31.  I'll Do It On Monday!

I'll Do It On Monday!

32.  The Real LA

The Real LA

33.  Deformed Monks of Cumberton

Deformed Monks of Cumberton

34.  Pigns 'n Buttons

Pigns 'n Buttons

35.  Stop Banging!

Stop Banging!

36.  Mom It Out

Mom It Out

Satirical mom blog detailing ups and downs of parenting meant to make you laugh so you don't cry

37.  The Speculation Station

The Speculation Station

At the Speculation Station, we ask questions and ponder the answers. We are not experts. We are curious. We make things up as we go along.
It's a site where we ask interesting questions and try to come up with answers in both our blog and podcast.

38.  The Man Blog

The Man Blog

39.  Midwestern Meditations

Midwestern Meditations

40.  Popwell


Humorous short fiction and poetry, movie and music reviews, sports opinionating and other odds and ends from my feverish brain.

41.  The Quit Work Project

The Quit Work Project

Not living your best life? Chances are you're stuck in a job you don't like! Get the push that you need with 366 reasons (that's one reminder per day for a year) to quit your current job and go after one that makes you sing.

42.  Maria's Random Rants

Maria's Random Rants

Maria's Random Rants

43.  Office Jockeys

Office Jockeys

Our goal: Put an end to the boredom of the work week. Check in daily for stories from the weekend, failed diets, horrors of online dating, sports upsets, and much more.

44.  Funny Books Blog

Funny Books Blog

45.  Tessa Barrie's Lost Blogs

Tessa Barrie's Lost Blogs

Tessa Barrie is a UK-based blogger and wannabe novelist, who tries to look at life from the funny side. Prone to the occasional GOW rant.