Barbados Economy in Neutral

11/05/2014 20:00:40 PM

Everywhere Barbadians on the Rock turn we are being bombarded by talking heads on the economy economists included. Many have forgotten it is the economists who are mainly responsible for the economic policies which have helped to wreck our ...

NYPD Chief Philip Banks Exposes Police Department Top Echelon is Unacceptably Dominated by White Males

11/05/2014 15:57:07 PM

Op Ed  – by Rickford Burke, President of the New York Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) The resignation of Chief Philip Banks, the highest ranking African-American official, of the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is an ...

Cash Flow Minister Sinckler?

11/04/2014 17:27:14 PM

Extracted from Facebook: ”So Chris Sinkler say that due to cash flow problems Bajans might get Tax Certificates instead of their income tax returns. What kind of fucking cash flow problems they could have and buying new raaasssshhhhole Rav4s ...

November is the Month of Independence

11/03/2014 23:59:51 PM

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Do We Need Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Bridgetown?

11/03/2014 23:07:18 PM

Submitted by Anthony Davis “Not Browne’s Beach! Attorney-at-law David Comissiong made this plea to the Government on Saturday night while addressing a meeting staged by the University of Independence Square in the city. Responding to la ...

November Arrivals Will Tell a Story

11/03/2014 02:30:36 AM

November, I believe, will be the first litmus test month of whether or not any changes have been taking place over this year in the marketing of Barbados to indicate recovery of long stay visitor numbers to our shores. November … Continue ...

November Arrivals Will Tell a Story

11/03/2014 02:30:36 AM

November, I believe, will be the first litmus test month of whether or not any changes have been taking place over this year in the marketing of Barbados to indicate recovery of long stay visitor numbers to our shores. November … Continue ...

Media LOCK!

11/02/2014 16:45:01 PM

Submitted by Anthony Davis “Deputy Chief education officer David Clement and two other senior education officers were under a tree just outside the principal’s office during the exchange. When Clement was approached, he responded:”T

The Thomas Sankara Philosophy: Revolution, Betrayal, Learnings

11/02/2014 05:51:10 AM

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National Union of Public Workers Blowing HOT Air

11/01/2014 18:07:10 PM

Submitted by HAMILTON HILL On this a brisk and dreary first of November morning on Long Island the obvious change in the temperature dictates a change in the way one spends a day off from work in say July, August … Continue reading →

Rodney Wilkinson Released from Prison, FINALLY!

11/01/2014 08:48:56 AM

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Barbadian the Consumate Anglophile

08/03/2014 02:16:26 AM

Submitted by the Mahogany Coconut Think Tank and Watchdog Group “The same way no Jews will overlook the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis, Barbadians must never overlook the significance of Emancipation Day. Indeed, for us it must be seen ...

Barbados – The Prescription

06/11/2014 02:27:20 AM

Submitted by M.R.Thompson The Barbadian Economy and Finances are suffering from a self inflicted malady and urgently in need of a CURE. The prescription is a foul concoction and unpalatable which will no doubt result in severe blame the other ...

Whoso Keepeth His Mouth and His Tongue Keepeth His Soul From Troubles

01/13/2014 18:01:52 PM

Submitted by Quinzel (BU looks forward to the BU intelligentsia translating this submission) Here is valuable wisdom! If you rule your speech, you will save yourself from trouble. Your mouth and tongue are two of your greatest enemies. If you ...

Owen Arthur ‘Hits’ Mia Mottley, Again – Clyde Mascoll, Clear Heir Apparent, With Kerrie Symmonds as Placeholder

01/13/2014 17:34:08 PM

Submitted by Pachamama The Nation Newspaper today carries the essential components of an internal party memorandum from Owen Seymour Arthur (OSA) to Kerrie Symmonds. A memo which is reported to have expressed a ‘lack of confidence’ in Mia ...

The Uff Bluff

01/13/2014 17:18:35 PM

Reblogged from On December 11, I wrote 'Invader's Bay Review' in this space, calling for an immediate public review of that improper large-scale development being proposed on reclaimed State lands in west POS.  I also took ...

Barbados Authority Gambles on Sandals Lifeline

01/13/2014 04:25:51 AM

It is now more than two months since the former Casuarina Beach Resort was re-branded as Sandals Barbados and Government granted the company unprecedented extraordinary concessions, creating probably the single largest unlevel playing field ...

The Back Story on Mia Mottley

01/11/2014 23:04:38 PM

Submitted by Mark Please permit me some space on your blog to share some information regarding the leadership of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). It must be made known what damage Mia Mottley is doing to this party. Mia has … Continue reading ...

Fire Minister Denis Lowe, NOW!

01/11/2014 15:35:16 PM

The following communication is bouncing around in cyberspace. 400 workers gone home from Ministry of the Environment and yet bad boy Minister Dennis Lowe could allow Bizzy and Williams Industries to end up with a Cost Plus 20% contract? What ...

The Final Collapse – Debt, Credit, Capital & Investment

01/10/2014 20:00:22 PM

Submitted by Pachamama “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of a voluntary abandonment of further credit ...

No Gimmicks

01/10/2014 19:08:16 PM

Submitted by Douglas The DLP is on the right track to restore growth to the Barbados economy. We are having constructive dialogue with stakeholders to implement the tough measures and minimise the impact on those affected. We have started that ...

Notes From a Native Son: A Drowning Government Clutches at Straws

01/09/2014 18:41:38 PM

Introduction: Now that we are having the debate over the mismanagement of the Barbados economy and the failure of monetary and fiscal policy, it is important that we turn our attention to the question of the wider macro-economic winds facing ...

Sandals Documents

01/09/2014 18:13:04 PM

Office of the Contractor General Writes to Prime Minister to Recommend Halt of Sale of Sandals Whitehouse Hotel to Gorstew Limited Kingston; January 19, 2011; The Office of the Contractor General (OCG) has today written to Prime Minister, the ...

Aquaponics Versus the Pet Dog

01/09/2014 17:41:11 PM

Submitted by Ready done Aquaponics is the food production system the world is upgrading to from conventional industrial farming. The major problem it solves is that potassium fertilizer taken from mines and used to help crops produces 40% more ...

The D in DLP

01/09/2014 17:07:02 PM

Submitted by Dercris In 1992 [former Prime Minister] Sandiford went to Rio to a UN Global Climate Change Conference. He ended his speech with a (very bad) poem he had written Ode to the Environment much to the embarrassment  of … Continue ...

Fisheries – understanding the flying fish problem

01/08/2014 17:34:54 PM

If we are going to restructure the Barbadian economy successfully, a radical change in attitudes and government policy in the areas of agriculture and fisheries is required. The objective of this article is to educate readers to the point where ...