Integrating corporate sustainability in strategic management

Posted on 01/10/2016 04:08:40 AM

Based on a literature review of 114 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles it shows that sustainability is an important topic for managers but they just rarely consider it in strategic management. Many companies therefore still lack a strategic approach to integrating corporate sustainability into ...

The future of sustainability

Posted on 01/03/2016 04:50:28 AM

 Dear readers of strategy blogs, (goto New Year brings a beautiful opportunity to thank you for reading and interacting with me on business strategy, innovation and sustainability. May the New Year open up new ways and new roads to success for you, fulfilling all your ...

Best Strategy Blog in 2015

Posted on 12/30/2015 03:28:39 AM

The best read strategy blog in 2015 was the blog from 1 February 2015 about “Sustainability driving innovation“. I personally like this blog the most as well, as it supports the evidence that sustainability strategies stimulate innovation, beacuse sustainability needs new knowledge and capabilities. ...

Corporate identity influences sustainability and innovation

Posted on 12/13/2015 05:16:06 AM

In the journal of Technological Forecasting & Social Change is an interesting article about the effects of corporate identity on innovation strategies and sustainability (Staub et al., 2016). In this article corporate identity (the overall image of a company in the minds of customers, investors and ...

8 Misconceptions about Nonprofit Funding Part 2

Posted on 12/08/2015 08:08:10 PM

In my last post I wrote about some things that people are thinking when you ask them for donations. I hope this list will help you be better prepared to correct these misconceptions. They don’t need to ask for donations they can just get grants.    5- There are lots and lots of grants ...

8 Misconceptions about Nonprofit Funding Part 1

Posted on 12/08/2015 08:06:18 PM

When it comes nonprofit fundraising you need to know what your potential donors are thinking. Sometimes the thing that prevents people from giving are not the things you hear but the things they think and talk about to each other. I want to share a few of those misconceptions so you can be ready to reverse ...

Innovation at work

Posted on 12/06/2015 03:56:02 AM

Innovations are being created in formal Research & Development (R&D) departments, but can also originate outside R&D departments. In the February 2016 edition of Research Policy, there is an interesting article by Lee & Walsh who studied non-R&D innovation. The article shows that ...

Boosting creativity and innovation

Posted on 10/25/2015 05:54:49 AM

When we want to boost creativity and innovation in an organization, there is not only a need for creative people but there is also the need for an organization supporting an innovative culture (see also the blog: Innovation is built on the desire for success). A recent study towards the personal factors ...

Miami Freight Services

Posted on 10/21/2015 02:29:48 PM

Miami is the undisputed “Trade and Logistics Hub of the Americas” located at the epicenter of global trade in the strategic center of the Western Hemisphere. Miami provides superior trade, Ocean Freight Services, Air Freight Services and logistics Solutions, to companies using Miami as a ...

Innovation is built on the desire for success

Posted on 10/04/2015 11:48:50 AM

To create innovations it is probably true that our desire for success should be greater than our fear of failure. At the same time we should have the abilty not be afraid to fail but instead have the ability to learn from our mistakes. Many innovations are the fruitful result of trial and error. Error ...

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