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Alyssa Milano Central - The Blog turned 6 today!

09/10/2018 00:43:18 AM

Netflix executive responds to "Insatiable" fat-shaming controversy

08/04/2018 22:51:48 PM

Alyssa Milano Says She Spent 3 Days in a Psychiatric Ward for Anxiety

05/30/2018 10:13:06 AM

Alyssa Milano on Harvey Weinstein: We look forward to seeing justice prevail

05/30/2018 10:08:45 AM


04/10/2018 10:28:53 AM

Why we don’t need a Charmed Reboot

04/10/2018 10:26:56 AM

Alyssa Milano brings son Milo, six, to fight for change at March For Our Lives protest in LA

04/01/2018 05:35:36 AM

Alyssa Milano on Maxim

04/01/2018 05:29:57 AM

Who is the best ‘Project Runway All Stars’ judge: Alyssa Milano, Isaac Mizrahi or Georgina Chapman?

03/21/2018 23:29:37 PM

Alyssa Milano Slams Wendy's 'Outrageous' Response Amid Farmworkers' Protest of Fast Food Chain

03/21/2018 23:25:50 PM


12/24/2017 10:41:03 AM

Happy Holidays!

12/24/2017 10:39:19 AM

We are all dreamers! Yes Alyssa Milano!

12/09/2017 09:46:39 AM

#MeToo People Of The Year from TIME magazine

12/09/2017 09:44:30 AM

Ready for the new #season of Project Runway All Stars?

11/19/2017 23:12:43 PM

Stunning Charmed reunion

11/19/2017 23:11:37 PM

Just funny that @AlyssaMilano is having a #good #chemistry with...

11/09/2017 07:35:19 AM

The #unforgettable #moment in @AlyssaMilano life when her #son...

11/09/2017 04:25:03 AM

Catch @AlyssaMilano on @Lifetime soon for her #upcoming #comedy...

11/09/2017 01:25:27 AM

@AlyssaMilano new #project we should be #looking out for this...

11/08/2017 23:25:42 PM

Definitely a great #actress and #activist @AlyssaMilano never...

11/08/2017 21:00:27 PM

@Alyssa_Milano gets a lot of good #criticism for her #role in...

11/08/2017 19:25:25 PM

#Throwback when @AlyssaMilano join the #live show at @HSN to...

11/08/2017 07:00:36 AM

Guess this is new #still from #episode of @Charmed,...

11/08/2017 06:30:17 AM

Definitely one of the most #entertaining single #episode from...

11/08/2017 04:20:06 AM

It has been a #decade but @AlyssaMilano still is the #boss in...

11/08/2017 00:20:20 AM

Sorry, I can’t help it, @AlyssaMilano looks so #sexy in...

11/07/2017 21:55:19 PM

We need a #Charmed so-called #reunion right now! Bring back the...

11/07/2017 07:33:50 AM

No #reunion for @Charmed! Nooo!!!! @AlyssaMilano should do...

11/07/2017 06:45:28 AM

#Throwback when @Alyssa_Milano is #filming for her #movie...

11/07/2017 04:05:23 AM

The #fourth season of @Charmed is just so heartwrenching to...

11/07/2017 01:35:28 AM

So #underrated series! @Alyssa_Milano should be getting an...

11/06/2017 21:00:03 PM

This is what that makes me #miss the show #Charmed so much! I...

11/06/2017 07:00:10 AM

I definitely would love to see more #hoody style from #touchbyam...

11/06/2017 04:00:10 AM

Who is supporting #Atkins diet with @Alyssa_Milano? Surely...

11/06/2017 03:29:39 AM

#AlyssaMilano now at the main #site we have just put up the...

11/05/2017 07:56:28 AM

Alyssa Milano wants a ‘Charmed’ reunion

11/05/2017 07:54:24 AM


10/31/2017 18:42:39 PM

Alyssa Milano To Topline Lifetime Mayor Comedy, Upped To Regular On Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’, Developing ‘Hacktivist’ At CW

10/29/2017 09:01:47 AM

#teamtouch #NFL

10/29/2017 08:57:07 AM

'Me Too': How Alyssa Milano's Two-Word Protest Against Sexual Harassment Went Viral

10/21/2017 11:43:34 AM

Care about the danger of cancer

10/10/2017 03:39:32 AM

Motherhood Alyssa style!

10/10/2017 03:36:54 AM

Alyssa Milano says a 'Who's the Boss' reunion is possible: 'I think we're all open to it'

09/18/2017 07:59:54 AM

Site Updates: Brand New Look For 2018

09/06/2017 08:58:49 AM

Alyssa Milano’s “Magical Day” At Disney World

09/04/2017 11:25:57 AM

Alyssa Milano Perfectly Shut Down a Fan Who Shamed Her for Breastfeeding in Public

08/26/2017 11:21:07 AM

#JamesMacari shoots for #Maxim magazine dated 2013

08/25/2017 07:15:18 AM

Definitely one of her sexiest shot since becoming a mom!

08/16/2017 01:02:41 AM

Wet Hot American Newbies: The Fresh Faces Of ‘Ten Years Later’

08/06/2017 20:50:14 PM

Alyssa Milano Tells All About the ‘Charmed’ Reboot

07/22/2017 23:20:12 PM

Shannen Doherty & Alyssa Milano planning Charmed reboot - report

07/16/2017 08:14:25 AM

Exclusive Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Poster Is Packed with 90s References

07/12/2017 01:27:25 AM

Former Charmed Sisters Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty Are Feuding No More

07/04/2017 09:22:28 AM

Brand new layout at the main site! Have a look guys!

05/14/2017 06:38:26 AM

Alyssa Milano in #TANKED

05/14/2017 06:29:42 AM

Alyssa Milano to star in The CW pilot 'Insatiable'

03/30/2017 00:45:57 AM

Alyssa Milano Is Literally Driving Voters to the Polls for Georgia’s Special Election

03/30/2017 00:29:56 AM

Alyssa Milano pose for her Viva Product!

03/16/2017 09:19:39 AM

Alyssa Milano: Up to Women to ‘Remove’ Trump from Office

03/16/2017 09:12:54 AM

Site Updates: Brand New Layout At Main Site Is Up!

10/16/2016 00:20:14 AM

Who's the Boss? reunion: Alyssa Milano on that 'mortifying' bra episode

10/01/2016 12:15:40 PM

Still got it! Alyssa Milano works the runway at BCBG...

08/27/2016 01:01:06 AM

New Article: Alyssa Milano Hints At ‘Who’s The Boss’ Reunion

07/19/2016 08:46:07 AM

Alyssa Milano treats assistant to renovated home as she recovers from cancer

07/16/2016 00:40:09 AM

EXCLUSIVE: Alyssa Milano Talks Post-Baby Fashion, Motherhood and a Possible 'Charmed' Reunion

07/16/2016 00:29:38 AM

‘Mistresses’ season 4 spoilers: Alyssa Milano not returning as regular; Tabrett Bethell scores larger role

02/21/2016 00:19:46 AM

Alyssa Milano to Return as Host of PROJECT RUNWAY ALL-STARS Season 5, 2/11

01/09/2016 21:40:53 PM

Alyssa Milano embraces ‘breastfeeding advocate’ role on 'Wendy Williams Show’

01/09/2016 21:30:01 PM

Alyssa Milano: 'You have to feel like a complete human being'

12/05/2015 21:20:09 PM

The moment when Twitter switched from feeling 'dirty' to changing Alyssa Milano's world

12/05/2015 21:14:27 PM

Alyssa Milano moves one step closer to total female fan apparel domination

11/12/2015 04:19:35 AM

Mom Crush Monday: Alyssa Milano

11/12/2015 04:15:00 AM

Actress Alyssa Milano Talks Sprout Network’s Mom-Bassador, Kindness Counts Debut!

10/04/2015 01:05:37 AM

Alyssa Milano Is a Proud Member of the 'Two & Done' Club

09/27/2015 01:19:58 AM

Alyssa Milano: Story behind breast-feeding photos, 'Boss' rumors

09/27/2015 01:12:48 AM

"I’m a big believer in, no matter what you go through in life, as long as you can laugh your..."

09/25/2015 10:08:14 AM

Alyssa MIlano teamed up with Atkins to help herself lose 10...

09/25/2015 10:06:13 AM

Alyssa Milano Attends Alice & Olivia by Stacy Bendet

09/16/2015 06:10:30 AM

“Hacktivist” Book Signing At Midtown Comics Downtown!

09/12/2015 22:25:06 PM

Alyssa Milano: From actress to paper towel designer?

09/12/2015 09:08:12 AM

Like a goddess descended from above

02/06/2015 11:23:25 AM

Pretty in black! Alyssa Milano looking stunning in Project...

01/24/2015 19:02:23 PM

Alyssa Milano stunning in blue dress by @VictorLuna from Project...

01/17/2015 08:29:38 AM

Taking a walk down the memory lane with Alyssa Milano as judge...

12/30/2014 23:07:02 PM

Site Updates: Exclusive Brand New Look For New Year!

12/25/2014 19:11:35 PM

Alyssa Milano hosting Project Runway All Stars

12/21/2014 02:24:25 AM

Honored to be a part of @MarchOfDimes #CelebrationOfBabies....

12/06/2014 10:10:59 AM

Alyssa Milano in the sport event for NHL! #NHL #alyssamilano...

11/29/2014 18:08:42 PM

Alyssa Milano debut baby Izabella Dylan at the Yo Gabba Gabba...

11/24/2014 06:27:07 AM

Alyssa Milano after giving birth to Izabella Dylan! Now looking...

11/22/2014 05:17:00 AM

Alyssa Milano Responds to Kim Kardashian's Nude Shoot

11/15/2014 03:52:02 AM

Alyssa Milano Breastfeeds Her Daughter on Her First Day Back at Work

11/15/2014 03:41:25 AM

Exclusive High Quality "Project Runway All Stars" Episode 4x02 Screencaptures!

11/08/2014 19:55:55 PM


10/17/2014 23:29:37 PM

Ivanka Trump joins the fiery and ferocious #PRAllStars judging...

10/17/2014 22:53:26 PM

In all, Wisegal is basically a step above what you’d...

10/11/2014 00:43:17 AM

Everyone deserves a second chance…but what about a third?...

10/11/2014 00:09:20 AM

VOTE: Which Alyssa Milano Looks You Prefer?

10/06/2014 07:57:43 AM

Breaking News: Alyssa Milano Quits "Mistresses" Find Out Why

10/06/2014 00:21:59 AM