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My Blog is in Transition

07/23/2015 14:51:00 PM

Hi everyone! I'm writing a quick post to let you all know that I am currently in the process of [trying] to have my blog moved from Blogger to WordPress. The people I hired to undertake the job have encountered some pretty tricky problems, so ...

Create Your Own Cement Orbs in 5 Easy Steps

07/22/2015 20:26:00 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week. It's pretty hot here in the Northeast, but last week, during one of our beautifully cool days, I decided to try a project I've been determined to complete since I started blogging almost two years ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #87

07/20/2015 22:30:00 PM

Hi everyone! I had fun garage saling [and curbside rescuing] this past week-end. I tell you, it's hard to beat free. Someday, I will tell you the story of how I dumpster-dove at a nearby property for several weeks and rescued thousands of dollars ...

How to Paint a Vintage Basket

07/19/2015 22:03:00 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice week-end. Thursday and Friday were absolutely delightful days here in the northeast--cool and dry, just the way I like it. On Friday, I stopped at a few garage sales as I drove to my shop to restock. If you ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Little Vintage Cottage

07/15/2015 22:31:00 PM

Hi everyone! It's been a few weeks since I've featured a Vintage Blog of the Week. I've spent the past few days getting to know Tania at

Altered Art Tray Tutorial

07/14/2015 21:21:00 PM

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I posted one of my altered art (multi-media) projects. Today I thought I'd offer a tutorial outlining how to decorate a plain tray with a little bit of vintage dictionary pages, scrapbook paper, coffee spray, ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #86

07/14/2015 12:20:00 PM

Hi everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, I squeezed in some garage saling this week-end with both my sweet daughter and my sweet husband. I managed to pick up a few, fun vintage finds. Ready to take a look?Scales tend to be very popular. ...

What to Do with Cruddy Old Pieces of Wood

07/12/2015 22:24:00 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice week-end. I'm still dealing with some uncomfortable, lower back issues, but I managed to hit a few sales with my sweet daughter on Friday. On Saturday friends in Vermont invited us for the day, so with the ...

The Amish Countryside (Lancaster, PA)

07/09/2015 21:26:00 PM

Hi everyone! Last month my sweet husband and I had the chance to visit Lancaster County (PA) for two days and one night. I shared some of my finds from that trip with you in

How to Rescue an Ugly 1970s Jewelry Box

07/08/2015 22:04:00 PM

Hi everyone! I have a little makeover for you today. Last month I bought a rather unattractive (let's just call it ugly) jewelry box at a sale for just a dollar. I've given it a bit of a makeover, and now it's ready for a new owner.Without too ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #85

07/07/2015 22:46:00 PM

Hi everyone! I've finally returned to the land of the living after a couple of days down with a bad stomach bug. Since the 4th fell on a week-end this year, there were not very many sales to attend. I had no desire to drive all over creation ...

Three Antique & Vintage Baskets Added to my Price Guide

07/06/2015 17:46:00 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a happy 4th of July week-end. We kicked ours off with a visit to my shop--Gristmill Antique Center--in Troy (NY). We're having a 15-20% off sale throughout the store, so I wanted to stock up. From there, we drove ...

How to Create Farmhouse Wall Art With Graphic Transfer

07/02/2015 21:26:00 PM

Hi there! Before we kick off our 4th of July festivities, I thought I would share a quick craft. If you like farmhouse or country style, then I think this one's a good pick for you. I've noticed lately a number of very creative pig-related DIYs ...

Introducing My Vintage Enamelware Price Guide

06/30/2015 22:22:00 PM

Hi everyone! Today I'm introducing the third in my series of Vintage & Antique Price Guides. You can find the first two--Ironstone Price Guide and Basket Price Guide--on my side bar, along with my brand new Enamelware Price Guide.Currently the ...

Antique & Vintage Enamelware Price Guide

06/30/2015 22:20:00 PM

About EnamelwareDuring the late 1700s, scientists in Germany were searching for some kind of protective coating or layer they could apply to cast iron and other metal pots and pans. They were looking for a material that would protect foods from ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #84

06/29/2015 22:41:00 PM

Hi everyone! I garage saled for a few hours this past Friday morning and made some great vintage deals. One sale in particular resulted in some terrific bargains. The son of the couple holding the sale had left for California the day before ...

Side Table Makeover 1-2-3

06/28/2015 22:27:00 PM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week-end. I did some garage saling on Friday and laid pretty low on Saturday. Went out to dinner with friends to celebrate my sweet husband's birthday. Then we enjoyed another birthday meal earlier today ...

SoFabU NYC Blogging Conference

06/25/2015 23:29:00 PM

Hi everyone! When I started blogging almost two years ago, I had no idea I would make friends with so many fascinating and friendly people. It has truly been a wonderful experience. About a month ago, one of my sweet new friends, Dagmar from ...

Summer Lilac Wreath

06/23/2015 23:26:00 PM

Hi everyone! I'm working hard on my SoFabU post, so today's going to be a quickie. I wanted a new wreath for the front door, one that would really stand out for the summer. I think a pretty wreath creates a welcoming atmosphere for anyone who ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #83

06/23/2015 11:00:00 AM

Hi everyone! I mentioned yesterday that this past week-end I attended a blogging conference in NYC, so ordinarily, I wouldn't have any vintage finds to share. But I've gotten kind of backed up on my posts, so I've got fresh new loot to show ...

How to Create a Patriotic Gallery Wall with Vintage Style

06/22/2015 08:43:00 AM

Hi everyone! I arrived home late last evening after spending two days in New York City, attending the SoFabU, one-day blogging conference. I enjoyed every minute of it and cannot wait to share the experience (hopefully soon). Today I have a ...

Revamped & Personalized Chalkboard/Bulletin Board

06/16/2015 23:55:00 PM

Hi everyone! Lately, I have been attempting to deal with "problem" areas around my house. You know the kind I mean. Places where piles grow--counters, stairs, desks, etc, In my home, one of those places was a corner of my kitchen where a set ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #82

06/15/2015 21:48:00 PM

Hi everyone! I mentioned last week that my sweet husband and I visited Lancaster (PA) for two days and a night not too long ago, on our way to a family wedding in Pittsburgh. I might have also mentioned that I bought a few things along the way. ...

Exploring Grandma Moses Territory

06/14/2015 22:28:00 PM

Hi everyone! Some of you may remember a day-trip my sweet husband and I took to Bennington (VT) last fall. One of our stops was the Bennington Museum, which contains the largest number of Grandma Moses paintings of any single institution in ...

Johnson Hall, Johnstown (NY)

06/10/2015 06:15:00 AM

Hi everyone!

This Week's Vintage Finds #81

06/09/2015 07:16:00 AM

Hi everyone! I've been out-of-town for

Painted & Stenciled Vintage Box

06/07/2015 22:50:00 PM

Hi everyone! Lately I've been finding all kinds of cool wooden and metal pieces to paint and decorate. Today I'm going to show you a simple wooden box that I painted and a stenciled, giving it a whole new look.I thought I had "before" pictures, ...

Introducing My Basket Price Guide

06/03/2015 08:06:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today I'm introducing a the second in my series of antique and vintage price guides. At the end of April, I published the first, my Ironstone Price Guide, and readers seemed to enjoy it. As I mentioned then, I'm always glad to find ...

Basket Price Guide

06/03/2015 08:03:00 AM

About BasketsBaskets have been hand-crafted for centuries. Various grasses, tree barks, plant stems, reeds, and wood have been fashioned into baskets of all kinds. Coiling, weaving, and plaiting are three common methods used to make baskets."Wicker" ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #80

06/02/2015 06:32:00 AM

Hi everyone! This week-end, temperatures reached almost 90 degrees and the humidity was terrible. Nonetheless, my sweet husband and I made a trip north to the small city of Johnstown, which holds and annual city-wide garage sale. The city also ...

A Sneak Peek at My Kitchen Table Update

06/01/2015 06:02:00 AM

Hi everyone! I bought this oak table and a set of chairs at a garage sale about five years ago for $75.00. It's served us very well, but I usually cover it with a table cloth because the surface has worn areas, and I'm not too fond of the orange-y ...

Guess Who's Heading to NYC in June?!!

05/27/2015 20:37:00 PM

Hi everyone! A blogging friend (Dagmar's Home) alerted me to a one-day, blog conference in NYC, sponsored by SoFabU (Social Fabric University). They are hitting eleven cities this year and the seventh is being held on June 20, 2015 in the Big ...

Stenciling for the Garden

05/27/2015 06:27:00 AM

Hi everyone! I have a couple more simple, stenciling projects I thought I'd share today. A while back, I bought a large package of leather gardening gloves. At the time I mentioned I might stencil the numbers "1" and "2" on a pair. Someone left ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #79

05/26/2015 11:09:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great long week-end. We had a family BBQ yesterday at The Inn on the Hill--the new hotel that my brother and sister-in-law just purchased in Lake George (NY). We sat pool-side, enjoying the glorious, sun-filled ...

Happy Memorial Day

05/24/2015 23:00:00 PM

Wishing everyone a blessed day as we all take time to remember the brave men and women who have served our country so bravely and so well. God Bless America!Bye for now,

The Best Way to See Downtown Albany

05/23/2015 00:51:00 AM

Hi everyone! The City of Albany Heritage Area Visitor Center has begun to give free tours of downtown Albany the first Saturday of every month, May through October. My sweet husband and I took part in the very first tour of this kind (since ...

From Old Cupboard Door to Vintage Hanging Rack

05/20/2015 06:49:00 AM

Hi everyone! On Monday I showed you some of my stenciling projects. One of them involved an old cupboard door I bought at the Albany Habitat ReStore for $3.00. I stenciled "Cafe de Paris" on the center panel. But it needed a little something ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #78

05/19/2015 06:26:00 AM

Hi everyone! I mentioned yesterday that I had the chance to attend my favorite neighborhood garage sale this week-end, in the Westlawn area of Schenectady (NY). It's huge, and I love it. I pretty much filled up the van with all kinds of vintage ...

Testing (my fabulous) New Stencils

05/18/2015 09:35:00 AM

Hi everyone! I had a fun-filled week-end with some garage-saling, crafting, and celebrating. One of my favorite annual neighborhood sales is always held the third week-end in May: the Woodlawn Sale (Schenectady, NY). I shopped on Friday and ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: DD's Cottage

05/13/2015 22:18:00 PM

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you decided to visit, because today I'm featuring Darielle at D.D.'s Cottage and Design,

Where to Find Antique Info About: Buttonhooks, Vera Neumann, & Typewriters

05/13/2015 06:27:00 AM

Hi everyone! I've got a few more websites to recommend to you. These are sites that contain solid, helpful information that can help you learn more about your antique and vintage collectibles. Learning the history of different areas of collecting ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #77

05/12/2015 06:17:00 AM

Hi everyone! Here in the Northeast we skipped spring and went straight to summer(!). The last several days, including last Friday when I was garage saling, have been almost 90 degrees. Crazy. I only allow myself to complain about one season, ...

Buy a New Breadbox or Update the Old One?

05/11/2015 06:08:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good week-end. I did some vintage "shopping" on Friday and stayed home all day Saturday doing some things around the house, finishing the project I'm showing you today, and working on a blog "plan" for the next ...

Happy Mother's Day!

05/09/2015 22:37:00 PM

Wishing you all a beautiful and blessed Mother's Day!Bye for now,

Vintage Blog of the Week: Dagmar's Home

05/06/2015 23:10:00 PM

Hi everyone! Welcome to today's featured blog: Dagmar's Home, where Dagmar Bleasdale writes about all sorts of topics related to home and family. She loves raising her son, living green, buying and selling vintage, and blogging about it all ...

Vintage Bench Update With a Grain Sack (& some paint)

05/06/2015 06:27:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week. I've been busy cleaning up rusty old things to bring to my booth this Friday. But I had time to squeeze in a home decor project. I gave a makeover to a

This Week's Vintage Finds #76

05/05/2015 06:29:00 AM

Hi everyone! I mentioned yesterday that I had the chance to hit some sales on Friday, and then attended the Greenwich Flea Market, held twice per year on the Washington County Fairgrounds (NY), on Saturday. All in all it was quite a successful ...

How to Display Your Vintage Buttons

05/04/2015 06:20:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely week-end. I hit some sales on Friday and attended a flea market/antique show with Constant Companion Nancy on Saturday. A barbecue with my sister and her family after church on Sunday finished of my week-end ...

A New Feature: Price Guides

04/30/2015 06:39:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today I'm introducing a new antique and vintage Price Guide feature that will [hopefully] appear regularly on the blog. I always find it useful when I stumble across information that helps me to value some of the antique or vintage ...

Ironstone Price Guide

04/29/2015 22:20:00 PM

About IronstoneFirst patented in 1813 by Charles Mason in Stafforshire England, ironstone is made of porous earthenware, coated with a fired-on glaze that makes it both impermeable to liquids and difficult to break. It is heavier than other ...

From Vintage Belt to Beautiful Bracelet

04/29/2015 06:08:00 AM

Hi everyone! I have a quick upcycled craft for you today. Using some old belts I bought at a thrift store for twenty-five cents, I turned them into funky bracelets.This first one has a fun, nautical vibe that will be great for the summer.Here ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #75

04/28/2015 06:26:00 AM

Hi everyone! I mentioned yesterday that I had a chance to do some vintage shopping on Friday. I hit a few garage sales and a couple of estate sales and scooped up some fun finds.I've never seen this shape or size Ball canning jar. My daughter ...

DIY Pedestal Stand

04/27/2015 06:05:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice week-end. I had a chance to shop vintage on Friday, and then on Saturday my sweet husband and I took a free, guided walking tour of downtown Albany. After, we drove to Saratoga for lunch and a stroll. I'll ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: The Interior Frugalista

04/23/2015 06:21:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today I'm showcasing Marie and her fabulous blog, The Interior Frugalista. Marie hails from Alberta, Canada and began blogging in November 2012. I'll warn you, she's another Renaissance woman who does it all--just wait and see. ...

Vintage Style Mini Mannequin Upcycle

04/22/2015 06:24:00 AM

Hi everyone! I've been participating in a year-long Creative Craft Challenge

This Week's Vintage Finds #74

04/21/2015 06:48:00 AM

Hi everyone! I had a great time shopping this week-end, both on Friday and then on Saturday when accompanied by my sweet husband. I shopped at a mix of thrift stores, garage and estate sales. Happily, I found some vintage treasures.Cheerful ...

Updates on Wade Whimsies, Enamelware, & Crackle Glass

04/20/2015 06:25:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week-end. I hit a few sales on both Friday and Saturday--the garage saling season has finally begun! Today I thought I'd share some updates I recently made to three articles I wrote about some fun, vintage ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Vintage, Paint and more

04/15/2015 21:28:00 PM

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you stopped by today to read about Cathy and her lovely blog,

Spring (Embroidery Hoop) Wreath

04/15/2015 09:45:00 AM

Hi everyone! Yesterday, in

This Week's Vintage Finds #73

04/13/2015 21:12:00 PM

Hi everyone! It's that time of the week again. Time to take a look at some of my vintage finds. Because we attended a wedding on Saturday and helped out some before hand, there was precious little time to shop. (I know, there's a tiny violin ...

Graphic Transfer with a Twist

04/13/2015 08:06:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had an great week-end. We attended the wedding of good friends from church, and enjoyed our time of chatting and catching up with friends at the reception. Today I'm sharing a quick post about the process of transferring ...

Junk Chic Cottage Saturday Spotlight

04/11/2015 10:23:00 AM

Hi everyone! Hope you're week-end is off to a great start. I wanted to let you know that my new friend Kris, over at Junk Chic Cottage. is featuring me on Saturday Spotlight today. I hope you'll pop over and take a peak. She is a wonderful friend ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Snug Harbor Bay

04/08/2015 21:54:00 PM

Hi everybody! Thanks for joining me today to welcome Kim from Snug Harbor Bay. Kim writes about all kinds of things on her blog, from

Out in the Country

04/07/2015 22:39:00 PM

Hi everybody! On Monday I shared with you an Easter post about a 24 hour retreat I participated in on Good Friday. I have a few more photographs of the beautiful property, Christ the King Spiritual Life Center, located in Cambridge (NY). Would ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #72

04/06/2015 23:16:00 PM

Hi everyone! Hope your week has gotten off to a good start. On Thursday nights I start checking Craigslist,, and my local paper for garage, moving, and estate sales. This past Thursday, there was not one single sale anywhere near ...

A Little White Rack

04/05/2015 22:19:00 PM

Hi everybody! I hope your Easter celebrations were filled with family and friends and happy times. We spent the afternoon at my brother and sister-in-law's home about an hour north of us. My mother, sister and her family, and another brother ...

FaiTHought: God Brings Life Into Dry Places

04/05/2015 08:40:00 AM

Happy Easter everybody! My prayer is that you and your family and friends have a blessed day celebrating the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.Leading up to this special day, I and two old friends went on retreat, beginning Good Friday ...

My New Beverage Center

04/02/2015 10:26:00 AM

Hi everyone! We have sunshine with brisk temperatures here today in Upstate New York, and I'm loving it! (I'm not a hot weather kinda gal.) Yesterday I blogged about some signs I made and warned that today I'd reveal how I'm using one of them ...

What to Do With Old Scrap Wood? Make Signs of Course!

03/31/2015 23:29:00 PM

Hi everyone! I've been busy doing some sign making with pieces of junk wood I had lying around. My first signs ever really. Just little ones to start with, but I think I have some bigger ones in my future.I used scrap wood that I've picked up ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #71

03/31/2015 06:16:00 AM

Hi everyone! I attended just one estate sale this week-end, but it was a good one. I walked through the house three times, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. I arrived at about 11 am and heard horror stories about the craziness that had ...

Where to Find Info on Antiques: Pyrex, Mercury Glass, & Darners

03/30/2015 06:16:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a nice week-end. Today I've got three more great vintage sites to help us all with the identification and valuation of our antique and vintage pieces. If you need insight into your Pyrex, mercury glass, or darners, ...

Mossy Spring Initials

03/26/2015 06:37:00 AM

Hi everyone! I've long been an admirer of mossy things, but in the absence of real moss, I have succumbed to the allure of half-priced moss, on a roll no-less. I purchased this roll thinking I would cover a straw wreath with it, but, believe ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Knick of Time

03/25/2015 06:38:00 AM

Hi everyone! So glad you stopped by today to meet up with Angie from Knick of Time: Vintage Farmhouse Living. Chances are, if you're into vintage, then you already know this lovely lady--she's a vintage queen. I say that because there's very ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #70

03/24/2015 06:17:00 AM

Hi everyone! I'm very excited today because my sister and her family, who are missionaries in Uganda, are coming home for a nice long visit. They are due in tonight at 7 pm. But first, a look at my

Update on Yesterday's Denim Covered Stool

03/23/2015 21:43:00 PM

Hi everyone! Based on suggestions from my readers, I made a change to yesterday's project. I had recovered an old stool with some denim and stenciled a chrysanthemum in the center, but the brassy legs just didn't compliment the new look. Multiple ...

Denim Covered Stool

03/23/2015 06:20:00 AM

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great week-end. I did some shopping on Friday and I'll share my finds with you tomorrow. Today I'm going to show you an easy little make-over I performed on an old stool that I bought last week.This month the recycling ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Timeless Treasures

03/18/2015 22:23:00 PM

Hi friends! Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you'll join me in welcoming this week's Vintage Blog of the Week--Timeless Treasures, authored by Audrey, a lovely lady who has been blogging since November 2011. Many, many bloggers are well ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #69

03/18/2015 06:15:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a great week. I've been busy cleaning and photographing last week-end's finds. I had quite a bit to unload from my van after two estate sales, two thrift shops, and one purchase from my new shop. Let's take ...

Antique Booth Update

03/17/2015 06:16:00 AM

Hi everyone! I thought today I'd show you all some photos of my new antique booth. I moved in two weeks ago and have been bringing new merchandise one trip at a time. I took these pictures after my last trip.It's filling up, slowly but sure ...

Where to Find Info on Antique Bottles, Yellow Ware, & Big Ben Clocks

03/16/2015 07:01:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope you had a lovely week-end. I did some "shopping" on Friday, but spent most of Saturday puttering around the house--cleaning, baking, and crafting. Today I thought I'd share three websites that provide some really good info ...

A Spring Bunting Made with Denim

03/12/2015 08:48:00 AM

Hi everyone! Spring finally made an appearance yesterday. The sun shone all day and I ran my errands without wearing a coat! So it's fitting that today I'm sharing a spring bunting that I made with a little bit of paint, some twine, and a few ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Bella Rosa Antiques

03/11/2015 06:20:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today I'm featuring Jill, a woman of grace and faith, who blogs at

This Week's Vintage Finds #68

03/10/2015 06:25:00 AM

Hi everyone! I hope your week has started well. Over the week-end, I dropped by two thrift stores this week, attended two estate sales with my sweet husband, and bought a few items from other dealers at my [new] shop. So even though we're still ...

How to Paint & Age Small Pieces with Acrylic Craft Paint

03/09/2015 05:59:00 AM

Hi everyone! If you follow my blog regularly, you'll be familiar with my "paint process."

My New Antique Booth

03/05/2015 06:16:00 AM

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of your kind wishes yesterday--you are such a wonderfully supportive bunch and appreciate you all so much. Yesterday, I delivered my first van-load of goods to my new "home-away-from-home," the Gristmill ...

What Do You Do When You Own Too Many Antiques?

03/04/2015 06:08:00 AM

Hi everyone! I have a bit of news to share with you all today. I'm renting a space at a local antique center, starting today(!). It all happened rather quickly, starting with coffee last Wednesday with Constant Companion Nancy. She had been ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #67

03/03/2015 06:35:00 AM

Hi everyone! It's still pretty cold here in the Northeast. I hope wherever you are, you're snug and warm. On Saturday I stopped at one estate sale that was less than a mile away, visited a nearby Goodwill, and shopped at a small flea market ...

Albany Institute of History and Art: Hudson River School & Erastus Dow Palmer

03/02/2015 09:18:00 AM

Hi everyone! I am blessed to live in a culturally rich part of the country. The Dutch settled New York City north to Albany in the early 1600s; several Presidents and other important political figures arose from this area, and a key school of ...

The Craft Challenge Creative Link Party Features

02/27/2015 11:06:00 AM

Hi everyone! Today our February Craft Challenge comes to an end. It's been a fun month of sharing over seventy craft projects using cardboard: a doll house, a clip board, gift packaging, a castle, hats, and more. If you haven't already, be sure ...

How to Save an Old Bench

02/26/2015 06:03:00 AM

Hi everyone! I have a pretty quick project that I wanted to show you today--a makeover for an old bench. Last spring I revived a similar bench for my master bath. In that post, I gave the details for recovering the seat.Doesn't it feel good ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Thrifty Rebel Vintage

02/25/2015 06:26:00 AM

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you dropped in today because I'm featuring Tuula--who blogs at The Thrifty Rebel Vintage--as my Vintage Blog of the Week. She says her love for thrifting started with a Salvation Army doll, still in her possession. That ...

This Week's Vintage Finds #66

02/23/2015 22:52:00 PM

Hi everyone! I had so much fun

My Newly Curated Hometalk Board: Beverage Container Upcycles

02/22/2015 23:18:00 PM

Hi everyone! Not too long ago I shared some of my recent "success" on Hometalk, the social media site for posting all your home-related ideas, DYIs, and crafts. Not too long after I posted my snowman candy dish, one of the staff people contacted ...

February Craft Challenge Creative Link Party

02/20/2015 00:04:00 AM

Hi everyone! You have nine days left to join in the

How to Upcycle a Spaghetti Box into a Pencil Box

02/19/2015 01:10:00 AM

Hi everyone! Some of you may have noticed that this month I am co-hosting the Craft Challenge Creative link party. You have ten more days to sign up one (or more!) of your own projects here. February's material challenge is cardboard and I have ...

Vintage Blog of the Week: Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson

02/18/2015 09:09:00 AM

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Today I'm featuring Jann Olson who blogs from Utah at

This Week's Vintage Finds #65

02/16/2015 22:15:00 PM

Hi everyone! Today's vintage finds all came from two local thrifts--a Salvation Army and a Goodwill. It's been brutally cold outside, so we've been spending lots of time staying warm inside.First up--some ironstone. Wildly popular in home decorating ...

Why Reading Vintage Magazines is Good for You

02/15/2015 23:38:00 PM

Hi everyone! Last week I showed you some vintage magazines that a new friend had given me. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them, especially all the great advertising.Today I thought I'd take a closer look at a December 1968 edition of McCall's.I ...

Happy Valentine's Day

02/13/2015 22:53:00 PM

Hi everyone! Wishing you all a week-end filled with lot of love and special family and friend time.Wishing you loads of blessings and a Happy Valentine's Day!Bye for now,

February Creative Craft Challenge Link Party: Cardboard

02/13/2015 09:05:00 AM

Hi everyone! You still have plenty of time to participate in the