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A Little More Like Oregon

01/14/2012 12:57:00 PM

After a few days of blue sky, it is slowly returning to Oregon weather. The ground is again wet, the skies gray, and the temp is cold. Thinking it might snow in Portland tonight. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Thank you Oregon Ducks

01/02/2012 22:40:00 PM

Oregon Duck's are the Rose Bowl Champions. Thanks for a great year - Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Life Stops When the Ducks Play

11/12/2011 20:19:00 PM

Go Oregon- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Local Music

11/12/2011 15:33:00 PM

One thing I love about Portland is stumbling upon great local music talent. Tonight you can find me listening to Jim Walker and Tim Ellis ay Hayden's Grill in Tualatin. See you there at 8 pm.- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Oregon Coast

11/12/2011 15:01:00 PM

Just a few from one of my favorite spots on the Oregon Coast - Cape Kiwanda- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Ban the Bags

07/20/2011 01:06:00 AM

As Portland Looks at the many threats to those that live here, it has moved to take quick and decisive action. Sure there are gang problems. Yes, the homeless create issues, as a community we need to stand against police excessive force. But ...

Portland - It Grows on You

07/20/2011 00:38:00 AM

I've some how managed to live in Oregon 12 years. I grew up in Southern Cal, went to college in St. Paul. I've done a stint in Utah, and enjoyed a few years in Bellingham. I never thought Oregon would be home for very long. I guess I should ...

Deck with a View

07/19/2011 03:07:00 AM

If you live in Oregon long enough, you realize you can see some awesome sunsets. Here is tonights from my back deck- Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Nothing But Hot Air

06/29/2011 00:26:00 AM

It may not be unique to Tigard, but it is the only town I've ever experienced it in. Each year in June the town folk of Tigard come out for the annual Tigard Balloon Festival. There are rides, booths, music, food and beer. But most people come ...

Dog Mountain Trail 2011

06/20/2011 00:54:00 AM

If you live in Oregon long enough, you find that you are being drawn to the outdoors whenever the weather allows it.