The random ravings of a Chicago-based yoga teacher. Hindu mythology as it impacts hatha yoga, mantras, pranayama, and more.
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Om shakti, om shakti, om shakti, om!

If you've stumbled upon this blog, you're likely interested in Hindu mythology, stories of the origins of yoga asanas, or you may even be a bhakti yogi(ni).

"let it all go -- willingly and with positive acceptance"

For those many yoga teacher training grads who found no place for themselves as hundreds of new yoga teachers flooded the scene at once, I offer Charlotte Bell's blog post, "Living Gracefully With the Financial Challenges of Teaching Yoga." ...

"bakasana effect"

Once upon a time, I taught a very small yoga class, and each week, we would work on performing the pose bakasana, or crane pose, as a way to overcome fear. In trying to find ways to get students to "go for it," the practice ended up being about, ...