Our story follows the Cute, Cuddly, dangerous and violent exploits of Fate, an intergalactic fugitive on the run with an unlikely Companion, a feline native to Earth. After mysteriously escaping from galactic prison, Fate finds himself in an adventure spanning our galaxy and beyond, meeting strange new beings and exploring vast worlds of wonder and awe. Follow our unlikely Hero on his escapades through this delightfully absurd universe we call home.
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Added: February 13, 2010
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New Episodes on our New site!

Be sure to Bookmark our new site and read the latest episodes there!http://worldsbeyondthegrave.com

Back in May!

We are taking some time off from WBTG to Prepare our first printed issue!, we have also recently finished off the entire story arc and are looking forward to the next issue of WBTG!Stay Tuned as we release our First printed issue and soon there ...

Short Hiatus

As Our Artisit is Away for the weekend this Weeks Episode will be Pushed back to next week and will be released on Monday the 12th