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The Historic Cuban Sandwich

06/15/2013 17:25:00 PM

There are many pleasant things about living around the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

A Marine From Tampa Bay Comes Home For Mother’s Day

05/08/2011 20:54:00 PM

 Lance Cpl. Freeman Comes Home Ronald “Dougie” Freeman, a violin player and a graduate of Plant City High School, came back home this past week just in time for Mother’s Day.

Sisters Pursuing The American Dream One Cupcake At A Time

03/06/2011 20:04:00 PM

 Kathy Burke and Mary K. Oney The current economic trouble the United States is experiencing has brought a gloomy and pessimistic mood to many of its citizens.

Soon There Will Be No Reason To Ever Go Back North

03/02/2011 21:30:00 PM

It wasn’t all that long ago, if you wanted to eat an authentic pasty in the United States, you had to drive a very long way north to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to get

Music Man Under A Straw Hat

02/21/2011 20:41:00 PM

Scotty Lee Rexroat has never met me, and probably never will.

SOS In The Land Of Breakfast

02/13/2011 13:03:00 PM

There have got to be more places in Florida to buy a good breakfast than in any other state.

Hey Nineteen: My Rant About A Strange And Dangerous Highway

02/03/2011 23:14:00 PM

U.S.19 is an historic highway, which runs north and south, between Pennsylvania and Florida.

Of Clam Strips, An Oyster Poor Boy, And A God Fearing Man

01/25/2011 20:53:00 PM

Every once in awhile, certain food cravings hit me, and I can’t stop the craving until I give in to it. I was out and about in Tampa one day recently, when I was suddenly hit with the urge to eat an oyster poor boy sandwich. I know that ...

Clearwater’s Boys Of Winter

01/22/2011 20:40:00 PM

When I was young, I wanted to grow up and become a major league baseball player, and every other boy I knew felt the same way. Some boys were extremely talented athletes, and some of us weren’t, but, at least at some point, we all had the ...

The Real Reason "Snowbirds" Come To Florida

01/16/2011 21:40:00 PM

First of all, based on my personal experience, I’ve always believed that the best smoked fish around comes from the small towns, villages, and hamlets which surround Lake Superior. I’m talking about the out of the way places in the Canadian ...