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Android Oreo Released For The Nokia 5 And Nokia 6

01/30/2018 22:31:20 PM

Motorola Now Selling A Moto X4 With 6GB RAM

01/29/2018 22:23:16 PM

The Importance Of Mobile Website Performance

01/25/2018 05:46:21 AM

Wi-Fi Alliance Announces WPA3 Technology

01/19/2018 06:38:24 AM

Samsung On Palm Reading Software

01/15/2018 19:32:41 PM

Meet The Side-Channel Vulnerabilities: Meltdown and Spectre

01/10/2018 19:30:27 PM

Unlimited Data Plan Customers Use More Data Than Capped Allowance Customers

01/09/2018 21:05:32 PM

Samsung Trying Linux For The DeX Dock

01/04/2018 22:20:48 PM

Are Carriers Working To Hide Signal Strength?

01/03/2018 21:38:39 PM

Some OnePlus Customers Warned By Google Play Protect About ‘FactoryMode’

01/02/2018 17:23:42 PM

The 3GPP Has Set Down The First 5G New Radio Standard

12/28/2017 22:27:32 PM

Apple Deliberately Underclock Old iPhones, Claim It’s For The Batteries

12/27/2017 22:08:02 PM

Snap Finally Realise The Android Snapchat App Is Poor

12/26/2017 20:56:05 PM

Synaptics Announce An Under-OLED Fingerprint Sensor

12/22/2017 18:38:36 PM

BlackBerry Drop Regular Security Patches For The BlackBerry PRIV

12/20/2017 19:05:17 PM

Snapdragon 835 Powered Windows 10 Laptops Are Coming

12/19/2017 18:32:13 PM

Oracle’s Axe To Grind Against Google Isn’t Personal, They’ve Always Been Like This

12/18/2017 21:27:29 PM

AI.Type Keyboard’s User Database Was Left Unprotected

12/15/2017 19:30:58 PM

MediaTek Partners With Google To Produce Android Oreo Go Chipsets

12/14/2017 19:42:07 PM

Google Announces Android Oreo Go Edition

12/12/2017 18:21:29 PM

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Announced

12/11/2017 19:15:55 PM

AT&T And Verizon Cooperating To Build Towers In 2018

12/07/2017 23:03:48 PM

Google Introduces New Data Management App Datally

12/06/2017 21:56:38 PM

A Potential Google File Manager Called “Files Go” Briefly Appears

12/05/2017 18:17:18 PM

OnePlus Unveil A Lava Red OnePlus 5T

12/04/2017 19:00:20 PM

Google Allows Android 8.1 Oreo To Reduce Inactive Application File Sizes

11/30/2017 20:17:33 PM

Mozilla Firefox Quantum Promises To Be Much Quicker

11/29/2017 14:37:51 PM

Google Maps Adds Anticipated Waiting Time Data

11/28/2017 18:40:21 PM

MediaTek Backing Away From Flagship System-on-Chips

11/27/2017 14:00:40 PM

Motorola Were Working On A Tablet But It’s An AT&T Exclusive

11/23/2017 20:43:33 PM

AT&T, Verizon Are Still Tracking Customers

11/16/2017 20:26:21 PM

Twitter Cements The 280-Character Limit

11/14/2017 21:46:37 PM

Google Invests In Neverware

11/13/2017 21:17:16 PM

WhatsApp Introduces Location Sharing

11/06/2017 23:12:03 PM

Motorola Unveils Moto Smart Speaker And It’s Incredibly Dumb

10/30/2017 23:24:04 PM

Google Bringing More Instant Apps To The Play Store

10/26/2017 19:56:12 PM

Serious Security Flaw Discovered In Wi-Fi WPA2 Technology Called KRACK

10/24/2017 21:49:25 PM

Google Eyes Up BlackBerry And BLU’s Patent Agreement

10/23/2017 20:38:18 PM

Are The Wheels Coming Off AT&T’s $70 Billion DirecTV Investment?

10/20/2017 17:52:37 PM

Microsoft Announces Improvements To The Outlook App

10/19/2017 21:40:41 PM

Samsung Finally Releasing Windows 10 Desktop For DeX Station Customers

10/18/2017 20:19:13 PM

Google Closing “First Click Free” Paywall Circumvention

10/17/2017 19:47:03 PM

Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Launcher Available

10/16/2017 17:24:14 PM

Apple’s iPhone Designer Could Be A British Navigator

10/13/2017 15:06:18 PM

Facebook Makes Messenger Lite Officially Available In Some Developed Markets

10/13/2017 03:30:53 AM

Verizon’s Rural Roaming Challenge

10/11/2017 17:02:46 PM

ASM Downtime – “Never Settle” For Your Current Wallpaper, Check Out Pixywall

10/11/2017 03:07:04 AM

Slack Is Testing External User Account Use

10/09/2017 15:54:35 PM

Facebook Testing Facial Recognition For Account Recovery

10/09/2017 15:53:13 PM

Google Promises Three Years Of Platform Updates For The New Google Pixel 2 Family

10/05/2017 12:27:19 PM

Apple’s iPhone 8 Modems Holding Up The Industry

10/05/2017 12:26:48 PM

ASM Downtime – 5 Foosball game apps for Android

10/04/2017 16:06:46 PM

Twitter Extends Character Limit To 280 For Some Languages

10/04/2017 16:05:39 PM

Verizon Wireless Needs To Act Like The Market Leader

10/02/2017 15:35:20 PM

WhatsApp Banned From China

10/02/2017 15:17:34 PM

Zenkit Announces Google Calendar Integration

09/29/2017 14:36:12 PM

Facebook Rolling Out Crisis Response Feature

09/29/2017 14:35:49 PM

ASM Developer Chat – The Cosmic Watch: Time and Space

09/28/2017 16:27:39 PM

Android Oreo Appears Incompatible With Some Carrier Data Billing Systems

09/28/2017 16:26:11 PM

Google, Levi’s Launch The Commuter Trucker Jacket Featuring Jacquard Technology

09/27/2017 15:28:43 PM

British Royal Navy Planning Next Generation Frigate To Be Based Around App-Based Tools

09/27/2017 13:59:58 PM

Facebook Trialling A Temporary Unfollow Feature Called “Snooze”

09/27/2017 13:56:56 PM

Samsung Working Towards Foldable Displays Because… Because…

09/26/2017 14:18:57 PM

Twitter Working On A “Tweetstorm” Feature For The Android App

09/26/2017 14:13:51 PM

Google Includes Optional Support For WiFi Passpoint Into Android Oreo

09/25/2017 16:49:36 PM

Android One – Third Generation The Charm

09/25/2017 16:45:35 PM

Google Drive Keeps Android Device Backups For Sixty Days

09/22/2017 19:07:14 PM

Motorola’s Android Oreo Update List Is Disappointing

09/21/2017 14:07:51 PM

HTC Rumoured To Be Preparing An Android One Device

09/21/2017 14:00:16 PM

The Moto X4 Leaked Wearing An Android One Logo

09/20/2017 14:33:23 PM

Snapchat’s Telephone Permission Might Be Causing A Loud Beep When You Hang Up

09/20/2017 14:29:46 PM

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2017) Announced In Vietnam

09/19/2017 16:26:46 PM

The BlackBerry PRIV Won’t Be Updated To Android 7.0 Nougat

09/19/2017 16:25:38 PM

Facebook Appears To Be Working On A “Private Friends” Feature

09/19/2017 16:23:54 PM

Target binning iPod Touch for Android-based Zebra TC51 handsets

09/18/2017 14:12:56 PM

The Cosmic Watch: Time and Space App Review

09/18/2017 02:49:57 AM

Lenovo’s Productivity Interface For Android Tablets

09/15/2017 14:56:20 PM

Data Saver Mode Mandatory For Handheld Android Devices Running Oreo

09/15/2017 14:54:11 PM

What Do Apple Fans Do Online When Not Watching The Latest Apple Keynote?

09/14/2017 16:18:04 PM

A New Bluetooth Wireless Attack Vector Discovered Called “BlueBorne”

09/14/2017 09:48:46 AM

SMS Organizer Allows You To Filter Your Text Messages

09/13/2017 14:03:00 PM

Xiaomi Linked To Android One Smartphone Rumours

09/13/2017 14:01:29 PM

Want A Life-Proof Samsung Galaxy S8? Try The Galaxy S8 Active

09/12/2017 16:40:30 PM

Android Oreo Appears To Break Gmail Exchange Functionality

09/12/2017 16:29:32 PM

HMD Global Announces Android Oreo Coming To All Nokia Android Smartphones

09/11/2017 15:09:47 PM

Smartphone Hardware, Software and Service

09/11/2017 14:55:01 PM

Google Introduces An Ad-Blocker Into The Experimental Canary Build Of The Google Chrome Browser

09/08/2017 03:31:58 AM

T-Mobile Debut The LG G Pad X2 8.0 Plus

09/06/2017 11:59:16 AM

MediaTek Introducing Helio P23 and Helio P30 Dual-LTE Capable Chipsets

09/05/2017 15:30:00 PM

America’s Ten Most Used Smartphone Apps

09/05/2017 15:26:17 PM

Five Must-Have Apps for Root Users

08/31/2017 12:29:46 PM

BlackBerry May Be About To Enter The Device ROM Market

08/31/2017 00:46:02 AM

Android Oreo Squashes A Small VOIP Bug

08/29/2017 14:35:58 PM

Android 8.0 Oreo Introducing Project Treble

08/29/2017 09:23:30 AM

Substratum Brings Theming to Oreo

08/25/2017 13:55:32 PM

HiQ And LinkedIn Argue In Court Over Publically Accessible Data

08/24/2017 16:16:29 PM

Passwords Could Be Getting Easier To Remember

08/24/2017 13:40:17 PM

Short Term Review – The OnePlus 5, August 2017

08/23/2017 15:35:56 PM

AT&T Releasing A New Tablet Called The Primetime

08/23/2017 01:10:51 AM

Google Preparing “Material Design” For Google Calendar Web Version

08/21/2017 15:34:03 PM