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Field Trips with Aja event at SkyZone

06/11/2017 09:42:58 AM

Field Trips with Aja had another successful event last week on Jun 4th at Skyzone in Suwanee, Georgia.  We are very thankful for the support of the management at Skyzone.  All the kids had a wonderful time and will definitely be coming back ...

King Roscoe from the Rap Game

06/10/2017 05:01:34 AM

King Roscoe” was born as Al’Dreco Jones. He has entertained family & friends since he was 2 years old. He was literally the life of the party! He wrote his first song in the third grade at the age of 8. All A Student, Shortly after, he made ...

Get to Know Aja Wooldridge

09/17/2016 09:59:48 AM

Welcome to the official home page of actress and model Aja Wooldridge.  Many people know Aja via her short bio here but I always get asked on how Aja got started into child acting and modeling.  That is why I put this page together so you ...

The Play in the Midst of it All

09/05/2016 23:07:30 PM

Aja did her first major theatrical play called “In The Midst of It All”  written by Gentrie “Hollywood” Weaks.  She played the sassy girl and really enjoyed playing the character.  Here is a snippet of her role Some additi

Pretty Mogul Entrepreneur Camp 2015

09/05/2016 22:56:21 PM

Aja had the opportunity to take part of Pretty Moguls very first business camp for young girls.  The mission of Pretty Mogul founded by Sierra Lloyd is: Our mission is to empower, enlighten, and educate young women by instilling positive values, ...

The Ortega Show

09/05/2016 22:34:14 PM

Last year Aja had the pleasure of working on Pilot episode of The Ortega Show.  It’s about A new, amazing, blended, middle class family sitcom coming your way with an edgy, talented cast. High comedy centered around family life.

Child Actor’s Self Taping Tips

04/14/2016 22:57:06 PM

Self Taping is becoming the new norm for auditioning actors, especially if your not in a major market such as Los Angeles or New York.  It is just another new transition for the industry. It took me a very long time to figure out the difficulties ...

Darnell Darling’s The Boss Feature Film

04/14/2016 19:21:18 PM

Last year around this time Aja had the pleasure of filming the movie The Boss. Starring the Hilarious Actress Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Bell.  Originally during the filming the name of the film was called Michelle Darnell. The story is ...

Triumph Awards 2015 featured scene

01/07/2016 02:01:45 AM

Aja had the honor and pleasure of doing a voice over segment for the 2015 National Action Network Triumph Awards.  Tthe Triumph Awards show was recently aired on TVone on Oct 4th, 2015.   She was doing a voice over during the special performance ...

Happy 9th Birthday to Aja

01/07/2016 01:39:53 AM

So excited that Aja is officially 9 years old.  She was so blessed to have over 40 Girls come to her party to share her special day.  She wanted to do a Painting party and found a nice place that can support her large party.  The place we ...

Getting your Young Actor to Cry on Cue

01/07/2016 01:08:28 AM

One of the most difficult acting skills for young children is to get them to cry on cue.  This can be very difficult for even adult actors let alone child actors. What makes it especially difficult is the fact that each scene will require several ...

Aja Wooldridge is now officially SAG Eligible

09/08/2015 23:56:31 PM

Something very wonderful came in the mail a few weeks ago.  It was Aja’s official offer letter from SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to join the union.  The 2 years of hard working and 30 projects later has finally paid off.   Here is a brief ...

How to Get your Child into the Modeling Industry

09/08/2015 23:41:11 PM

There are many reasons why you want your child to become a model.  Unfortunately, to many parents make the same mistakes that cost them lots of money and time.  You should have a basic understanding of the modeling industry.  It’s not ...

JWJ and Dopenerds Sporty VS Nerdy Fashion Show

06/27/2015 09:23:01 AM

Had an amazing time at the JWJ Foundation Fashion Show (#jwjfashionshow) last saturday June 20, 2015.  So many kids from all over the United States flew in and stayed at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel and participated in this wonderful ...

Top Child Talent Agents in Atlanta

06/27/2015 08:48:44 AM

It’s no secret that Atlanta is becoming the Hollywood of the south.  Many states such as Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina has stopped all government incentives to bring film productions to the states.  On the Contrary, Georgia has ...

Private Viewing Premier of the TV Pilot Perfectville the Series

06/27/2015 00:50:27 AM

Aja Wooldridge’s latest completed project to be shown is a TV Pilot called Perfectville the Series.  She plays the twin daughter to the lead character.  Her character’s name is Danyel Black with her twin sister played by Priah Fergus ...

New Movie Role The Substitute Spy with Claudia Jordan and Jasmine Guy

06/26/2015 06:21:39 AM

Pleased to announce that Aja has booked a new feature film movie called The Substitute Spy.  It will be starring Real Housewives of Atlanta’s own Claudia Jordan and popular TV Actress Jasmine Guy.  Aja will be playing the role of Vanessa. ...

New Video Release #SuperWoman

06/25/2015 22:18:06 PM

Aja had the pleasure of getting cast as the lead daughter to J.Elise Music Video #SuperWoman. It’s the latest women’s empowerment theme song.  We had the best time filming this.  The church (Saint Mark United Methodist Church) was abs ...

Latest Bookings and Update

03/08/2015 10:56:45 AM

So far it was been a busy 2015 year for young actress and model Aja Wooldridge.  Here is some of her latest booking updates Aja has booked the role of Young Marrisa Stone for the TV Pilot Agency 48

Aja spotted on The Vampire Diaries #6×15

03/07/2015 07:28:32 AM

Aja had a blast filming on the set of The Vampire Diaries.  She did the funeral scene on episode 615.  It was a very emotional scene since everyone loved the Sheriff.  This short and powerful scene took almost 6 hours to film.  Aja had the ...

Aja’s Short Film Subconscious Hero

02/15/2015 13:34:44 PM

Aja plays Avery and she just got kidnapped.  Quickly the Amber Alert is made and now you can find out what happened. More info on the cast here at the official Subconscious Hero

Aja debuts 2015 on TVone’s hit tv show Fatal Attraction

01/01/2015 12:41:18 PM

We excited to announce that Aja will debut her 2015 year on national television show.  She will appear on TVone‘s hit television show Fatal Attraction.  The episode she will appear on is #302 titled “Who is Chauncy”.   Aja plays

Aja Wooldridge Child Model and Actor Sizzle Reel

10/07/2014 23:21:34 PM

Get to know Aja.   She has completed over 50 Fashion Shows, 10 Photoshoots, and over 20 film productions.  Check out this child super star’s sizzle reel and enjoy

Feature Film a Christmas to Remember

08/08/2014 14:23:18 PM

The feature film A Christmas to Remember was Aja’s first major role.  She played Jade,  daughter of the Ford Family. The story is about a urban Holiday film about two families rediscovering the true meaning of family through the Christmas ...

How to Choose a Children Modeling Agency

07/25/2014 07:17:51 AM

There are hundreds of different children modeling agencies to choose from. Unfortunately, many parents will pick the one that will take their child on without doing any kind of research. Just like anything, not one agency is the same as others. ...

Sunday’s Morning Premier at 48 Hour Film Project

07/13/2014 12:20:11 PM

The 48 Hour Film project was a great success. Totally love the concept of making a short film in 48 hours.  Started at Friday 7pm and ended on Sunday at 7pm.  More about Sunday’s Morning Here. The theater was packed and many people of ...

Top 5 Sacrifices to be a Child Star

07/13/2014 12:00:54 PM

Many people ask me how to get their child into the modeling and acting industry.  The first thing I tell them is that quite frankly that they should think twice.  I say this not to be mean or being a hater.  The reason is that it takes a ...

Why your Kid doesn’t need an Agent

07/13/2014 11:38:35 AM

The biggest misconceptions in getting your child in the acting and modeling industry is needing an agent. It’s understandable because many newbie parents will assume that is how they break into the industry. Unfortunately, many so called ...