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Top 5 SEO powerful books terrific boost for Publisher

02/12/2017 23:20:00 PM

#Best books to boost your content:  OneHow to build social Media strategy - Have you been staring at a blank slate without any inspiration for your social media marketing? Do you struggle to... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website ...

The best Multi purpose Language Python, why it is so useful

02/12/2017 01:27:00 AM

#Python and its powerful uses:I have recently started learning Python. During my learning time my friends have asked since you are interested in analytics why you need to learn Python. I explained... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

The best 5 R Language Basics for Data analytics real time

02/01/2017 11:22:00 AM

In the early days, a key feature of R was that its syntax is very similar to S, making it easy for S-PLUS users to switch over. While the R’s syntax is nearly identical to that of S’s, R’s... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...

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01/29/2017 03:02:26 AM

Our #1 Best-Selling Drone--Meet the Dark Night of the Sky!

The most in demand 3D Rendering Skills and Jobs

01/28/2017 01:51:00 AM

#The powerful points on 3DRendering:In the real world, light sources emit photons that normally travel in straight lines until they interact with a surface or a volume. When a photon encounters a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...

The best Tableau tutorial ultimate topics explained with examples

01/22/2017 21:53:00 PM

The below is complete list of free tutorials where you master all the basics that including how to install free versions on your system. The next benefit you will see in real-time how to use tableau.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

The 10 top differences UNIX Vs LINUX

01/12/2017 00:15:00 AM

#The 10 top differences UNIX Vs LINUX:UNIX is an operating system which was first developed in the 1960s, and has been under constant development ever since. By operating system, we mean the suite of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

The best 15 mostly asked Java Interview Questions

01/07/2017 04:57:00 AM

1. What is JVM? Why is Java called the ‘Platform Independent Programming Language’?JVM, or the Java Virtual Machine, is an interpreter which accepts ‘Bytecode’ and executes it.Java has been termed as... [[ This is a content summary only. ...

The most selling Online courses on Udemy

01/07/2017 04:51:00 AM

1. Web development By the end of this course you will have the confidence and ability to create beautiful, functional websites. This course is project based so you be jumping into building your... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...

How to remove Objects in R simple command

01/04/2017 00:46:00 AM

The entities that R creates and manipulates are known as objects. These may be variables, arrays of numbers, character strings, functions, or more general structures built from such components.... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...

How to use Help command in R Language to quick answer

01/01/2017 16:30:00 PM

#How to use Help command in R Language to quick answer:R has an inbuilt help facility similar to the man facility of UNIX. To get more information on any specific named function, for example solve,... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit ...

What is storage area networks used for?

12/27/2016 09:40:00 AM

SANs are primarily used to enhance storage devices, such as disk arrays, tape libraries, and optical jukeboxes, accessible to servers so that the devices appear to the operating system as locally... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my ...

The 8 best 2017 books for super successful life

12/25/2016 03:12:00 AM

#The 8 best 2017 books for super successful life1. 10 Percent EntrepreneurEveryone knows that building a startup means hard work and long hours, with payment in stock that may turn out to be... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website ...

Best IT career Data analyst in FMCG sector

11/16/2016 10:25:23 AM

Data analyst is a great demanding career in FMCG sector. The below are the key areas where data analytics can be applied in FMCG sector. There are many areas in FMCG sector one can get great insights. I have given some most useful thought that ...

Python First Commands to run on Interpreter, for first time Users

11/03/2016 00:16:59 AM

The first point I need to tell, the Python is a dynamic , interpreted language. The next best point is there are no type declarations for:VariablesMethodsParametersFunctionsWhy Python code is so short?The main reason is no compile is required. ...

How to write and check result in your first Python Program

10/29/2016 02:05:23 AM

The first Python progrm looks like the belowMy first progrsm: def buildConnectionString(params):"""Build a connection string from a dictionary of parameters.Returns string."""return ";".join(["%s=%s" % (k, v) for k, v in param ...

Top Code format Tools for developers to increase productivity

10/28/2016 11:08:44 AM

The best code formatting Tools for developers. So that developers can increase their productivity in formatting.SQL FormatterThis tool helps you format your SQL Queries instantly.Java Code format ToolThis tool is one of the best tool to format ...

How to use Python Interactive Shell in an easy way

10/28/2016 00:54:54 AM

[Python Interactive Shell]It's like this: Python leads a double life. It's an interpreter for scripts that you can run from the command line or run like applications, by double-clicking the scripts.

The informative Python Command line options, save your time

10/28/2016 00:52:10 AM

[Python command line options]The complete list of command line options-bIssue warnings for calling str() with a bytes or bytearray object and no encoding argument, and comparing a bytes or bytearray with a str. Option -bb issues errors instead.-BDo ...

New IT skill: How to design Intelligent Things

10/25/2016 12:42:22 PM

Now the world is mature enough to design devices and connect them with some intelligence and should give some benefit to users. The basics about Intelligent things is - Design the appliances with some kind of software, and that in turn should ...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Intelligent Apps for new mobile World

10/22/2016 10:47:21 AM

[Intelligent Apps - A new Skill]I just want to share a awesome and the most demanding skills in Mobile world. These are skilled and experienced developers in the filed of "Intelligent Apps".Before you get into Intelligent Apps you need to know ...

The best way to make two page Resume for sure success

10/14/2016 00:04:26 AM

[useful resume tips

Before Steps: How to develop your first amazing android app

10/05/2016 00:56:19 AM

The first step in creating mobile applications for your business is a basic understanding of your options. Before you start your own android apps development you need to know the below tips and ideas.

Short List: The useful Cloud Terminology for new Beginners

09/14/2016 07:20:32 AM

AWSThe organizational unit of Amazon that provides a variety of cloud services. AWS operates from 11 physical locations across North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.Content delivery network (CDN)A distributed system consisting ...

2 Myths about Python String Comparison

09/01/2016 00:13:44 AM

Python String ComparisonComparing Strings

How To Solve Excel problems with best SAS utility

08/29/2016 23:31:03 PM

Reading an Excel file into SASSuppose that you have an Excel spreadsheet called

10 Excel topics for an excellent data career

08/28/2016 07:35:29 AM

The below listed topics help you get solid footing in Excel Analytics. Just practice these 10 topics step by step and by completing all, you will be an expert in Excel.

Best Article on IOT how implemented in Auto insurance

08/24/2016 11:05:35 AM

Mile-based insurance an application of IoTIoT in the connected car is transforming how insurance premiums can be calculated. With the help of a small wireless device that plugs into the diagnostic port, Metromile offers a “per-mile” usage-based ...

Linux Program and Certification from Linux Professional Institute

08/21/2016 04:51:23 AM

Quick Steps: IoT in Healthcare and IT skills you need

08/09/2016 11:29:13 AM

IOT in HealthCareIoT and multimedia technologies have made their entrance in the healthcare field thanks to ambient-assisted living and telemedicine. Smart devices, mobile Internet, and Cloud services contribute to the continuous and systematic ...

Quick Guide: Machine Learning Examples and Uses

08/02/2016 00:52:15 AM

Machine Learning Examples:

High value IT Skills to get top jobs in e-commerce

08/01/2016 00:00:22 AM

IT Skills for e-comm jobsTechnology and digital marketing-related skills are in huge demand as e-commerce companies have got big-ticket investments.Domestic consumption of technology, especially in mobile telephony, is on the rise.The traditional ...

5 Essential IT Skills for Data Engineers

07/12/2016 11:35:57 AM

30 High Paying IT JobsSkill-1Experience working with big data tools such as MapReduce, Pig, Spark, Kafka and NoSQL data stores such as MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, etc.Skill-2Expertise in multi-structured data modeling, reporting on NoSQL & structured ...

Human Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

07/05/2016 23:05:57 PM

Human Intelligence: A leading researcher in human intelligence, suggests ``as a heuristic hypothesis'' that all normal humans have the same intellectual mechanisms and that differences in intelligence are related to ``quantitative biochemical ...

Should You have CSE degree to become a Programmer

06/29/2016 11:42:11 AM

Data Engineers MentorWhile the debate over the value of a computer science degree rages on, these programming leaders emphasize the importance of a well-rounded education, with plenty of time spent studying subjects beyond the console."The biggest ...

6 Different Skills You Need for Artificial Intelligence Career

06/17/2016 07:40:42 AM

Acquire the knowledge and skills for developing various intelligent information systems through a basic grasp of computer science and information processing technology. Courses : Computer programming, data structure and algorithms, programming ...

On-line Data Science Course for Mainframe Developers

06/06/2016 22:15:19 PM

Mainframe developers eagerly looking for alternative IT courses to grow in their career. This post gives answers how they can implement their business knowledge gained over a period of time. Data Science is very interesting subject and by learning ...

IOT Project for B.Tech -ECE Students

06/02/2016 10:24:11 AM

IoT provides networking to connect people, things, applications, and data through the Internet to enable remote control, management, and interactive integrated services. IoT network scale, how large is it? Well, you have to think of this. The ...

16 Top IT Skills You need for Smart Cities Development

05/31/2016 09:24:06 AM

There are currently 18.2 billion connections to the internet throughout the world, and this will increase to 50 billion by 2020. The amount of data being transmitted via these connections has grown from 3ZB (3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes) ...

How to Create Sample Application with Ruby on Rails

05/18/2016 12:16:05 PM

You’ve probably already used many of the applications that were built with Ruby on Rails:

2 Major Differences Between Computer Science and Information Science Courses

05/11/2016 11:07:44 AM

Computer Science:Computer scientists are, in fact, scientists. They are focused with the theory of computational applications. That means they understand the “why” behind computer programs. Using algorithms and advanced mathematics, computer ...

SPARK is Replacement for MapReduce in Bigdata Real Analytics!

04/21/2016 08:58:58 AM

Apache Spark is among the Hadoop ecosystem technologies acting as catalysts for broader adoption of big data infrastructure. Now, Looker -- a vendor of business intelligence software -- has announced support for Spark and other Hadoop technologies. ...

SPARK is Leading Skill Set Fetching More Jobs

04/20/2016 23:34:44 PM

Spark: With job postings up 120% year-over-year on Dice, demand for this open-source cluster-computing framework is broad-based. Government contractors and financial-services firms are just a few of the groups eager to find candidates with this ...

Chaid a Skillset for Data Science Engineers

04/12/2016 22:49:46 PM

The CHAID Analysis (Chi Square Automatic Interaction Detection) is a form of analysis that determines how variables best combine to explain the outcome in a given dependent variable. The model can be used in cases of market penetration, predicting ...

Ceph Data Storage A Solution for Vast Amount of Organizations Data

04/08/2016 14:30:05 PM

The power of Ceph can transform your organization’s IT infrastructure and your ability to manage vast amounts of data. If your organization runs applications with different storage interface needs, Ceph is for you! Ceph’s foundation is the ...

OpenStack Private Cloud, What IT Developers Should Learn

04/08/2016 07:45:00 AM

An example of OpenStack Usage:The second largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen Group, will use the open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack to build a private cloud that will host websites for its brands VW, Audi and Porsche, ...

How IoT Projects You can Implement in Transport and Traffic Management

04/04/2016 23:19:46 PM

IoT enabling traffic management and control: Cars should be able to organise themselves in order to avoid traffic jams and to optimise drive energy usage. This may be done in coordination and cooperation with the infrastructure of a smart city’s ...

5 Most Frequently Asked Aws Tricky Questions

03/29/2016 22:00:50 PM

Question How do you store objects in Reduced Redundancy Storage in S3?1. Specify REDUCED_REDUNDANCY tags in the HTML code.2. Specify REDUCED_MIRRORING on a PUT request using an optional header.3.Specify LOW_REPLICATION on a PUT request using ...

3 Valuable IT Skills new IT Professionals Should have in IT as a Service

03/29/2016 21:51:51 PM

What are the skills needed by the new IT professional who helps the organization transition to IT-as-a-Service ? Inorder to lead their organizations to the cloud, IT professionals must focus on three fundamental areas:Core Virtualization Skill ...

LInux Program and Certification from Linux Professional Institue

03/27/2016 22:27:08 PM

Amazon Certified Developer Exam and Eligibility

03/26/2016 00:22:29 AM


How to Write Your First ksh Script in UNIX

03/23/2016 22:27:11 PM

When you login into UNIX, you are first be in the home directory:$/home:Then you can issue

11 Hadoop PIG Complex Interview Questions

03/21/2016 23:40:44 PM

1). What is PIG?PIG is a platform for analyzing large data sets that consist of high level language for expressing data analysis programs, coupled with infrastructure for evaluating these programs. PIG’s infrastructure layer consists of a ...

AWS CloudFormation and Making Template: 3 Precious Ideas

03/20/2016 23:04:03 PM

AWS CloudFormation is a service that helps you model and set up your Amazon Web Services resources so that you can spend less time managing those resources and more time focusing on your applications that run in AWS.You create a template that ...

5 Most Frequently Asked Aws Tricky Questions

03/19/2016 23:46:02 PM

Amazon Web Services JobsQuestion How do you store objects in Reduced Redundancy Storage in S3?1. Specify REDUCED_REDUNDANCY tags in the HTML code.2. Specify REDUCED_MIRRORING on a PUT request using an optional header.3.Specify LOW_REPLICATION ...

5 Must Know Key Differences of AWS EMR and Hadoop in Big data Processing

03/18/2016 01:36:29 AM

With Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) you can analyze and process vast amounts of data.Step-1 -It does this by distributing the computational work across a cluster of virtual servers running in the Amazon cloud. The cluster is managed using ...

5 Things About Amazon EC2 You Need to Focus!

03/13/2016 23:18:05 PM

EC2 is the basic fundamental block around which the AWS are structured.EC2 provides remote operations of virtual machines (VM) on Amazon’s infrastructure.A single VM is called an instance, and there are different instance types that differ ...

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon Machine Image(AMI)

03/13/2016 08:01:02 AM

Essentially a virtual machine image or snapshot ”An Amazon Machine Image (AMI) is a special type of pre-configured operating system and virtual application software which is used to create a virtual machine within the Amazon Elastic Compute ...

Why MySQL You Need to Master for Data Analytics Jobs

03/10/2016 21:41:54 PM

Before you can start analyzing data, you are going to actually have to have some data on hand. That means a database – preferably a relational one.If you had your sights set on a non-relational, NoSQL database solution, you might want to step ...

AWS Basics for Software Engineers

03/08/2016 22:46:42 PM

What you can do with AWS?Store public or private data.Host a static website.These websites use client-side technologies (such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) to display content that doesn't change frequently. A static website doesn't require ...

Local Time Support in Amazon Aurora -New Feature

03/04/2016 09:31:24 AM

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible relational database management system (RDBMS) that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. It provides up to ...

How Hadoop is Suitable for Data Available on Legacy Systems

03/03/2016 10:50:59 AM

How should we be thinking about migrating data from legacy systems?Treat legacy data as you would any other complex data type. HDFS acts as an active archive, enabling you to cost effectively store data in any form for as long as you like and ...

JSON Quick Guide for Legacy Programmers

03/03/2016 10:39:57 AM

JSON or JavaScript Object Notation is a lig htweig ht is a text-based open standard desig ned for humanreadable data interchang e. Conventions used by JSON are known to prog rammers which include C, C++, Java, Python, Perl etc.JSON stands for ...

The Time Is Running Out! Think About These 2 Projects on Internet-of-things

02/15/2016 23:53:20 PM

IoT enabling traffic management and control: Cars should be able to organise themselves in order to avoid traffic jams and to optimise drive energy usage. This may be done in coordination and cooperation with the infrastructure of a smart city’s ...

How Linux is Most Popular Operating System

02/15/2016 00:47:08 AM

Today more than 97 percent of the world's supercomputers (including the complete top 10), more than 80 percent of all smartphones, many millions of desktop computers, around 70 percent of all web servers, a large chunk of tablet computers, and ...

15 Artificial Intelligence Real Time Applications You Need to Know

02/11/2016 01:14:25 AM

The below 3 IT skills asking for all the jobs for Artificial intelligence.Experience writing SQL queries to interface to a MySQL database.Experience with R and Perl programmingExperience with

Best Acronyms for Different IT Skills

02/09/2016 00:23:16 AM

You don’t need to be an IT expert to recruit and hire great technology candidates. Use Dice’s Technical Skills Glossary as your handy reference for easy-to-understand definitions on popular IT skills.Read more here.http://feeds.feedburn ...

3 Stunning Points of PROTOCOL Basic Functionality in Networking

02/07/2016 22:11:14 PM


How to Identify Data Relevant for Data Science Analytics

02/04/2016 06:30:01 AM

Data is everywhere: your government, your web server,your business partners, even your body. While we aren’t drowning in a sea of data, we’re finding that almost everything can (or has) been instrumented.We frequently combine publishing ...

Apply Big Analytics -IoT Best Selected Interview Questions Part-1 to 6

02/02/2016 21:19:09 PM

Hot+Hadoop+Jobs and Skills Mostly Companies looking forBelow are the selected interview Questions on Internet of things:Best Internet of things interview questions-part-1Best Internet of things interview questions-part-2Best Internet of things ...

Applications in Focus in the age of Internet-of-Things

02/01/2016 06:33:00 AM

New types of applications can involve the electric vehicle and the smart house, in which appliances and services that provide notifications, security, energy-saving, automation, telecommunication, computers and entertainment are integrated into ...

Key Synergy in Connecting Devices of Internet-of-things

01/31/2016 07:24:56 AM

[ IoT is making new dimensions to Internet ]Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept and a paradigm that considers pervasive presence in the environment of a variety of things/objects that through Internet of Things: Converging Technologies wireless ...

6 Most Popular IoT Protocols Currently Being Used

01/27/2016 10:30:04 AM

CoAP: Constrained Application Protocol.MQTT: Message Queue Telemetry Transport.

IoT -Why Protocols Playing a Major Role in Device to Device Communication

01/27/2016 07:30:08 AM

The IoT envisions hundreds or thousands of end-devices with sensing, actuating, processing, and communication capabilities able to be connected to the Internet. These devices can be directly connected using cellular technologies such as 2G/3G/Long ...

4 Upcoming New Protocols in Internet-of-things

01/26/2016 09:40:12 AM

4 New

5 Top Internet-of-things Quiz for Software Developers

01/24/2016 22:08:39 PM

Internet-of-Things+Jobs+SkillsA report from Business Indider- Here are a few of the key findings from the BI Intelligence report:The Internet of Things will be the largest device market in the world. We estimate that by 2019 it will be more ...

Role of Analyst in Data Analytics Project

01/20/2016 20:14:51 PM

ETL+Developer+JobsYou’re going to be collecting lots of interesting data, but it won’t be very valuable unless someone uses it! You’ll need at least one person on your team who is very

How to Use dir() and getwd() using R Language

01/18/2016 21:00:35 PM

If R is not finding the file you are trying to read then it may be looking in the wrong folder/directory. If you are using the graphical interface you can change the working directory from the file menu.Related: JOBS in R LanguageIf you are ...

5 Things Mainframe Programmers Must Know About NetCOBOL

01/17/2016 21:17:15 PM

NetCOBOL+Jobs+Skills+NeededNetCOBOL is an open platform COBOL development environment which takes advantage of the features of COBOL and is ready for the latest technology and a state-of-the-art environment as well.NetCOBOL is a trademark or ...

How Mainframe Programmers Can Learn R and Basic Key Contents in R Language

01/15/2016 21:40:21 PM

IT+Jobs with R Language SkillsWhy R? It's free, open source, powerful and highly extensible. "You have a lot of prepackaged stuff that's already available, so you're standing on the shoulders of giants," Google's chief economist told The New ...

Top Niche Skills You Need for Big Data Career

01/10/2016 04:55:26 AM

The following niche skills recruiter looking in Big Data Anaytics professionals:CreativityAnalytical SkillsBusiness Analysis SkillsBusiness Intelligence SkillsIT Technical SkillsRelated: Hot IT Skills in 2016 ...

How to Select Which Programming Language is Suitable for a Project

01/09/2016 02:30:22 AM

The choice of a programming language is often dictated by other real-world constraints such as cost, availability, training, and prior investment, or even emotional attachment. Since these aspects are highly variable, it seems a waste of time ...

5 Best Features and Development Model for Agile

01/08/2016 20:18:25 PM


What is so Trendy in Data Visualization and Reporting

12/30/2015 05:30:03 AM

[Data Visualization hot jobs]Data Visualization:

Complete Videos of IBM Watson IoT

12/26/2015 08:52:16 AM

Watson IoT is a set of capabilities that learn from, and infuse intelligence into, the physical world. The Internet of Things-generated data is growing twice as fast as social and computer-generated data, and it is extremely varied, noisy, ...

3 Best Resources and Self Study Materials on Spark Machine Learning Library (MLlib)

12/26/2015 00:35:59 AM

Spark OverviewApache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. It provides high-level APIs in Java, Scala and Python, and an optimized engine that supports general execution graphs. An execution graph describes the possible ...

5 Challenges Mostly People Look in Internet-of-Things

12/25/2015 08:00:17 AM

[Jobs on Internet of things]Security: While security considerations are not new in the context of information technology, the

The 4 Most Asked Skills for Data Science Engineers

12/23/2015 22:44:28 PM

(Data Science hot Jobs)The 4 most skills companies expects from Data Science Engineers.Paradigms and practices:

What is the meaning of Agile

12/23/2015 01:06:40 AM

Agile is a time boxed, iterative approach to software delivery that builds software incrementally from the start of the project, instead of trying to deliver it all at once near the end.It works by breaking projects down into little bits of ...

3 Major Architecture Components in QlikView

12/15/2015 21:52:03 PM

3 Major components in

The best answer for 'Efficient Workbook' in Tableau

12/07/2015 00:06:20 AM

There are several factors that define an “efficient” workbook. Some of these factors are technical and some more user-focused. An efficient workbook is:A workbook that takes advantage of the “principles of visual analysis” to effectively ...

4 Key Differences of QlikView Compared to Other Reporting Tools

12/05/2015 04:58:17 AM

(QlikView+Jobs)One of the QlikView’s primary differentiators is the associative user experience it delivers. QlikView is the leading Business Discovery platform. It enables users to explore data, make discoveries, and uncover insights that ...

Ultimate Differences between QlikView Server and QlikView Publisher

12/04/2015 07:00:07 AM


2 Scaling-Up And Scaling-out QlikView's Ideas That You Can Never Miss

12/02/2015 06:30:01 AM

In scale-up architecture, a single server is used to serve the QlikView applications. In this case, as more throughput is required, bigger and/or faster hardware (e.g. with more RAM and/or CPU capacity) are added to the same server.In scale-out ...

Ultimate Answer for difference between Storage Node and Compute Node

11/30/2015 22:59:20 PM

Compute Node: This is the computer or machine where your actual business logic will be executed.Storage Node: This is the computer or machine where your file system reside to store the processing data. In most of the cases compute node and storage ...

Five Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying DB2 NoSQL GraphStore

11/28/2015 22:32:59 PM

[ Semantic Graph Store Jobs ]One best example, prior to understanding the RDF format for Graph data model:If the graph data model is the model the semantic web uses to store data, RDF is the format in which it is written. In the first lesson, ...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Hadoop

11/28/2015 01:41:38 AM

Question 1You have written a MapReduce job that will process 500 million input records and generate 500 million key-value pairs. The data is not uniformly distributed. Your MapReduce job will create a significant amount of intermediate data ...

Five Quick Tips To Mastering Tableau Self Study Video Tutorials

11/27/2015 20:15:18 PM

(Tableau+QlikView+Jobs)The Tableau training website offers a multitude of resources for Tableau users with many of the videos being brief and addressing specific topics. This self-study syllabus organizes those videos to help you find the training ...

12 Must Read QlikView Interview Questions for Your Next Job

11/26/2015 07:00:02 AM

[QlikView Jobs]1) What is QlikView?QlikView is a program that makes it possible to retrieve and assimilate data from different sources. Once loaded into the program, the data is presented in a way that is easy to understand and work with.2) ...

You Will Never Think That Learning Scrum Vs Agile Methodology Could Be So Beneficial! But It Is!

11/20/2015 20:45:50 PM

Scrum is part of the Agile movement. Agile is a response to the failure of the dominant software development project management paradigms (including waterfall) and borrows many principles from lean manufacturing. In 2001, 17 pioneers of similar ...