31.  Life in Print Publishing

Life in Print Publishing

32.  How I Escaped

How I Escaped

My short posts about philosophers, interesting quotes, news about my books, and fun events for journalers. We celebrate Escapism Month!

33.  The Pensieve

The Pensieve

A blog that publishes immersive fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by aspiring writers each week. Viewers may also submit their own creative writing for possible publication.

34.  Elaine Adu-Poku - Don't Ignore the Hyphen

Elaine Adu-Poku - Don't Ignore the Hyphen

Welcome to my world, the world of Elaine Adu-Poku.

A digital marketing professional by day.

A TV and film addict, with an appreciation for travel, good food, books and all that good stuff at night.

Londoner by birth (North Weezy to be precise), I am passionate about reading and always have been from an early age. I was surrounded by books and looked forward to the weekly trips to the bookshops and libraries. This passion is equally matched by my love of TV and films – however the book is generally much better than the film.

35.  John Faherty sci-fi stories writers site Blog

John Faherty sci-fi stories writers site Blog

John Faherty is an author of Science Fiction novels and short stories
- Here you can find updates on his work as well as an insightful and offbeat blog with images and illustrations
- Here you can also read samples of his latest work and find links to purchase titles on Amazon.

36.  Sara Mackenzi Reads

Sara Mackenzi Reads

Sara Mackenzi Reads is a book review and recommendations blog

37.  M T McGuire Author

M T McGuire Author

This is my author site.You can also download my free e-shorts as and when they appear, you can read about my new novel and you can follow me, on the blog, as I attempt to get it published… or publish it myself, which, lousy sales-skills aside, is probably what I will do.

38.  Talia Jager

Talia Jager

39.  NoirWhale.com


40.  Betty Adams Tall Tales

Betty Adams Tall Tales

41.  The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

42.  Write Good Books

Write Good Books

Write Good Books is a blog dedicated to helping new writers improve their craft and learn about the industry.

43.  Hannah K Phillips

Hannah K Phillips

Author of speculative fiction, providing additional freelance services for writing, editing, and career transition. Tools and resources selected for aspiring authors.

44.  The Writer And The Rose

The Writer And The Rose

Author blog of Faye Williams. I write, and I write about writing! Follow me on the journey, and learn how you can successfully write too.

45.  Book Rant Review

Book Rant Review

Reviews of the newest books, as well as the older favorites.