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The Saddest Cat in Ohio

06/30/2014 20:18:00 PM

Yesterday I was stuck at a gas station in the city of Medina, Ohio for an hour.

Small Pet Problems & Care

06/14/2014 08:30:00 AM

I do think that parakeets were good first pets for us.I am that rare person that loves cats and dogs equally, but I have yet to find a smaller pet come even close to comparison.


04/16/2014 21:52:00 PM

My 'Nana' Tombazzi has Alzheimer's Disease.

If You Want To Make a Cat Mad, Get a Puppy

04/02/2014 22:06:00 PM

Our tuxedo cat, Seph, is probably about 14 years old.

Kita and his Protege, Pearl

03/11/2014 22:18:00 PM

Kita and Pearl are opposites in almost every way.

The Keystone XL Pipeline

03/06/2014 20:17:00 PM

I don't support the Keystone Pipeline for a variety of reasons.

Reasons to always Vote, and always vote Democrat

03/01/2014 20:08:00 PM

Politics can be frustrating, controversial, and childish.

When Kita Got Sick

02/25/2014 21:06:00 PM

Last year on my birthday, we dropped Kita off at doggy daycare for the day so that we could celebrate.

British Shows that You Need to See Now

02/08/2014 21:53:00 PM

Netflix has given us the ability to try out many TV shows that we otherwise wouldn't have noticed.

My 5 favorite Political News Sites

02/05/2014 18:56:00 PM

Before you read this, note that the sites that I visit most often have a bit of a liberal bias and focus primarily on U.S. politics.

A Husky that wins Hearts everywhere

02/02/2014 21:36:00 PM

It's difficult to describe just how much we love our Siberian Husky, Kita.

How a Young Republican Switched Parties

01/28/2014 21:04:00 PM

I remember when then-President George H.W. Bush visited my hometown.

Pet Jealousy

01/07/2014 22:19:00 PM

I think that one of our biggest struggles as pet parents is managing their jealousy of one another. All pets are unique and demand different levels of attention, but all of our pets seem to think that they should be the center of attention. ...

My Activist Pets

12/29/2013 12:19:00 PM

I love my pets so much that I decided to use their unique personalities and characteristics to help promote causes and spread important information on pet adoption and care.Kita, a Siberian Husky, is a sweet, playful dog that loves every animal ...

Snow Dogs

12/10/2013 18:42:00 PM

Kita looking pretty after getting groomed.Kita is a purebred Siberian Husky and, true to his breed, loves Ohio winters.

Our Pets' Feeding Habits Run Our Lives

11/24/2013 22:34:00 PM

Seph begs for food at the closet doorEvery morning, our cat

New Tips on Saving Money on Everyday Items

11/18/2013 21:02:00 PM

I've been on a bit of an extreme couponing fix for a few weeks and I thought I'd share some tips that I learned along the way.