all that has since changed.. just like I predicted back when I was young and seventeen.Eventually life takes you down a path where you have ...

Empowering Brilliant Young Minds On Creative Writing and Social Media Engagement and Responsibility

09/11/2015 21:00:01 PM

English Club workshopLast August 15, I had a the privilege to be the guest speaker of my alma mater's English Club workshop.

Easy Breezy Daily Look Makeup Tutorial + Rucy's Vanity Product Review

09/09/2015 00:22:18 AM

I broke out like a b*tch the past few months, primarily because of my crazy hormones. I had a 60-day period (TMI!) and my adrenals have been out of whack. Due to all kinds of stress I'm dealing with, my skin suffered a whole lot... obviously. ...

Lifestyle Hack: #BetterMe with SkinWhite + Reviews

07/19/2015 22:38:16 PM

Looking back, it has been roughly 15 years since I graduated from High School but it doesn't feel that long because I still keep in touch with my classmates considering we were only 42 in our class. I don't have any siblings and basically these ...

Get Knotlink, Anytime, Anywhere with their iPhone app!

07/19/2015 22:03:48 PM

Got an iPhone? Then head on to Appstore and get the latest Knotlink app. Now available for download. For more info, read below:TWITTER ★ FACEBOOK ★ INSTAGRAM ★ PINTEREST ★ YOUTUBE ★ BLOG ★ EMAIL

Review: Fay Jardin Whitening Hair Removal Set

07/10/2015 01:50:58 AM

PRODUCT FEATUREToday I bring to you a review of

Money Matters: PSBank secures ATM cards with Lock Feature

06/24/2015 20:51:29 PM


The search for Jergens-Cosmo on Campus Correspondent is on!

06/11/2015 06:45:06 AM

CONTEST ALERT!!!Well, well, well, what do we have here? Heads up, everyone! We got a hot new competition happening right now...Brought to you by Jergens Moisturizers, the makers of one of my favorite lotions for years.You can read about my Jergens ...

Review: Oops My Lip Tint Pack (lip tattoo) by Berrisom

06/04/2015 20:34:06 PM

Korean makeup is love, don't you agree?

Makeup Tutorial: Sunkissed Summer Look 2015 (Perfect for oily skin!)

05/25/2015 06:13:27 AM

Are you looking for ways to maintain that sunkissed summer glow? How about faking a summer tan? My summer makeup look for 2015 is all about that! With the aid of a reliable bronzer and a really good highlighter, it's so easy to look like a summer ...

Initial Review and First Impression: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths

05/21/2015 21:57:31 PM

I have been super busy the past weeks trying to juggle all my work and home schedule that I have been completely missing so much sleep (hello, graveyard shift, we meet again!) that it's not even funny. The adjustment period may have been easier ...

Spring into Beauty: April 2015 BDJBOX 7-day Challenge

05/17/2015 23:46:04 PM

Do not limit your challenges, challenge your limits!

Cuatro Islas and the Island Life

05/05/2015 20:38:32 PM

So many islands, so little time. Cuatro Islas consists of 4 islands (as the name implies) which belong to the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang in Southern Leyte. The most popular and most visited by tourists among the four is Digyo Is ...

Shades of Summer by Caronia

05/03/2015 22:41:40 PM

PRODUCT FEATUREIt's Mani Monday and we're right in the middle of summer! Now that's a Monday I don't mind getting up for! So where do we start? Ahhh, yes. The Shades of Summer by CaroniaPH has got me all giddy and feeling like I want to eat ...

Join my 2015 BastaIgatSikat Birthday Giveaway!

05/01/2015 11:59:27 AM

To share my blessings as a professional beauty blogger, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my family, friends, and followers for their support and for always believing in me. Thank you for reading my reviews and sending me your messages. ...

No More Migraines and Crystal Clear Vision with Crizal Prevencia!

04/28/2015 01:56:12 AM

No, I don't have bad eye sight. In fact, I have perfect 20/20 vision. Just ask Mary Ann Sia-Bangloy of Ormoc Vision Optical. I only wore computer specs which was recommended to me by an eye doctor while I was in Cebu still trying to climb the ...

Review: Belo Essentials Beauty Deo (Underarm Care)

04/20/2015 23:57:56 PM

ADVERTORIALA new superhero is in town! And it's no other than wANNEderwoman to help us fight darkness for that sexy #ANNEderarms we've always wanted. She brings with her the power of the awesome Belo Essentials Beauty Deo which now comes in ...

Review: Cool Summer Days with Biore UV and My First Impressions

04/20/2015 01:38:28 AM

* Source : Intage SRI research, suntan UV in unit sales, period: 12/2011-11/ 2014Rash guards in the Philippines are all the rage nowadays but they don't protect everything. Obviously, your body is covered, but your face is still exposed. Bioré ...

Trinkets & Stones, handcrafted jewelry personalized any way you wish!

04/16/2015 05:09:26 AM

Growing up, I may have amassed a huge collection of borloloys and kutingtings. I probably got it from my mom who also likes collecting these accessories and adding them to her ensemble. I remember going to bazaars and scouring malls to find ...

Rock Your Summer Look with Jergens

03/26/2015 00:24:49 AM


Review: Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid Soap Bar, Body Cream, and Face & Neck Cream

03/23/2015 00:05:36 AM

ADVERTORIALJust when I thought things couldn't get any better, the Belo Authority releases and offers us the additional intensive whitening body cream and face and neck cream to their already proven and highly effective Kojic Acid + Tranexamic ...

FAQ / Tutorial: DIY Colorful Rainbow Ombré (Mermaid Hair)

03/19/2015 09:30:55 AM

I've been getting a lot of questions about my dream hair that I am proud to have achieved. So to answer all of you, this is a blog post dedicated to just that. Let's get started because I know a lot of you are eager to know the details, assuming ...

Review: Revlon ULTRA HD Lipsticks with swatches!

03/18/2015 07:36:49 AM

PRESS SAMPLERevlon Ultra HD lipsticksAren't these babies just gorgeous? The silver tube with clear cap design is really nice because you don't have to guess what color is inside. You can display it along with your lipstick army and know exactly ...

Review: Octard Cover Foundation, the best thing since Naturactor!

03/10/2015 01:56:11 AM

At last! After two months of officially using this daily, I think I've had enough time to test the product out to finally write my full unbiased review of Octard Cover Foundation by the Japanese-made beauty brand, Meiko Cosmetics, who are the ...

Review: Olay Aquaction Long Lasting Hydration Gel and Softening Sleeping Mask

03/01/2015 23:08:08 PM

I'm not gonna lie to you, but there's a reason why it takes almost forever for me to write product reviews. Basically, it's because I want to test the products I'm using fully out in order for me to write what I think about them. I'm not doing ...

Vintage Glam Makeup Tutorial

02/22/2015 23:53:36 PM

I apologize for taking forever to publish my makeup tutorial for the Vintage Glam look I pulled off last Christmas. I know this is way, way overdue but I hope you'll still watch, like, rate, comment, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.Featuring ...

Kawaii Must-Haves: Jan-Feb 2015 BDJBOX 7-day Challenge

02/19/2015 23:03:13 PM

#BDJBOXMy 2015 started with the biggest beauty kick off with my January-February BDJ BOX containing my favorite full-sized Japanese products worth PHP 2,764 plus the vouchers. The beauty box is worth basically 4 x the cost of the monthly su ...

Review: Pantene PRO-V 3-minute Miracle Conditioner and My Revised DIY Purple Toner!

02/16/2015 12:50:51 PM

#CosmoBeautyCrushEveryone had already started talking about it in the blogosphere since January and so it definitely piqued my curiosity. What is it? It's no other than PANTENE PRO-V's 3 MINUTE MIRACLE CONDITIONER! Then 2 weeks ago, I received ...

Review: Olay Moisture Outlast Body Wash

02/03/2015 01:08:26 AM

Contrary to what most people believe, it is not in December when the cold season peaks here in the Philippines. It is actually in January to February that the temperature goes down and you can feel the evening breeze send a chill down your spine. ...

Review: Olay Natural White soap

01/23/2015 23:53:40 PM


Blonde Ambition #4: How To Maintain Your Bleached Blonde Hair

01/19/2015 19:51:25 PM

Truth be told, going blonde wasn't one of the sporadic decisions I've made in my life because I had actually given it a lot of thought beforehand. It's not like dyeing your hair to a different shade of brown because as soon as your hair grows, ...

Filipino family values become stronger with PLDT

12/29/2014 21:41:48 PM

ADVERTORIALMy nuclear family may be very small but I have an extended family that's very tight and close-knit. I guess you could say that goes for most Filipino families including ones living abroad. I remember when I was little, back in the ...

Sweet Shoppe: November 2014 BDJ Box 7-Day Challenge

12/16/2014 05:43:03 AM

If there's one makeup brand I just can't seem to get enough of, it's Benefit. Aside from the cute packaging, the actual products are actually worth the price. I know it's not the most affordable one and that's why samples really come in handy, ...

Review: Belo Collagen Powder Drink and Glutathione + Collagen

12/10/2014 02:09:27 AM

Two months ago, I discovered the next best thing to the fountain of youth. I tried it and I loved it! I never thought my skin could benefit from such a thing but then again, there's no denying that I'm not getting any younger. Who am I kidding, ...

Blonde Ambition #3: Palty Hair Color in Sparkling Blonde Review

11/24/2014 23:07:05 PM

It feels like ages since I colored my hair radically so I decided to pick up the brightest color I could find at my local supermarket. And behold, I got Palty Hair Color in Sparkling Blonde for a little over Php 300. It's made in Japan, apparently ...

Jergens Chronicles: 7-day Challenge Accepted! (Updated Daily!)

11/17/2014 19:59:51 PM

You guys probably know by now that I love a good challenge. I do believe that the moment you stop accepting challenges, is the moment you stop moving forward. And in this life, there's only one way to go. That's right. I intend to really live ...

#iamlimitless with Limitless Possibilities + Review

11/10/2014 21:01:30 PM

It's no secret that I love to write. I've been writing prose and poetry since I learned how to rhyme. I keep journals. Everyone knows my favorite subject in school is English and everything in its scope -- Speech, Reading, Language, Literature, ...

Review: Snow Skin Whitening Soap

11/05/2014 06:53:29 AM

Let's face it. No matter how hard you try to stay out of the sun, living in a tropical country with skin that tans so easily is a huge challenge for anyone who wants to keep an even skintone. Honestly, I'm not really into wanting to get super ...

Cream Silk Daily Treatment Conditioner: Hair Fall Defense Review

10/23/2014 07:00:36 AM

Cream Silk Daily Treatment ConditionerI didn't realize Cream Silk, the Philippines' most trusted conditioner brand, is offering a new product which is the daily treatment conditioner until I got them in my September BDJ Box. It actually comes ...

Beauty Battle: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation vs Fanny Serrano Two-way Cake Foundation

10/17/2014 04:43:42 AM

Hey, everyone! I'm finally ready to present to you my two favorite powder foundations which I've used for a year now. They're both almost empty so you can see I've used them well enough to make this review and comparison. Are you ready?Presenting... ...

Review & Demo: Say Goodbye Pimpy with Belo Essentials AcnePro!

09/05/2014 00:38:57 AM

ADVERTORIAL There's no escaping hormonal breakouts. It is the bane of my existence. Each month or so depending when Aunt Flo decides to pay a visit, no matter what I do, I get random breakouts because of my hormones. But I am not letting these ...

Knotlink Inc. Launches New Website; Developed in Partnership with Infario Prv. LTD.

09/01/2014 23:31:36 PM

PRESS RELEASEILLINOIS September 2, 2014. John R. Miles, Knotlink Inc. CEO/Founder together with Alex Wisner as Data Analyst and Business Development Executives are pleased to announce the launching of their newly-developed and advanced website ...

Beer Bucket or #IceBucketChallenge?

08/29/2014 23:15:15 PM

Apparently everyone's doing it but I am not doing it because it's the "IN" thing right now. I don't think I have to justify my actions for accepting this challenge (you know for a fact how I love taking challenges!) but for all my haters out ...

Eyebrows 101: Tutorial plus Make Up For Ever Aquabrow VS Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade BEAUTY BATTLE!

08/18/2014 08:57:39 AM

Here are my current favorite eyebrow products and reasons why I pick them. Apparently, a common denominator I look for in an eyebrow product is how long it lasts especially since I have oily skin.Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade - The product is lo ...

Makeup By MyMaria: Let's Be Beauty BFFs Workshop (08-04-2014) - PIC HEAVY!

08/11/2014 21:36:46 PM

"When you learn, teach. When you get, give." — Maya Angelou

BDJ Box Elite: Be Your Own Heroine + Heroine Make Review and #FOTD

07/18/2014 01:51:12 AM

The Exclusive Heroine Make BDJ BOX Elite is this year's first Elite box being offered by the awesome beauty box subscription company, BDJ Box. There is a total of six boxes you can choose from but I opted for the SWEET MEDIUM box containing ...

Review: Belo Intensive Whitening Bar

07/10/2014 22:00:00 PM

ADVERTORIALEveryone agrees that the only thing in life that is constant is change and sometimes when we’re so used to something, it’s hard to move on from it even though there’s something else better waiting for us. Take for example, my ...

1st Lake Danao Festival in Ormoc City (Photos & Video)

07/01/2014 00:33:19 AM

Our City Fiesta festivities this year may have been cut back due to damages suffered from Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) and the city is still recovering from it but, nevertheless, we continued to show resilience in line with this year's theme: "We ...

Let The Beauty Begin with Benefit: June 2014 BDJ Box 7-day Challenge

06/27/2014 01:51:12 AM

I just completed my 7-day Challenge for June 2014 using products from the exclusive BDJ Box featuring Benefit. I know what some of you are thinking, "Didn't they release a Benefit exclusive box last March?" Yes, they did. But the products I ...

Shu Uemura: Art of Beauty | 1st Ever BDJ Box Luxe

06/16/2014 00:35:14 AM

Finally! Here's my unboxing post for the 1st Ever BDJ Box Luxe edition, an exclusive by Shu Uemura, the #1 Asian makeup and skincare brand. If you'd rather watch a video instead of reading through this entire blog, then please watch it below ...

Summer Radiance: May 2014 BDJ Box 7-day Challenge

06/14/2014 23:30:13 PM

The May 2014 BDJ BOX is full of new stuffs which I haven't tried and so I looked forward to try them all out. Naturally, I took on the 7-day challenge.The first ones I picked were the Organix shampoo and conditioner sachets.Hair (like mine) ...

My Summer 2014 Hair Colors (Budget-friendly Hair Dyes!)

06/10/2014 13:04:30 PM

As you all observed by now, I change my hair color very, very often. And just this summer alone, I managed to get it colored twice! With no further ado, let me show you my summer 2014 hair color picks.MONDES VERY LIGHT NATURAL ASH BLONDEA tube ...

What's up with these lotions? Let's take a closer look.

06/05/2014 23:59:34 PM

It took me a while to review these products (approximately 6 months since I got these) because I wanted to be sure of their effectivity. I don't like giving negative reviews because I always try to steer clear of negativity and I want to dwell ...

Review: Belo Essentials AcnePro

05/30/2014 11:35:41 AM

A week ago, I took a break from my usual skincare regimen because it's that time of the month again and my hormones are acting cray-cray. And that means I am getting zits all over my face. Okay, maybe just one or two. So it was a good thing ...

My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge

05/27/2014 21:49:40 PM

As soon as the sun starts to shine its full brightness during the hot summer months, I don't immediately hit the nearest beach yet but I do load my summer playlist on my current favorite music player and listen to the beats of reggae and carribean ...

My Great Food 15-Second Cooking Challenge

05/25/2014 22:18:31 PM

This summer heat is no joke and it's important to stay hydrated all the time. Aside from feeling parched, this humid weather makes me rather sleepy and I don't exactly know why. So it's hard for me to say no to a cold coffee drink at the moment.My ...

Review: Teeth Whitening with Crest 3D White whitestrips

05/23/2014 01:09:54 AM

A person's smile is their first point of communication, so you want that smile to sparkle! Not blessed in the dental department had me looking for ways to get my pearly whites to shine bright like a diamond. But first, here's a little history: ...

Review: Avon Over Nature Lipsticks + Swatches

05/18/2014 22:49:39 PM

When I dropped by the Avon office a few days ago, a huge poster caught my attention. It was an ad for their newest Over Nature Lipstick line and I couldn't tear my eyes off the damn thing. It was a sight for sore eyes! The packaging of the lippies ...

Review: The Queen's Essentials Ultimate Peeling Set + Giveaway

05/14/2014 09:20:38 AM

After all the fun in the sun, some tans don't fade as fast you want them to. I, for one, have that kind of skin which takes months and months before my tan completely goes away. So if you're done with summer already and want to move on, there's ...

Maripipi and Sambawan Island FAM Tour and Product Run (Biliran Province)

05/12/2014 22:30:16 PM

On May 5 and 6, I was thrilled to join the fam tour and tourism product run for Maripipi and Sambawan Island in Biliran together with tourism officials from DOT Region 8, tour operators from Tacloban and Ormoc City, official tour guides, local ...

April 2014 BDJ BOX Pixy Exclusive 7-day Day Challenge + Mini Reviews

05/07/2014 02:13:42 AM

The April BDJBOX is anything but ordinary. Another exclusive box and this time it's packed with Indonesian-based cosmetics line named Pixy, offering products formulated using the best Japanese technology and ingredients. Their slogan, "TRULY ...

5-MINUTE MAKEUP CHALLENGE! (For Casual Everyday Look)

04/29/2014 21:19:27 PM

Contrary to what most people believe in that I need at least an hour to do my makeup, I actually need only at least 20-30 minutes. But to answer your question on what I do when I'm in a serious hurry and if I had just 5 minutes to do my makeup, ...

I Want To Be Part of Sample Room's Blogger Circle!

04/27/2014 00:52:03 AM

I am not afraid of change. In fact, I crave for it. Being born and raised in this provincial life, it is expected to live by traditions and follow certain rules and routines. However, I don't want to be just another sheep in a herd. I've always ...

Basta Igat, Sikat!'s Beauty Box Birthday Blowout!

04/18/2014 12:52:12 PM

“Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but from what we give.”As promised, here I am hosting another giveaway for my birthday! Whopeeeee! And this time I put together a beauty box containing 11 beauty items for one lucky Basta Igat, ...

How to Cover & Conceal (Acne, Blemishes, and Other Imperfections) with Naturactor Cover Face Concealer and Foundation

04/15/2014 18:52:01 PM

The video that everyone's been waiting for is here! Finally, I got around to filming how I use my ultimate favorite concealer, Naturactor Cover Face. I'll have you know I'm not very good at editing videos so pardon me if I totally suck at it ...

Defending the #Selfie and How To Take The Perfect Selfie

04/10/2014 17:35:31 PM

If taking pictures of oneself is linked to a mental illness then what does that make me? I've been doing this for more than 10 years, before selfies even became mainstream. We didn't call it a "SELFIE" back then. We had a more intense term for ...

How To Stay Young In The Sun: Beach Trip to Macrohon (Southern Leyte) with my new beach buddies, Belo SunExpert Transparent Mist SPF50 and Face Cover SPF40

04/08/2014 13:59:35 PM

Before you embark on a far island getaway, have you ever stopped to think that paradise is just around the riverbend? I mean, the Philippines has 7,107 islands. I don't think I'll ever get to see all her wonderful tourist destinations in this ...

Secrets of Spy Gal: March 2014 #BDJBOX 7-day Challenge (Benefit product mini-reviews!)

04/06/2014 20:13:59 PM

Get ready to be prepped and primed! This year's summer heat wave is going to be pretty challenging as it is sure to melt our made up faces in no time, but fret not. every beauty problem has a solution. The MARCH BDJBOX got you covered! Here, ...

How To Get Rid of Acne & Pimples: The Original Local Obagi Review and Beauty Diary 2014 (Updated Until Best Results Are Achieved!) + Giveaway!

04/02/2014 03:03:50 AM

When you find something that works for you, you hold on and stay with it. It's like falling in love. When you find The One, you'd be a fool to let that one go. Sadly, I had to let this thing go even if it broke my heart to a thousand pieces ...

Review: Colour Collection Ultimate Wear Lipstick in Headturner

03/28/2014 22:18:14 PM

Because I was not born to blend in, I was born to stand out!As epic as the name of the lipstick is, it really is the most attention-grabbing of the bunch that I was able to grab from Sample Room. As you know, you can try out these lippies for ...

Review: Only Styling by CYNOS Camopaste (Clay Modeling Paste) - best for pixie cuts and short hair styles!

03/23/2014 21:23:06 PM

So... my hair is growing faster than I would have wanted it to and is now also growing a mind of its own which needs to be tamed. Nevertheless, I'm happy to say that after month's use of CYNOS tHAIRapy with argan oil, along with the shampoo ...

New hair color for 2014: Light Matte Blonde

03/19/2014 06:45:07 AM

A month ago I dyed my hair with a color that I just recently discovered existed! I got it from a local beauty supplier for less than a hundred bucks. Not sure what the brand is or its history, reliability, and overall quality. The packaging ...

Makeup Monday / EOTD: Dark vs Bright Eyeshadows + Giveaway

03/03/2014 05:06:32 AM

Hello, everyone! I'm back with an eyeshadow feature and a new giveaway! Are you excited as I am? Okay, here we go...Because one #EOTD isn't enough and I have two eyes, I figured why not do a back-to-back DARK vs BRIGHT makeup look?! Here's a ...

Review: Avon Illuminating Face Pearls (Highlighter/Luminizer) and BDJBOX 7-day Challenge

02/26/2014 17:36:42 PM

A year ago, I had no idea what a highlighter or luminizer for the face was and then when I learned about it, I couldn't live without it. It's one of the secrets to healthy looking and glowing skin (or face). Some people would ask me why in my ...

My first prepaid package + my first Android phone (with mini-review) & How to Root your O+ 8.52 Android.

02/25/2014 01:12:03 AM

Cue in Anna singing, "For the first time in forever..." *record scratch* Okay, no more Frozen soundtrack L.S.S. What? You can't stop singing Let It Go, too? Last song syndrome. Tsk.Anyway, the second month of 2014 is here and I've lived almost ...

How To Change Your Complexion/Skintone: CaiMei Milk Essence Whitening, Moistening & Nourishing Lotion Review

02/23/2014 19:59:21 PM

Hey, everyone! I'm back with a hot new review of an ever popular INSTANT whitening milk lotion. Now take note I say instant because this doesn't take 7 days or a fortnight to see results. I can't stress it enough... THIS IS INSTANT, BABY! In ...

Ravishing Romantic: Soft Smokey Brown Eyes Tutorial with Sigma brushes

02/17/2014 20:22:27 PM

Step-by-step light brown smokey eyes makeup tutorialThis is a step-by-step tutorial I took some time to create for you guys. My tripod broke so please be a little forgiving with my photos and also I haven't perfected the lighting in my room ...

A Yummy Valentines Day: The Cream Factory Scrub-in-a-Tub review

02/14/2014 21:47:44 PM

Happy Hearts Day, y'all!While most ladies are busy unwrapping the chocolates they received today, I on the other hand was busy wrapping myself in chocolate. Literally. Today, the chocoholic in me, ascended to Cloud 9 as I bathed in chocolate. ...

The Philippines Says “Thank You” To The World #PHthankyou

02/08/2014 09:10:46 AM

In a show of appreciation, on February 8, the Philippines will launch a global “Thank You” campaign around the world to express its gratitude for the outpouring of support following the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan which hit three ...

Liquid Gold from Morocco: Cynos argan oil review

02/04/2014 04:30:01 AM

When I was a little girl, I was curious as to why my grandmother would put oil in her hair and sometimes she would try to put some in mine. She said it should make hair shiny and full of life, but I had such oily hair growing up so I didn't ...

Time to shine: Becoming a Beauty Blogger.

01/29/2014 21:07:26 PM

When I decided to try becoming a "beauty blogger" in the Summer of 2013, I was a bit apprehensive considering I just turned 30 and most gurus (the popular ones) who I've been following are younger than I am. Why now? Honestly, way

My wish for #GLOBEProjectWonderful2014: Better and more eco-friendly homes in the Philippines!

01/20/2014 08:03:37 AM

As I write this blog entry, I can hear the wind howling outside my window. The weather hasn't been entirely great the past week forcing a number of people to miss the Sinulog because of cancelled trips, although some managed to take trips to ...

Avon MakeUp Council: Meet The Metallics! (+ Ultra Color Lipstick, Glimmersticks Lip Liner, & Super Drama Mascara reviews)

01/14/2014 04:13:15 AM

I've already done blog reviews for THE BLUES and THE GREENS, and naturally comes the last but not the least, THE METALLICS. This is another 8-in-1 palette consisting of various different colors that are frosted. They are mainly dark and pigmented ...

Avon Makeup Council: That green-eyed monster with Avon 8-in-1 eyeshadow palette in The Greens (review and swatches)

01/07/2014 04:24:48 AM

Have you seen my previous post about Avon's 8-in-1 palette in various shades of BLUE? Well, this one is a similar palette with mainly greens and neutral colors. I should say I love this palette more and that it somewhat reminds of me of my Urban ...

Avon Makeup Council: Holiday Blues (Glimmersticks eyeliner and 8-in-1 eyeshadow palette review!)

01/06/2014 23:36:16 PM

No, this is not a post about depression or stress brought about by the holidays, but this is to celebrate the color BLUE this season. Now, we know green and red are everywhere this time of the year, but for me there's always room for blues and ...

Certification Available in Oracle’s Database Pathway

01/06/2014 10:38:05 AM

The Oracle Database certification pathway is a perfect choice for individuals who have experience installing, configuring, managing, and administering database technologies. Several technologies are available for certification, while individuals ...

Hello 2014! NYE #eotd and the Love The Skin You're In Giveaway!

01/05/2014 13:36:03 PM

I wanted to meet the New Year with a bang or "pasabog" (thus, the giveaway). But I also wanted to create a look that will let me shine and give positive vibes to usher in 2014. So I picked gold... I created 2 looks, one for daytime and the other ...

BastaIgatSikat's 10th Anniversary Blog Giveaway: Win a 2014 BDJ Power Planner!

01/02/2014 03:01:27 AM

After browsing through my blog entries over the years, I feel really accomplished right now. From a lost little girl to a rebellious twenteen, a social butterfly turned solitary then to bouts of anger and depression and manic moments, all of ...

DIY: How To Make A Lantaka (home-made bazooka!) for the New Year

12/30/2013 21:59:41 PM

After the tragedy brought about by Yolanda, the idea of celebrating much more spending thousands for firecrackers is improbable. But come New Year's Eve, the kids and the people in my community, my neighborhood in Cantubo here in Ormoc City, ...