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Added: April 16, 2006
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Michael Mcintyre (Macintyre)

Michael Mcintyre (which is often mis-spelt as Michael Mcintyre) is BIG in the UK right now. The reason for his staggering rise in popularity is simple. He is incredibly funny. I am a thirty something Brit with kids so ALL his jokes really ...

Al Murray - The Pub Landlord

Alastair James Hay "Al" Murray ,is a British comedian best known for his stand-up persona, "The Pub Landlord". This character is a stereotyped xenophobe who struck a chord with the island nation that is Great Britain.In 2003, he was listed ...

Jimmy Carr

Love him or hate him (most hate him), this controversial comic isn't up everyone's street. His jokes can be raw and shocking leaving the audience feeling a little ashamed for laughing so loud for so long. Personally I think he is just brilliant. ...

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