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1.  The Book Wheel

The Book Wheel

2.  Joel's Books

Joel's Books

Joelbooks was founded in 2012 as a US based book club. In 2018, Joelbooks launched their independent website with the sole intent to help self-published authors connect with reader groups interested in certain book niches. Today, as the site has over 100,000 active monthly visitors, we would like to achieve our primary goal more effectively, we are working on articles and book recommendations on daily basis, that are focusing on very specific topics in the field of fiction and non-fiction books. Joelbooks currently among the leading new indie book recommendation sites on the market. The portal provides multiple tools and services for writers to introduce themselves to the world. Readers from all over the world rely on the site to discover new names and novels, but also to connect with their favorite authors. The website focuses on certain social issues, justice and diversity, in order to educate the future generation of readers.

3.  Lauerl Zuckerman's Paris Weblog

Lauerl Zuckerman's Paris Weblog

4.  Write with Fey

Write with Fey

Write with Fey is a blog for writers and authors, offering tips about writing, marketing, and so much more. Write with Fey also features posts for readers with book reviews and recommendations.

5.  The Red Pen of Doom

The Red Pen of Doom

Conventional wisdom about writing is conventionally wrong.


7.  One Writer's Way

One Writer's Way

8.  Powell River Books Blog

Powell River Books Blog

The Powell River Books Blog focuses on the Coastal BC Stories series written by Wayne J. Lutz and off the grid living in a float cabin on Powell Lake.

9.  Jo Michaels Blog

Jo Michaels Blog

10.  Cassandra Lost in Books

Cassandra Lost in Books

11.  Meeka's Mind

Meeka's Mind

Meeka's Mind

12.  Book Buzz Blog

Book Buzz Blog

13.  Talia Jager

Talia Jager

14.  Write Good Books

Write Good Books

Write Good Books is a blog dedicated to helping new writers improve their craft and learn about the industry.

15.  M T McGuire Author

M T McGuire Author

This is my author site.You can also download my free e-shorts as and when they appear, you can read about my new novel and you can follow me, on the blog, as I attempt to get it published… or publish it myself, which, lousy sales-skills aside, is probably what I will do.

16.  BiblioJunkies


17.  Evolutionary Philosphy

Evolutionary Philosphy

Evolutionary Philosophy is the home for a new belief system that explores the implications of a simple premise: we are all products of evolution.

18.  Writing from the Couch with Susan Wingate

Writing from the Couch with Susan Wingate

19.  Readers' Junction

Readers' Junction

20.  The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

The Ramsey Isler Author Blog

21.  N. P. Martin|Urban Fantasy Author

N. P. Martin|Urban Fantasy Author

Home of N. P. Martin, author of dark, gritty urban fantasy novels including the bestselling Sorcerer's Creed Series. Get a FREE book when you sign up for the newsletter.

22.  Betty Adams Tall Tales

Betty Adams Tall Tales

23.  Wolff Poetry

Wolff Poetry

LINDA J. WOLFF (WOLFF POETRY) lives in Washington. She’s currently the editor of online journal Wolff Poetry and resource site for beginning writers. Her work published in an eBook Urban Pen; Poetic Writings of Linda J. Wolff on Amazon, Barn & Noble, and Goodreads. She’s received “Top 25 Poetry Blog of the Net,” and her poetry journal was used as a “Scientific Experiment” by the data team & company Automattic that owns (WordPress).

24.  Mr. G's musings

Mr. G's musings

Book and film reviews; architecture; art; photography; cuisine; short films; music; documentaries; videos

25.  Word for Words

Word for Words

Award-winning writer and editor Adele Annesi offers insights and applications for writers and editors

26.  Keith Skinner

Keith Skinner

Keith Skinner's author website featuring historical fiction, creative nonfiction, travel narrative, and essays.

27.  PhD Time Management and the Pomodoro Technique: How to Take Control of Your Time

PhD Time Management and the Pomodoro Technique: How to Take Control of Your Time

28.  Fine Whine

Fine Whine

29.  A Mindstir Media blog | How to Publish Books

A Mindstir Media blog | How to Publish Books

30.  S.A.N-Publishing


Your destination for powerful spiritual and motivational books/blog

31.  Notes from Nadir

Notes from Nadir

Notes from Nadir is a darkly humorous look at a year in the life of a writer who returns to her "flyover country" home to live with her elderly mother.

32.  The Fallen Monkey

The Fallen Monkey

Primate that dapples in writing when not picking fleas or flinging poop. Join me in writing activities and miscenllaneous musings on writing and getting published.

33.  The Nutty Book Blogger

The Nutty Book Blogger

34.  Reading Watching Reviewing - Olivia Gaines' Blog

Reading Watching Reviewing - Olivia Gaines' Blog

Reading, Watching, Reviewing is a blog by best-selling Amazon author Olivia Gaines. If you’re a fan of her books or searching for books by a contemporary romance writer, her blog gives you a peek of her books and updates on upcoming releases.

The multiple-award-winning author also shares book and movie reviews which are not limited to romance. You can also find random personal stories and reflections.

And if you'd like to be a member of her bibliophile nation, you can sign up there.

35.  Fiction Writing:The Passionate Journey

Fiction Writing:The Passionate Journey

Fiction Writing:The Passionate Journey

36.  Elaine Adu-Poku - Don't Ignore the Hyphen

Elaine Adu-Poku - Don't Ignore the Hyphen

Welcome to my world, the world of Elaine Adu-Poku.

A digital marketing professional by day.

A TV and film addict, with an appreciation for travel, good food, books and all that good stuff at night.

Londoner by birth (North Weezy to be precise), I am passionate about reading and always have been from an early age. I was surrounded by books and looked forward to the weekly trips to the bookshops and libraries. This passion is equally matched by my love of TV and films – however the book is generally much better than the film.

37.  Hidden Auditorium

Hidden Auditorium

38.  Life in Print Publishing

Life in Print Publishing

39.  Book Rant Review

Book Rant Review

Reviews of the newest books, as well as the older favorites.

40.  Krugersdorp Killers Podcasts

Krugersdorp Killers Podcasts

Speaking up about EVERYTHING revolving around Cecilia Steyn, the Krugersdorp Killers, Electus Per Deus and many others. Exposing things that NO ONE knows about.

Author of "Leviathan Walks" and upcoming release, "The Best Friend | Chronicles of the Krugersdorp Killers".

41.  Lucy Crowe's Nest

Lucy Crowe's Nest

42.  Hannah K Phillips

Hannah K Phillips

Author of speculative fiction, providing additional freelance services for writing, editing, and career transition. Tools and resources selected for aspiring authors.

43.  The Pensieve

The Pensieve

A blog that publishes immersive fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry by aspiring writers each week. Viewers may also submit their own creative writing for possible publication.

44.  Sara Mackenzi Reads

Sara Mackenzi Reads

Sara Mackenzi Reads is a book review and recommendations blog

45.  John Faherty sci-fi stories writers site Blog

John Faherty sci-fi stories writers site Blog

John Faherty is an author of Science Fiction novels and short stories
- Here you can find updates on his work as well as an insightful and offbeat blog with images and illustrations
- Here you can also read samples of his latest work and find links to purchase titles on Amazon.