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IronWolf VR a Submariner’s Life for Me

03/27/2017 14:54:33 PM

Ironwolf was fantastic. I mention this upfront in case the thought of reading on through this ream of text seems too daunting a task. I [...]

Scary Movie 4

11/03/2006 15:51:00 PM

Just f*cking cr@p. Didn't laugh once. Worst movie review EVER! :)Tags: movie scary 4

Instinct (1999)

09/22/2006 17:31:00 PM

Anthony Hopkins stars in a film that can best be summed up as - sounds good, but is actually a big pile of crap. An arse clenchingly clichéd cookie cut hollywood tale of... nope... I have forgotten it.. something to do with monkeys. ARRRGGH... ...

The Straight Story (1999)

03/23/2006 07:51:00 AM

The Straight Story is a David Lynch film. Having watched "Lost Highway" which frankly left me a quivering, nervous and confused wreck, I didn't quite know what to expect from this movie. Basically - it's about a bloke who rides his lawn mower ...

High Plains Drifter (1973)

02/18/2006 15:27:00 PM

What can I say about this movie - a classic Clint Eastwood cowboy film. Forget your brokeback mountains and watch a movie made in a time when Men were Men (the seventies). Though not a film for feminists I did note - there are only two women ...

Napoleon Dynamite

02/03/2006 16:56:00 PM

I just love this movie - you will too. No real story, just compelling to watch, fantastic sequence at the end that keeps you smiling for hours after. You walk away from this movie with a warm heart and an urge to watch it again. It is just ...

The Astronaut's Wife

02/02/2006 19:02:00 PM

Think Rosemary's Baby minus watchability, in fact let just say:Rosemary's Baby - Convincing Plot Line + Bad acting + Crap ending = The Astronaut's Wife.Closing Comment: I will make it my life's work to crack the secret of time travel in order ...

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