xxKuro's Blog of Asianess

xxKuro's Blog of Asianess
Added: October 14, 2010
URL: xxkuro.wordpress.com
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Language: English
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Game Development Blog Entry #1

Balancing indie game development between school can be quite a challenge. Being a heavy gamer I consider everything I do in terms of gaming as “research”, as a result I usually end up not doing so much on homework due to the amount of t ...

I’m Back!

I am back once more!! Yeah!!! However I would probably not have an active series that I post on a regular bases because I am busy with a personal project right now. I will post more on it later in the next few days. Just wait! XD

Teh EyeWarez

I have recently buzzed my hair really really short, in barber language its a 7, which is like the longest shave you can have. Therefore I look somewhat like those very contemporary looking short hair Taiwanese, Japanese, or Koreans, so I was ...

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