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Conquistadors Minecraft Survival Challenge Map

Conquistadors, ready your hounds of war and your armored horses, for you are about to make land on a fresh continent full of riches and minecraft survival challenges. This new minecraft survival island style map is unlike any to have come before ...

Top Annoying Prison Architect Bugs

Prison Architect is a prison building simulation which has been released as an alpha for quite some time now and presents with a bunch of bugs. Some are mere quirks. Some are game-breaking. Here are three I’d love to see fixed here. Permanent ...

Banished and Starving! How To Make A Big City Without Citizens Starving

Banished rewards those who play the long game. Better to expand slowly and put the infrastructure in place to support population growth than to have your citizens starving or freezing to death. The children are the future in Banished, unlike ...

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