Agile Fatigue

09/18/2014 11:05:00 AM

Agile is an excellent development methodology, responsive to business changes with quick turnaround and highly visible results. The concept is in widespread use, particularly in software development, but having implemented Agile almost from ...

Out of Iteration Software Bugs

05/31/2010 22:57:00 PM

I did a presentation last week at an Agile event and during the Q and A session one of the questions was about “out of iteration bugs”. Specifically how are they handled? Good question, not all the bugs found in a software project will come ...

To Squawk or not to Squawk

05/03/2010 21:31:00 PM

The daily standup meeting is one of the core concepts of Scrum. In the meeting the team members talk about just three things: What I did yesterday What am I doing today What are my impediments And that’s it…

Agile and Team Motivation - Goals

03/01/2010 23:26:00 PM

I recently started a series based on an Esther Derby Amplify discussion about how to demotivate a team. Esther mentioned in her discussion that unclear and changing goals are a big demotivator for a software development team. Besides agreeing ...

Agile and Team Motivation

02/14/2010 19:11:00 PM

Esther Derby makes some good points here about how to demotivate a team.

Use Cases in an Agile Project

10/16/2009 16:12:00 PM

Use cases in an agile project? You bet, use cases are perfect to augment user stories as use cases can give more context to the person reading them. Use cases can also be used by the product owner to check for user story gaps in the product ...

Innovation Presentation

09/13/2009 09:50:00 AM

I saw this presentation on LinkedIn today and wanted to share.

Failing Fast is a Good Thing

03/30/2009 21:33:00 PM

One of the benefits of switching to agile project management methodologies is the opportunity to fail fast. As a point of comparison, think about how waterfall projects work. The business requirements are assembled into a software specification. ...

User Story Format Thoughts

03/14/2009 09:40:00 AM

Recently I posted about a common user story format. I’m starting to see more and more discussion about this user story format and how some feel that it is too constrained. One proposal was to swap the value and actor sections. I’m ...

Communicating Agile

03/01/2009 22:49:00 PM

Here’s a surefire way to fail with your Agile implementation. Ignore the other parts of the business that are used to dealing with schedule driven projects. It’s not enough to get the project team onboard with Agile, you need to spread the ...

Agile Thinking – Enhance Personal Productivity

02/15/2009 18:16:00 PM

It’s a tough world right now, most organizations are being asked to get more done with less. In an earlier post I talked about MoSCoW ratings as a way to prioritize user stories. MoSCoW ratings can be used to prioritize many things. Prioritizing ...